Tuesday, December 24, 2019

End of the Elf

The freezing cold dreary wet weather, we’ve been having for about a week, kept me limited to the immediate area ─ buying groceries from the local redlining us with inferior goods market, going nowhere except the Community Room, that market, the Pain Cave.
Today was a break in the weather. It’s still freezing cold, but the sun came out and rain isn’t expected to begin again until tomorrow. So, with today’s Pain Cave session being rescheduled to Friday, that trainer can spend quality time with his family, I was off to the craft store ─ to replace a floss color I’d run out of, and then further out of the area to the Sprouts which carries Cascadian Farms organic hash brown potatoes, which my sensitive stomach loves, and is never in stock at the Sprouts closer in.
After driving all that way, there was only one package remaining. I did, however, notice a ton of Sprouts own brand of organic hash browns. That’s new, but tells me why it’s getting harder and harder to find the Cascadian Farms brand.
Oh well, I’ll try the Sprouts brand, see if my sensitive stomach will accept it.
The drive wasn’t in vain, as this particular Sprouts is a hop skip jump to where the new senior complex is going up, and across the street from the upscale Stater Bros. So, I got to kill two birds with one stone ─ check in on how construction of the new complex is going, and look for the elf before she disappears back to the North Pole, not to be seen for another year.
So that’s how I spent Christmas Eve.
After considerable effort, I found the elf, for the last time this year, hanging from the ceiling in the liquor department.

I didn’t always find the elf, but it’s been fun looking, getting hints from the cashier when I’ve given up ─ like the time she was inside the sushi case.

I must have passed that location four times in my search but, expecting her to be hidden high up, I totally failed, gave up, told the cashier, “I give” and she spilled the beans so I could snag a photo.
But, mostly I found her on my own and helped someone else out. Like the little girl in produce I overheard say to her grandma, “I’ve got to find that elf”.
“I found it”, interjected I. “Do you want to know where it is?”.
She did, indeed, so I directed her to the Deli where elf was hidden in the letter D.

For good measure, while out of the area, after not one single 2019 Christmas Pikachu popped up in my area, after giving up hopes of spotting one before they too went back to the North Pole, I found one in Stater’s parking lot.

The new senior complex is coming along, and looks huge.
Though, with 140 apartment homes, it’s actually smaller than our 178 unit complex, and the age limit is 62 or better, rather than 55 as is here.
It’s a nice area, with everything in walking distance ─ a mall, senior center, walking trail, shops, stores, restaurants, nail salons, craft stores, parks, but all that glitters is not gold, so I’ve no plans or a reason to move.
I’d already researched the management group behind construction of the new complex, when I first saw the complex was in the planning stage, and what I learned wasn’t good. All kinds of complaints. Worse than the complaints about our staff and Corporate office. And whereas we have agencies that protect us and get on Corporate’s case, I don’t know that the new complex has this level of protection for its seniors. However, looking at the kinds of complaints made against that company's staff, it's a safe bet they do not and are likely to not be kind to their residents. Not to mention, with a new building, there’s bound to be poor construction issues with this not working, that not working. It takes time for a building to season itself.
So, I’ll keep an eye on that property, go to the grand opening in 2020, but keep it on the back burner as I stay put.
So that’s it for my exciting Christmas Eve. LOL. Tomorrow, Christmas Day will be even more exciting, as plans are to do laundry.
There really is “no place like home for the holidays”. Home alone, no travel, no stress, no mess.
Happy Merry from my Place of Peace and Contentment to You All.

Thursday, December 19, 2019


Walking into the Community Room, for yesterday’s Holiday Social, I saw the tree was loaded with gifts.

I assumed the gifts were for Ugly Sweater Contestants, but nooooo.
The gifts were for us residents, to be given out after the luncheon which, instead of boring sandwiches Activity Director posted there would be, was instead El Pollo Loco ─ chicken, rice, refried beans, dinner rolls instead of tortillas.
I, of course, ate nothing. Just observed and took a ton of photos.
Though the turnout was huge, there were only two residents wearing what could be considered equivalent to an ugly sweater. One was The Baker, who totally won Christmas with a Christmas Tree outfit she and her husband threw together.

The other was a resident who’d blinged out her walker and emergency medical kit.

The Seer was in attendance, still talking and acting, since hooking up with Shadow, like she's the cat's meow, self-righteous, uber judgmental, superior — Shadow clinging to her like a leashed puppy dog. Apache was otherwise occupied, came in at the tail end, Quiet Old Guy across the quad didn’t come in at all and Activity Director left shortly after I arrived, saying she was ill and that staff would take over. Staff being Community Manager, Assistant Community Manager (back from her 30 day suspension or sick leave, whichever it was) and Head Maintenance Guy.
Assistance Community Manager was too happy, high energy and all party, party, party to have been coming back from a suspension, so I’m calling that rumor as wishful thinking on Apache part ─ who, btw, pronounced 45 would never be impeached. LOL.
Impeachment still has to go through the Senate, so though I’m laughing at Apache’s being wrong, I’m still holding my breath, afraid to hope we’re finally rid of 45, because I can’t handle the disappointment if we end up not being rid of him.
It’s gonna be what the Universe wants it to be.
The Baker of course won the Ugly Sweater Contest.

What she won was a gift certificate for the local supermarket.
Watching residents pick a gift from under the tree was interesting.
We didn’t all bum rush the tree at one time. Instead, we were given tickets with numbers. A corresponding ticket was placed in a bag and we were called up according to which number was picked from the bag.
Management was generous and worked it so everyone in attendance would get a prize, but what was interesting was seeing how people reacted when a number was called.
It was sorta like bingo, close but a number off caused varying reactions.
None of us knew what gifts were in the bag, but some appeared to think they were missing out, that as gifts disappeared from the tree, into the hands of others, that the good gifts would be gone.
The Seer was especially peeved that her self-important self had yet to be called up when all but a handful had gotten to pick a gift.
I saw it as the Universe speaking when she was called up as first of the last three. Next to her, was Not Dead Nancy, who also earned the placement given her by the Universe. Dead last was a new resident, who seemed perfectly happy.
Further evidence of the Universe being at work was when I asked, The Seer and Shadow what gift they’d gotten. “Candy” was their disappointed reply.
I was called up about middle of the pack, which is significant because I live my life on the middle path, and you won’t believe what was in my gift bag.

Starbucks Holiday Blend

I must be doing something right.

Wednesday, December 18, 2019


Planning to stop into the market, for bananas and to look for the Elf, after yesterday’s Pain Cave workout, I instead hurried back to the complex to attend a surprise craft session.
We decorated little Christmas Ornaments.
I chose a Santa faced stencil.

Santa face now resides at the base of my horseshoe Christmas tree.

I didn’t know about crafts in advance because Activity Director, and a calendar of events, had been missing for weeks ─ causing speculation she’d jumped ship. But no, it really was a family emergency and she showed up yesterday with crafts.
Not many attended, because no one knew about it. I only found out at the last second, because The Baker said she knew I liked things like that and messaged me while I was in the Cave.
So anyway, after crafts I headed to the market.
Didn’t find the Elf and, on the way back to the car, I was approached by a woman asking for money with the plea, “Can you help me get a loaf of bread from the market?”
“Sorry, no” was my reply for two reasons. One being it’s not smart to pull cash out in the open, in front of a stranger. She could have had a partner to run up and jack me. She could have herself grabbed my little wad of rolled up cash and taken off. Two, I’ve been burned so many times with giving money to panhandlers I felt were genuinely in need, only to see or hear something shortly after that led me to believe I’d been snookered that, like the Grinch, my heart has been hardened.
But not so hardened that I did not say to myself that once I got in the car, I’d look for her on the lot and, if she was still there looking for help, I’d help her out.
Sure enough, there she was in front of the store.
From the safety of the car, I handed her enough cash for several loaves, thinking she’d immediately head into the market.
She didn’t.
Wanting to know if I’d been played for the fool yet again, I circled the lot and saw her still standing outside the market asking for help getting a loaf of bread.
That was such a good con, and she looked so normal, so sincere, that she probably conned enough cash from folks to cover groceries for a month or, God forbid, get her next drug fix.
The sad thing is, that particular ploy won’t work on me again and the next person to ask “Can you help me get a loaf of bread from the market” might really be in need.
If all goes as planned today, Activity Director is returning (that is if her family emergency is completely over, and it might not be because, though I don’t know all the details, it involves her father going in and out of hospital) and providing a Holiday Lunch for the residents.
Activity Director’s lunches are usually boring affairs and involve sandwiches, so I’m not looking forward to attending except The Baker was excited about it, mentioned it to me three times and that there’d be an Ugly Sweater contest, so looks like I’m going.
Not bothering with throwing together an ugly sweater though.

Sunday, December 15, 2019

Community Christmas Breakfast

Not a lot of residents attended yesterday’s Christmas Breakfast ─ only about a dozen or so of us.
As to why so few, especially because the Baker’s biscuits and gravy are known far and wide, I do not know. I was especially surprised to see non-attendance by The Seer, Shadow, my upstairs across the quad neighbor (Quiet Old Guy); but they missed a good time and, from the response of those who attended, some good food ─ not to mention the coffee.
My favorite child ─ Baker’s great granddaughter was in attendance. In fact, she made the scrambled eggs which, not knowing they were made by a child, everyone said were delicious.

Favorite child’s 5-year-old brother also was in attendance. He just sat around looking cute.
Not knowing if the consequences of eating biscuits and gravy would interfere with cookie decorating, I didn’t eat anything. Instead, I took biscuits and gravy upstairs to eat for a late lunch.
One resident came down ─ because she’d heard there’d be Starbucks, took a cup to go and went directly back to her unit, LOL.
My entrance into the Community Room was immediately met by one of my favorite residents (the woman who won the costume contest as a witch) hurrying up to me with a Christmas card attached to a gift.

I didn’t think Oh No! Not another Christmas Card! Instead, I thought it was sweet and spontaneously gave her a big hug ─ my version, in this instance, of a return card. LOL.
Then, someone walked up, said “This is for you” and gave me a writing pen in the shape of a poinsettia.

It happened so fast, that I actually didn’t see who gave it to me and, when I took my eyes from admiring the pen, to turn to see who it was, the person was gone.
THEN, before I could question as to who it was, here comes Apache wanting to know if I wanted the latest high roller item given him by the casino.

Surprised at three gifts in a row, I blurted out, “What’s happening? Am I dying?”. What I heard back was, “No. It’s just that you’re always doing so much for us”.
I appreciated Apache’s offer of the exercise equipment but, knowing using that kind of equipment would end in a quick trip to the emergency room, I said “Thanks, but I don’t want to break anything” and suggested Apache raffle it off.
He probably will and some foolish senior will win it, try it out, be sorry.
At 11:00 sharp, the big table was cleared and Baker’s great grands were tasked with setting up for cookie decorating.

All of a sudden, people came from everywhere ─ residents coming in for breakfast late, residents wanting to decorate cookies, and visitors who also wanted to get in on cookie decorating.
The visitors turned out to be one of The Baker’s daughters, her daughter, daughter’s boyfriend and other various teenage relatives.
The teenagers, of course, designed weird zombie looking cookies.

Bakers great grands designed cute cookies.

The seniors, just as fast as they decorated, ate their cookies, so not a lot of photos captured there, LOL.

I myself went with a minimalist look in trying to duplicate a biker cookie I saw on Pinterest.

Pinterest Version

My copycat version

My second cookie was a make it-work moment, when I failed at fashioning a Project Runway type dress. It was a mess, but I came up with the bright idea to cover the messed up area with sprinkles.
It did somewhat come out looking like a dress, and she looks good next to Biker Santa.

She looks scared though. LOL.
So that’s it for Christmas-themed events here at the complex. Remainder of the year should be a whole lot of boring, which is fine by me as I make my own entertainment.
As for the consequences of eating biscuits and gravy ..... some bearable discomfort, and so worth it. But not something I’d do more than once-a-year.

Friday, December 13, 2019

Friday the 13th of Christmas, WHAT?!

Even though I don’t entertain, I enjoy decorating for Christmas. So, it’s looking pretty festive around here, if I do say so myself.
The entry way looks inviting.

My Christmas Coffee Mug is back in play. 

As you can see, my nails are festive. And my friend Q sent me a Christmas card.
That makes one!
I haven’t sent out a Christmas card in years, and generally don’t receive more than two myself — one from The Seer, even though I don’t bother giving her one in return, and one from that woman I’ve been friends with for 45 years, even though I also don’t bother sending her one in return. (This is the friend that keeps sending me invitations to social events I always rsvp can’t make it).
I just don’t do Christmas cards (or many away from the complex social events for that matter).
At any rate, inasmuch as The Seer is busy with Shadow and that friend of 45 years is finally fed up because I recently rsvp’d I couldn’t make it to her 50th wedding anniversary, receiving a Christmas card from anyone never entered my mind but then, here comes a card from Q.
Backing up to that 50th wedding anniversary story … when I rsvp’d I couldn’t make it, she actually called me on the phone.
”GIRL! What’s more important than my 50th anniversary!?”
In my head my response to what was more important was “anything, even root canal”, because I never liked her husband, did not care for the way he disrespected her by cheating on her with some of her friends, don't see her 50th as a celebration, more like 50 years of grin, suffer through, bear it. But I held my thoughts in and used for an excuse my food allergies, how it restricts travel, that I would not be able to eat or drink anything.
She said she understood but, for the first time in years, no card, so I think she’s mad.
No matter. She’s a nice enough woman, but I outgrew her 20 years ago and she won’t let go — always keeps up with where I am, what I’m doing, calls and bends my ears for hours, all the while saying nothing — talking about people, places, I don't remember, things I’ve no interest in.
On the other hand, Q gets me. Q is important to me so, while at Walmart picking up pre-baked holiday cookies for the seniors to decorate, I looked for a card for Q.
Have you any idea how difficult it is to find a card that isn’t sappy sentimental sweet or funny?
The looking for just one card was taking up a lot of time, and everything I picked up was so cloyingly sweet that I couldn’t take it. I didn’t even bother to look at the funny, because what I was looking for was a simple Merry Christmas/Happy Holiday, which I finally found in the Peanut Signature section.

I did not realize, until the cashier rang it up, that one card was priced at $7.99.
Oh well. At least I got a card off to Q, so my holiday obligations are done; and, if anyone else does give or send me a card, well then it’s on them cause, like I said … done.

Monday, December 9, 2019

No Sherlock, Sh!t

Waking up shortly after 5:00 this morning, I realized I was up early enough to catch an episode of Sherlock Homes, as played by actor Basil Rathbone.
I’ll watch anyone playing Sherlock Homes, but especially enjoy watching Benedict Cumberbatch playing Sherlock now and reruns of Rathbone’s 1939 Sherlock, which shows up on Channel 189 early Sunday mornings.
I’m not always up early enough to catch it but, since I was up early enough this morning, I headed for the television, cued up the channel and was met with a John Wayne western.
No Sherlock, sh!t … oh well, onward and upwards.
Planning on a lazy do nothing day, I booted up the laptop, read a few blogs while intermittently channel surfing the TV, where I found nothing that was the usual Sunday faire. Instead, it was impeachment hearings and a whole lot of nothing on other channels.
Wait … what’s going on … what day is this, thought I.
Clicking the laptop calendar, I learned today is Monday.
It all makes sense now. LOL.
No lazing around this morning. Today being a Pain Cave workout day, I got busy running a bath, making breakfast, but … where did the weekend go?!
I did make contact with the seniors since posting no activity calendar, learned Activity Director is still on the payroll, but has taken time off due to a family emergency.
Or so that’s the story being given out now. If she doesn’t return, we’ll know better.
Assistant Complex Manager’s (ACM) office had a sign indicating she’ll be out for some time.
Apache says she’s been written up and suspended. Something to do with going off on him in the presence of the new Community Manager, but I’m not sure I believe Apache this time, because I see a pattern. ACM gets sick around this time every year and takes three/four weeks off.
She does, however, hate Apache. And I do mean HATE — tried to get Apache evicted a couple times.
One time, when I was in discussion with ACM about rulebreakers disturbing our building’s peace by doing laundry at 3:30 in the morning, and I mentioned Apache once had been given a key and allowed to police the issue (until he pissed off a Corporate bigwig and had the key taken away), it was like Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde. ACM’s face changed ugly and her body language looks like she was near to explode when she blurted out, “The person with the key is doing it himself!” — meaning Apache himself was guilty of doing laundry at 3:30. Which he did, but not the laundry room in my building, so I didn’t care. LOL.
At any rate, ACM is making Apache’s day. He loves it that he gets a rise out of her.
A wise TV commercial once touted, “Never let ‘em see you sweat”. Non-reaction is the way for ACM to win the war with Apache, but she’ll have to figure that one out herself.
So today being Monday, instead of Sunday, the plan is first the Pain Cave, then run down some pre-baked gingerbread men/women for cookie decorating, because this Saturday is the cookie decorating party and the flyer indicates “BYO cookies”.
I do that anyway — always bring my own, but I’m not sure I’ll be decorating with the seniors this time because Saturday is also the Christmas Breakfast, sponsored by the Residents’ Volunteer Activity Committee (RVA).
Breakfast is at 10:00 — biscuits, sausage gravy, scrambled eggs, grits. I’ll be bringing coffee — Starbucks of course.
Cookie Decorating is at 11:00, and I just don’t see that back-to-back schedule working out.
It’s going to be too chaotic, not to mention I might not be alive to decorate cookies, or will be in so much pain that I'll wish I weren’t alive, because it’s been three years since I’ve eaten biscuits/gravy and, fed up with having to pass on ‘em, I fully plan to indulge — to heck with the consequences.
If I survive, I’ll take photos for the RVA of the senior’s decorating skills, but do my own decorating in the comfort, peace of my own unit when up to it.

Saturday, December 7, 2019

The Elf is Back!

Having had so much fun this time last year trying to find the Elf hidden in the neighborhood grocery store, I was happy to see, on Monday, it had turned into such a popular event that they brought the elf back.

Unfortunately, the elf evaded me that day.
Noticing the neighborhood store was redlining us yet again, i.e., offering inferior products, I passed on broccoli and avocados with the plan to head to their store in the posh neighborhood. Which is what I did yesterday ─ also picking up eggs and almond milk with a much longer date before expiration than that at the neighborhood store.
Lo and behold, posh neighborhood is getting in on the elf game.

I guess we were the test location, and that it was such a success ─ even though the prize is just a small candy cane, that the elf has gone chain store wide.

On my way out of the market, I saw a sign indicating a 5K for this morning, Saturday.

Kinda last minute for me but, upon investigating the event, I found it’s only a 30 minute drive from the complex and I can register at race site.
So, up at 5:00 this morning, debating if I wanted to follow through ─ leave my warm comfortable unit, head out into the cold dark world for a 3.12 mile walk, I heard a weird sound outside.
It was rain.

That settles that, but the second 5K I've had to bow out of due to heavy rain.
I ain't mad at it though. Staying indoors catching up on recorded tv programs, working on needlepoint is a good way to spend a rainy Saturday.
On another topic, I ran across a clever response, on Twitter, to 45 calling out Trudeau as two-faced. 

Now that’s just hurtful ... vicious! 
LOL, I like it.
Sorry not sorry.

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

A Rainy Day and Smoke Detector Hell

Not a lot going on for us seniors this month.
The monthly calendar is bare and the activity calendar is nonexistent.
I was at least expecting continuation of the annual Christmas Party ─ not a potluck, but a party management has, for the 7 years I’ve lived here, gifted us seniors for Christmas. But it’s not on the calendar, so that’s that.
Activity Director didn’t even bother to put out a calendar, which leads me to believe she’s the latest to jump ship.
I’ll have to catch up with the seniors to verify Activity Director is still working here or not.
So us seniors are on our own for activities this month. And I expect the Residents Volunteer Activity Committee will step up and host Cookie Decorating and a Holiday Potluck.
I just hope Cookie Decorating is on my non-training day or, at least, scheduled for a time I can attend.
Speaking of a non-training day ... today, Wednesday, is my day off. A day I was hoping to run errands, but noooooo.
It’s raining cats, dogs, the smoke detector is acting up yet again, and I’m struggling with the munchies. Want to eat everything in sight.
Fortunately, in keeping with my clean-eating regime, all I have in sight are broccoli, carrots, mushrooms ─ which I’ll roast in the Air Fryer and try to convince myself are popcorn, candy, cookies. ROFLMAO!
On another topic, I’ve not been keeping up with the Impeachment Hearings, because I can’t handle getting invested in the process, and the end being he’s not impeached.
I’m trying to maintain an it will be what the Universe/Infinite Spirit wishes it to be.
I did, however, see an article where 45 complained of Justin Trudeau as being two-faced.
I commented ..... "Well, if he is two-faced, at least both faces are handsome".
I resisted the urge to point out 45 has just the one and its vacuous and ugly.
I can’t wait for all this political crap to be over. It’s been daily torture, one thing after another, since the last election.

Friday, November 29, 2019

Home Again, Jiggity Jig

The plan to leave early Wednesday, before the second wave of bumper to bumper traffic hit the freeway, worked out perfectly. I practically had the freeway to myself; and the rain, just beginning as I headed out, was coming up behind me on the drive, so I reached my destination before it caught up.
Race Day didn’t work out quite so well.
Though it was raining Race Day, Twin 2 and I grabbed our umbrellas, and headed to race site thinking the weather would get better, or at least remain at a level we’d be able to compete in.
The weather did not get better. Nor did it remain at a doable level. It got worse and, by the time we reached package pickup, it was a full-fledged storm. Deciding neither one of us wanted to risk pneumonia, we picked up our package, I snagged a few photos, after which we headed out to Twin 1's place in the beach area.

So, no new medal this time around. The next opportunity to earn a medal isn’t until January 2020, when I participate in Run to the Beat 5K. The Archeologist turned me onto that 5K and, the way she explained it, musicians will accost us on the course and play music at us. LOL.
Sounds like a blast.
Had Twin 2 not been driving, I don’t think I’d have made it to the brood this year because driving in the storm was scary. I can’t tell you how many automobiles we saw that had hydroplaned and turned themselves around ─ some all banged up from hitting something. But we ourselves made it safe and sound.
Having passed on the 5K, we arrived early at Twin 1's and, planning to leave early ─ because Twin 2 didn’t feel comfortable driving in bad weather at night, I only got to touch base with a handful of the brood. Others were arriving later. But that handful was enough. More than enough.
I’m just happy Thanksgiving is over and hopefully I’ll have no other family obligations for at least a year.
Twin 1 loved the needlepoint I made for her.

Back Left Corner

Twin 1 also cooked her butt off ─ not just for family, but so she could see to it the Skid Row homeless were fed today, the day after.

Since I didn’t get to race in my pilgrim’s outfit this year, I put it on to present the meal for what Twin 1 refers to not as Thanksgiving, but as Stolen Land Day. 

Twin 2 dug up and presented me with two old photos, for scrapbooking, of me in my younger years.

My reaction was one of surprise"Damn! I didn't realize how hot I was back then". LOL

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Happy Trails to Me

Now that I’ve got my weeks straight, and have confirmation it’s the right time ─ because the hotel sent an “about your upcoming visit” email, I’m mostly packed and ready to join the multitudes on the road first thing tomorrow morning. Hopefully at the crack of dawn, when those stuck in traffic on the freeway, as we speak, have reached their destination and are off the road, before the next wave of traffic commences and before the projected storm hits this area.
I can’t check into the hotel until 3:00, but I'll spend time at Twin 2's condo, a 2 minute walk to/from the hotel.
Why, you ask, am I staying at a hotel when Twin 2’s condo is a hop skip jump away?
Twin 2 had offered/suggested I stay with her, but I’m accustomed to being alone, having my own space.
Twin 2 has a guest bedroom, and I’ve spent time with her before. But she’s married now, and the guest bedroom has been taken over by a stepdaughter. She has a pull-out bed in another room, which is where Twin 1 sleeps when she’s visiting. But a pull-out bed in a room that doesn’t have its own bathroom and TV is more like camping for me ─ not my thing. Plus Twin 2 has a dog ─ my grandson Patches, a jack russell terrior. Not to mention every member of that household is very social. I expect friends and neighbors would be dropping in/out ─ also not my thing.
At any rate, so Twin 2 won’t be mad because I opted for a hotel rather than her place, it would be good if I could arrive around breakfast time and spend the day there until check-in.
There was no fooling Trainer. Inasmuch as he knew I’d be doing a 5K on Thursday, it wasn’t much of a stretch for him to figure out I’d be skipping Thursday’s session without my bringing it to his attention. So he pushed me pretty hard Monday and Tuesday. It was two sessions of my grunting and groaning and utterances of Oh God! ─ using the Lord’s name in vain. At the end of which, I yet and still gave him that Starbucks Gift Card and wished him Happy Thanksgiving. LOL.
The seniors had their Thanksgiving Potluck today, sponsored by Activity Director. I was way too busy to check in, so no idea if it was a success or if few showed up.
Thanksgiving Day is likely to be a ghost town around here.
Seniors with family will be picked up and taken out, or to a relative’s home, for the day. Those with no family will do their own thing here in the Community Room. Probably bingo with another potluck.
Last week, I saw the Residents Volunteer Activity Committee was raffling off a Wookie at today's potluck.
That’s how the RVAC funds itself. They take a donated new item ─ quite a few of which come as casino gifts given to Apache for being a high roller, raffle it off, and use the money collected to purchase prizes for bingo winners.
The casino has given Apache a lot of great items that he says he doesn’t need nor want, such as cookware, kitchen appliances, a dehydrator, cordless tire inflator, etc.
It’s not always Apache making donations, sometimes it’s a resident donating a new item for the raffle. I myself have had a few impulse buys I donated rather than returned.
The Wookie was an impulse buy by Apache. He saw it, liked it, bought it, then decided he didn’t want it. Instead of returning, he offered it up and I saw the posting.
Geek that I am, all over Star Wars and finding the walking talking Wookie cute, I purchased six one-dollar tickets. I could, of course, have gone to Walmart and purchased a Wookie, but I’m not a collector of Star Wars memorabilia. Just thought Wookie was a toy I'd like to play with and jumped on the opportunity to win it.
Win it I did.

I didn’t have to be present for the drawing and wasn’t present but, along about 3:00, Apache knocked on the door and there was wookie in his hands.
So the Thanksgiving Holiday is starting off on a good note, i.e., I’m done working out for the week, I won Wookie and all I need now is for the predicted rain storm to not happen ─ or at least wait until I’m out of the area before it starts.
Have a Great Holiday. Type to you when I get back.