Sunday, October 30, 2022

Weekend Update

I wasn’t kidding when I said I was exhausted on Friday.

Returning to my unit after sneaking out of the costume party, I sat down on the couch to relax, watch TV and, first thing I knew, I awoke from a long nap I’d not planned to take.

I didn’t even keel over.

I napped — more like passed out, sitting straight up.

Then I slept straight through that night and most all of Saturday.

Feeling well rested today, I'm heading out of the area to pick up a package and pop into a sporting goods store to purchase walking sticks.

I’ve determined I can train on inclines until the cows come home, but it won’t help on the trail because the problem is the pressure inclines place on my hips and back.

This year's local Turkey Trot is a week before Thanksgiving, which is genius. Genius because the event, generally held Thanksgiving Day, has been rained out — stormed out actually, so many times that registration comes with the caveat that the race will go on "whether or not". Which places the onus on us participants to risk pneumonia by showing up or opting to eat the registration and stay home instead.

I think there's some kind of curse on the property, like the curse the Serrano Indians placed on the land where the annual Orange Show Fair takes place that it would rain on the fair.

Matter of fact, it has rained nearly every year since that event went national, and this despite the organizers moving the date all over the calendar.

Consequently, moving the Trot a week ahead will beat the bad weather — unless of course, like with the Orange Show, the curse is not fooled by the change of date.

We'll see.

Had the date not been changed, I'd have not been able to participate rain or no rain because I plan to be in Long Beach to spend time with the new baby — my great grandson on Thanksgiving Day.

Looking at what's available in Long Beach, there is a Trot on Thanksgiving Day and another the Day After, but both have indicated parking is a problem, so I figured I’d be missing out on a Turkey Trot yet again this year until I saw the local Trot has been moved up to the 19th.

The course has inclines and not wanting to experience the back, hip and leg pain that took me all of this week to recover from — and probably contributed to my feeling so exhausted, walking sticks seems a simple solution to taking the stress off my core.

They are supposedly lightweight, so I can carry and use only when the going gets tough due to a steep incline.

Yesterday was Day 20 of Mildred's 30 Songs in 30 Days Challenge, and I’m impressed she's managed to come up with so many challenge questions.

Saturday’s "A song that has many meanings to you" is a toughie, because all songs carry some kind of meaning for me, but I've decided — this being Sunday, to take you to church with a song that speaks to me.

My two favorite versions are sung by Kathy Mattea and a duet version by Kenny Rodgers/Wynonna Judd.

I love both versions, maybe preferring Kenny and Wynonna's a tad more, and have them both on my everyday playlist.

It just so happens that today's challenge is "A song you like with a person’s name in the title".

I'm pretty sure two versions of "Mary, did you know" meets today's Day 21 challenge.


  1. Any song that uses my name is a good song. lol
    Sounds like you needed that nap.

    1. LOL. You should get royalties for the use of your name.

  2. No kidding you were exhausted! Wow, glad you had a good long sleep to catch up.

  3. You must have been really tuckered! I'm tuckered just reading about all of your planned trotting in the Turkey race. Linda in Kansas

    1. I was, now I'm reenergized and ready to go again.

  4. I'm relieved you're feeling better -- as I'm sure are you. Congrats on the new great-grandbaby!

  5. When I looked Mary up on Youtube to send my sisters, they had the video of old Kenny and Wy but they also had one of the newish Kenny and Wy. He was such a handsome man before he got fixed.

    1. I know. He made a big mistake with that plastic surgery.