Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Happy Halloween

Heading down to the office area around noon, to drop off the rent check, I saw Complex Manager, Assistant Manager and Head Maintenance guy setting the Community Room up for the yet unnamed 1:00 movie.

Color me surprised when Complex Manager, whom I’ve never personally interacted with previously and whom I’ve heard so much negativity about, was friendly and invited me inside the room to see the set-up.

It looked pretty good, but the inclusion of those blackout curtains was interesting.

Red Light had initially set up the same kind of curtains for the Residents’ Halloween party, and was told by Complex Manager to take them down because "You can’t block the exit doors".

Looks like a double standard is at play. Management can do it but Red Light cannot. Hmmmmm?????

"What’s the name of the movie" asked I.

"The Addams Family … your character", said Assistant Manager.

Complex Manager said, "I saw you walk by my office in costume the other day (I didn’t see her), but didn’t get a good look. You should come back, wear your costume".

What?! Another opportunity to cosplay? You don’t have to ask me twice.

Movie Night was originally scheduled for Friday the 20th then, for some reason, was rescheduled to today.

The reason became clear when I saw two guys from Corporate walk in.

Once management realized Corporate would be visiting on the 31st, they rescheduled movie night for show …. to impress Corporate with what they do for us.

The Baker was seated next to me. So, when we saw Corporate enter the room, I whispered to her, "I hope they see the locks on the refrigerator".

"They took them off", said she.

I have to give it to management. They are some smart cookies — removed the locks when the Inspectors were on the property, put them back on; removed the locks after learning Corporate would be here today, likely to put the locks back on tomorrow.

So much trouble, but whatever.

I did learn a lot of what management does is to spite Red Light. Make it difficult for her to do what she does because they don’t like her.

It’s a good thing Red Light is off on vacation, didn’t see management had hung curtains after making her take hers down.

Red Light is in Portland visiting relatives with her daughter, travelling with my Vintage Diane Von Furstenberg luggage she borrowed and that I’m hoping makes it back undamaged.

The luggage set wasn’t vintage when I purchased back in the 70s from J.C. Penney’s at a nominal price. It’s just that, like other items I’ve taken good care of, I’ve had the luggage for so long that it is now considered irreplaceable Vintage.

I was a fool to lend it, but wasn’t thinking when she asked to borrow.

So, anyway, though attendance was scarce — only about 15 of us, I think management sufficiently impressed Corporate.

Popcorn, nachos, hot dogs, cupcakes, all kinds of candies were served.

Corporate didn’t stay for the movie. They evidently had been on the property most of the morning doing whatever it is Corporate does, popped into the room for a bit as us residents arrived and left as the movie began.

Before they left, one of the Corporate bigwigs took photos of my costume, showed me photos of him cosplaying at the company party as Pugsley Addams.

How funny, it's the year of the Addams Family.

The Talker was seated next to her Karen neighbor, and the two were all buddy buddied up. So, I guess our Karen character has given up complaining and making living in the upstairs unit unbearable for Talker.

I’d seen the movie many years ago, but it was a first for Thing.

He was on the edge of his seat admiring his acting skills.

Monday, October 30, 2023

T’was a Dark Cold and Windy Night

We dodged a bullet yesterday.

A high wind warning was in effect, which prompted the power company to issue a Public Safety Power Shutoff Alert that, to decrease risk of dangerous wildfires, they may have to shut off power.

The wind was so out-of-control last night, that I thought I’d awaken to find both Skelly and the patio rug blown halfway down the street.

Awoke to find, though Skelly managed to survive the onslaught — didn’t even lose his pirate hat and eye patch, the rug and cobwebs were seriously rearranged.

We made it through the evening and night without an outage; however, the high winds continue, so we’re still at risk of a shut off today and/or tomorrow.

My Little Stalker was true to her word promise threat and caught up with me yesterday afternoon.

She came in like the cops.

Hearing footsteps coming up the stairs, followed by knock knock knock, I opened the door whereupon she hugged me at the door, began looking around me, scanning the room. She then walked right past me and began looking around. Even walked down the hallway, peered into the bedroom.

Spotting the exercise ball, tucked under the kitchen table, she pulled it out and began rolling around on it, face down.

All the while, her GG the Talker was standing downstairs in the wind and cold, waiting for Little Stalker to say hello and come right back down.

Before she could get into anything else, I lured her out onto the patio ...... and no, not to push her over the railings, but to say hello to Skelly.

While she fiddled with and manhandled Skelly, GG Talker looked up and said Little Stalker had earlier attended a costume party dressed as, would you believe ……… Wednesday, and won a prize.

Obviously, folks at that party knew what time it was ─ were hip to what’s here and now.

Hearing her GG talking about her Wednesday costume, and having spotted my collection of Thing hands at some point during her initial cop search of the unit, Little Stalker ran back inside, grabbed one and struck a Wednesday pose.

Twin 2’s office party is either today or tomorrow and she too is dressing as Wednesday.

Great minds are thinking alike.

Inasmuch as Little Stalker appeared to be getting way too comfortable, no signs of leaving, I opened the bag of just-in-case I get a trick or treater candy I had on hand, put a handful in her hands and ushered her, seemingly against her will, out the door.

Whew! That visit was a lot.

Tomorrow is yet another bone management is tossing residents — Movie Night in the early afternoon.

Still no word on what the title of the movie is, but wouldn’t it be hilarious if it turns out to be Jenna Ortega’s Wednesday.

I won’t sit through whatever management is planning, but I will walk down to confirm what movie it is.

Lastly, I think I spotted the couple that might move into the vacant unit in my quad.

As we were having our Halloween party on Friday, I saw a couple filling out the paperwork in the lobby and later speaking with Assistant Manager.

Something just told me they were vying for evicted Smoker’s now vacant unit, so won’t be surprised to see it being they moving in soon.

Saturday, October 28, 2023

Long Day’s Journey into Night

Yesterday was a long hard day, what with working out, rushing home to change into a costume, attend the costume party — where I took 147 photos, which I then edited and posted to the residents’ website.

By the time all was said and done, it was around midnight when I finally made it to bed, only to be tagged at 12:16 a.m. with an additional photo to add to the site.

Though not everyone appeared in costume, there were games, lots of food (that I couldn’t eat) and what costumes that did walk through the doors were awesome.

Like Shadow, who showed up as a Werewolf.

The Baker showed up as an ax murderer.

Homegirl as a Day of the Dead/Día de Muertos character.

Her sister, who doesn’t live here, joined us — dressed as Addams family matriarch Morticia, my character’s mom.

Walking through the doors she spotted me, said "I didn’t know my daughter Wednesday was going to be here".

I referred to her as "Mom" thereafter.

The bingo couple that doesn’t speak much English, whom we try to help maneuver through the game, also came as Día de Muertos characters.

As did R — the one who was besties with the Black Witch (who recently relieved us of her evil presence by moving out to live with her daughter in Palm Springs) and doesn’t like it when children attend the bingo sessions.

Buttons, our 86-year-old, that plays bingo with buttons, came as a Roman.

We had a Bride of Frankenstein.

And a pretty authentic looking Wicked Witch, seemingly straight out of the Wizard of Oz.

There was, of course, Wednesday Addams.

Other than that, there were an obligatory mask or two.

Believe it or not, as fabulous as my costume was — and it was fabulous, I did not even place in the costume contest.

I wasn’t disappointed that I did not win place or show. I was disappointed that so many did not even know who my character was.

Like WTF!

One of the most iconic characters in pop culture, then and now, and I got a few "Oh, that’s cute" — from those who though my costume was that of a little girl.

One senior asked, "Who are you?"

"Wednesday" said I.

She looked confused, said "No. It’s Friday". Correcting me that the day of the week was Friday, not Wednesday.

I kid you not.

Another senior said, "You look like that Black lady on the View … Woopie Goldberg".

OMG! Why do I even bother with my peer group?

Another episode of their living on a different plain of expression than I, or are we having an epidemic of early onset Alzheimer around here?

So, anyway, I enjoyed the opportunity to cosplay again, and will continue to do so when opportunities arise, whether anyone else "gets" me or not.

Costume categories were broken down into Most Creative, Scariest, Best Overall.

Winner: Most Creative

Winner: Scariest

Winner: Best Overall

Thing didn't behave at all. Thinking he was the equivalent of the Golden Bachelor, he was very flirtatious — crawling around asking "Will you accept this rose".

Friday, October 27, 2023

Sneak Peek

I’m ready for my closeup, Mr. Demille.

Residents’ Halloween Costume Party begins in a few.

More later.

Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Isn’t that Special

Twice last week and once yesterday, I observed Complex Manager and Assistant Manager walking together down the walkway towards one of the buildings out of my line of vision.

A sure sign there's trouble afoot.

Having not interacted with many for weeks and weeks and weeks, I’m out of the loop, have no idea what the grapevine is saying.

I have noticed and posted that it’s been unusually quiet around here — "eerily quiet, ominously quiet".

I am aware there have been lots and lots of management meetings, and this seeing Manager and Assistant Manager out of their offices, heading down the walkway together, I'm getting a sense of why it's so eerily and ominously quiet but don't yet know the specifics.

I should get back to hanging out more so as to gather intel — take one for the blog by going back to attending Activity Director’s Tuesday events, maybe sit-in on Movie Night — which is actually 12 noon to 2 p.m.

After renewing the lease last week, while adding the updated paperwork to my files, I realized I was missing my copy of the signed Information Form. So, I caught up with Assistant Manager yesterday afternoon, asked for and received the requested copy.

As I was leaving the office, paperwork in hand, I said "Thank you". Whereupon, she said "Thank YOU! You are one of the nicest tenants we have on the property".

"Wow, really?" was my surprised reaction.


Well now, isn’t that special.

But if they think that I'm one of the nicest, then there must be some bad ass bitter in-your-face beoches around here.

One of my greatest accomplishments in life is having outwit and escaping from my abusive ex-husband, with our six month old twins in my arms when, after keeping me trapped in the apartment for an extended period, terrorizing and threatening to unalive me because I wanted to leave him, I convinced him to leave me unattended to for the ten minutes it would have taken him to drive to the cleaners, pick up his cop uniform because I wasn't going to leave him. "Let's give it another try" I said, which made him feel like he'd won, so it was okay for him to go back to work.

I grabbed the babies, fled with the clothes we had on our backs, the second I heard his car leave the driveway.

My second greatest accomplishment is how I sucked it up, kept my head down, knew when to hold 'em, when to fold 'em, when to walk away, when to run and thus survived the racism, abuse of authority, the three witches and other atrocities of Corporate America.

This complex is just another Corporate world one has to navigate one's way through, and if management thinks I'm one of the nicest then, like I said, there must be some bad ass in-your-face upset-with-management beoches around here.

I'd like to know who they are, what they're up to, so I'll be hanging out more for a bit, spending a little less time inside on my own.

Friday is the residents’ costume party, hosted by Red Light and the Baker.

I don’t imagine I’ll gather much intel at that event, but you never know.

Monday, October 23, 2023

Hold My Beer, Part 2

Well well well … race photos began trickling in yesterday.

I love it when folks keep their word.

Also true to the organizers’ words, the photos — usually priced at $19 for one photo and plus plus plus dollars for packages, are free to all who participated.

I don’t know how they can do that inasmuch as participation in the 25k, the 10k and 5k totaled over 6,000 participants, and I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop as I’m suspect of their generosity but, in the interim, I’ll take em.

It’s not a lot, just one or two as I’m leaving the start line, one along the course (I never saw the photographer) and an awesome looking poster, which I’m using as my official race photo on the side bar.

Looks like I'm approaching the turnaround.
Still looking strong, not sweating

Inasmuch as no additional photos have rolled in, and there’s nothing showing the finish line, I’m guessing that’s the gotcha — the other shoe. If we want more than the three provided for free, we’ll have to pay the standard regular over-priced cost.

I’m satisfied with what’s been provided.

Also true to word, to keep the Black cat from crossing my path, I did indeed walk backwards to the car yesterday, when heading out for the morning’s workout.

Walking up to the trunk of the car, I stood there and banged on the car to make noise so the Black cat would know to move if in the area. Then I walked backwards around to the passenger side door to load my gear; then walked around the car to the driver side, walked backwards to that door and didn’t care if any neighbors happened to spot my new ritual.

If anyone observing is so bold as to ask, I'll say "You don't want to know".

Sunday, October 22, 2023

Hold My Beer

I seriously thought about being a no-show at this morning's 5k when, heading out to package pickup on Saturday, a Black cat came out of nowhere and crossed my path.

Having composed myself, pushed through and gotten out on the road, I was just a few miles from the complex when a tire ran over something that flew up and sounded like metal when it hit the ground.

I was anxious about continuing on after a second omen, but told myself, if there was tire damage, I could take care of it once I reached my destination.

Fortunately, whatever bad omens were plaguing me gave up at that point. Hotel check-in was fast, I got a great parking space at the hotel, and there were no hiccups at package pickup.

It was blue skies, perfect weather, good energy and a drone watching us at the Start Line this morning.

I’m over 45, so ...... safe

Mission Inn Museum come to life

Using trekking poles on the inclines, meant I had to pass on a lot of great photos during the race, but I did pause to capture the butterflies going and then coming back around when they pulled way ahead of me and then looped at the turnaround.

If anyone is looking for Waldo, I think I spotted her.

Official race photo, as I crossed the finish line, is supposedly to arrive via email later (we’ll see), but the organizers came through with results in record time.

The Overall shows I finished 49th out of 481 in the 5K — that’s male and female, all ages and 39th out of 348 women — that’s young and old.

Would have been nice had they broken us down further by age groups, so I could see how I did against my peers. But then again, maybe not, because those little old ladies had wings. They were flying, leaving me in the dust.

At any rate, inasmuch as my normal daily step count is between 3,000 and 5,000 and today’s count racked up to 10,926, I finished a little stiff and sore from pounding the pavement, but nothing that a little soak in Epsom salt didn't take care of.

One young lady was unconscious when dragged across the finish line by two big burley dudes.

Dragged instead of carried because, had she been conscious, she would have wanted it that way to get credit for having crossed the finish line.

The two guys whisked her away out of sight rather quickly and I later heard sirens, which I assume was fire department medical emergency.

I was surprised to not see a medical emergency team near the finish line, as is usually done, because that’s usually where the body give out and participants collapse.

The new organizers did a great job this time, but I guess they’d not taken into consideration someone might get hurt.

Hope she’s going to be okay, and I hope the two guys who were assisting her remembered to pause her watch.

That’s not a joke.

The first thing she’s going to do when she opens her eyes is check her watch/fitbit to see how she was doing before she collapsed.

That’s what runners do.

"Because that’s what’s important" said one in the group above, when I complemented them on their shirts.

Note to self: I need one of those shirts.

So anyway, though no photo of my crossing the finish line yet, I did get my medal to go along with a few extras I’d been given on package day.

The extras being Legacy Awards — a hat and pin for having participated in the race for the last three years.

I’ve participate for more than three consecutive years, but three is what the organizers are recognizing.

I don’t wear hats, but wanted the world to know I’m no rooky, so I attached it to my waist band (yellow item in Photo No. 2 above).

I was also entitled to go to the Beer Garden after the race, enjoy the after party, collect a free beer.

I don’t really like beer, but I would have done just to mingled with other participants, except I was anxious to get home to an Epsom bath.

Hold my beer for next time.

Friday, October 20, 2023

Threat or a Promise?

Heading to the car for this morning’s workout, a car pulled up behind me and someone called my name.

It was my little stalker.

She’s been travelling, visiting relatives in another state and, as she was still on the move at that moment said something about coming to see me on the weekend.

Not sure if that was a threat or a promise and inasmuch as I couldn't clearly make out what her little voice was saying from the car, I don't know if she’s talking about this weekend or next.

If it’s next weekend, she’s got me.

If it’s this weekend, it will be a miss as I'm off to the races tomorrow.

After a long dry spell insofar as in person races, tomorrow is package pickup for Sunday’s Mission Inn 5k; and because traffic to the site and parking at the site is so cra cra, I’ll be booking myself into a nearby hotel for an overnight.

If "Mission Inn" sounds familiar to long time readers, it’s because that’s the 5k I’ve participated in several years in a row. The same race that, though it’s been in existence for 46 years, was horribly screwed up last year — in every conceivable and even inconceivable manner, by new people after some of the regular organizers did not survive the Pandemic ……

  • Start line was located at the wrong spot, ½ mile from where it should have been and had to be relocated.
  • New guy on the microphone failed to call which race was up, so most of us went rogue and just took off whenever.
  • My back began to ache on the inclines at Mile 2, muscles in my legs stiffened, I could barely walk and struggled to get to the finish line.
  • Mile 3 seemed extra especially long, so I'm not at all sure the race organizers didn't make a mistake in calculations there as well.
  • Finish line photographer, for some unknown reason, could not match our bib numbers to photos taken, so there were no official race photos.
  • Computers went down so results were not recorded.

The race was a complete cluster-you-know what, yet here I am primed and ready to give the 5k another go.

After a year to examine what went wrong, hopefully the organizers by now will have gotten their act together so us participants can get our official photos and results.

Last year was a wake-up-call for me as well. Now pushing 80 years of age, my aging back, hips, legs can no longer handle the steep inclines on their own, so I’ll be using walking poles to support my body on the trek up the challenging inclines.

I’ll be back online Sunday afternoon, with what few photos I’m able to take when my hands are not occupied with trekking poles.

Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Knowledge is Power

So far this month, it’s been unusually quiet here on the complex.

Eerie quiet.

Ominously quiet.

Only time will tell if this quiet period is good or bad.

Driving the long way around out of the complex this morning, checking for further Halloween patio decorations, other than those previously mentioned, I found none.

What a bunch of bores.

Having had that Recertification Appointment with Assistant Manager this afternoon, submitted requested paperwork, proved I’m still poor enough to qualify to renew the lease, unless I win the lottery and can move to reside with a livelier group, looks like I’ll be blogging about these bores for another year.

While in the session, I did not bring up the issue of the Laundry Rooms.

One has to know when to hold ‘em when to fold ‘em around here. So it was in my best interest to not let management know I know what’s going on.

Besides, after checking the lease, I learned laundry rooms are not a given. Laundry rooms are listed as an Amenity on the website, but as a Common Area Amenity that may or may not be available on the property in the lease, with rules about usage.

However, I did learn Community Manager was dead wrong in telling residents it is their responsibility to contact the company that services the laundry rooms about the out-of-service equipment because Section 35 of the lease clearly specifies "Should you have any trouble with the laundry equipment, please report to the Community Manager".

Her lazy arse just doesn’t want to be bothered doing her job; but now that I know, should I need to report out-of-service equipment, CM won’t be able to brush me off as easily as done with other residents. I’ll have no problem directing her to Section 35.

Knowledge is power.

I did question this latest rent increase, which Assistant Manager says I misunderstood the paperwork I’d been given. The increase won’t take effect until the current Recertification period expires in February.

That was good news except, during the week, something led me to check just exactly what the rules on rent increases are.

Googling "rent increase San Bernardino County" landed me on the Housing Authority’s website, where I read "The Tenant Protection Act caps rent increases to 10% total or 5% plus the percentage change in the cost of living — whichever is lower — over a 12-month period".

Inasmuch as my last increase was this past July, management by law cannot raise my rent until July 2024.

Knowledge is power.

I didn’t bring up what I learned about February's increase in the session. I’m going to sit on it, spring it on management when that time comes that they can’t double-dip, cannot legally raise my rent for five more months, which would be July 2024 when they do their regular annual increases.

I don’t think management has tried this with those supported by the County, because the County would know it’s a violation of the Act. It must be a something they’ve been running on those of us not on the County role.

I can’t but wonder how many residents have been saddled with illegal double increases and whether it’s unknowingly previously happened to me.

It’s not worth the time and effort for me to backtrack, try to figure out if management owes me money — refund for overcharging. I’ll just take what I now know, make sure it doesn’t happen in the future.

Saturday, October 14, 2023

What Had Happened Was

Friday the 13th was a good day for me, because I got a hug from this fine-looking young brother and didn’t mind the hug not one bit.

What had happened was …… while playing bingo, I observed him running back and forth to the truck, loading his arms with packages, running all over the complex delivering, nonstop for well over an hour.

Observing how hard he was working, when we had a break, I took some of our goodies out to him — cookies, fresh hot popcorn, a soda and bottled water.

He was so thankful that he threw his arms around me and gave me a big old hug.

So, though I didn’t have a bingo win, I got the best prize.

I bet all the ladies are going to start running goodies out to good-looking delivery guys from now on.

Yesterday’s bingo was my first opportunity, in the last two weeks, to interact with any of the residents.

I’ve not been intentionally avoiding anyone. It’s just the way the last two weeks worked out, with the exception of Next-Door Neighbor — who btw, wasn’t the least bit unnerved by Mr. Warty Pumpkin (thanks Linda for that description). She said she took one look at it, thought to herself "There she goes again" and that was that.

I’ll have to try harder next year with a creepy clown faced pumpkin.

We had a full house in the Community Room, with lots of new people and a visitor or two.

Dream Lover was absent, as was Her Hautiness/Boebert, his latest paramour.

The group that showed was loud, raucous, out-of-control.

Painted Rock Lady hasn’t been feeling well enough to take on the role of Caller, so the job was split between Red Light and the Baker.

Red Light was visibly thrown off by the rowdiness, but never squeezed the hen of silence to quiet the room.

She’s great at talking behind people’s back, but is otherwise a coward, doesn't want to ruffle feathers.

When the Baker took her turn as Caller, she kept imploring the room to please quiet down so she could call numbers and hear winners call back their numbers.

The room ran ragged over her as, no less than a half a dozen times did the Baker pause the play, stand up and beg the room to quiet down …"Use your inside voices", only to be ignored.

Finally, I got up and took control of the hen, saying "You two don’t want to be perceived as mean. I don’t have a problem with it" and I began squeezing the hen directly in people’s faces until they shut the hell up.

Thinking back on it, I’ll not be taking charge of the hen again because, if Red Light and the Baker won’t stand up for themselves, take charge, take control, squeeze the hen at least, then f%^k them.

I just can't respect the way the two let people walk all over them — like the time the Black Witch was acting up. Red Light ran from her, the Baker tried to make herself invisible; and when the BW came for me and I told her "I don't respond to bullies. You picked the wrong one today", Red Light and the Baker kept shushing me, urging me to let the BW go unchallenged. In other words, be a woozy like them.

Much as I like the Baker, I gotta say I lost a lot of respect for her that day.

So, anyway, getting caught up on what intel I’ve missed, I learned management is continuing to take things away from us. This time it’s the Laundry Rooms.

The machines in the Laundry Room across the grassy knoll — the room I retreated to when the one in my building had a lizard in it, are inoperable; and because the equipment is down, management has locked up that Laundry Room.

Two machines in my building’s Laundry Room have been reported to management as out-of-order.

Management told those residents reporting, that it is the residents' responsibility to contact the service provider.

In addition, management said that, because they are having too many problems with the company they hired to service the Laundry Room equipment, they are looking at not only getting rid of that company, but getting rid of the laundry rooms altogether ………… because "it’s getting to be too expensive".

That news stunned me, but I won’t be all that surprised if management carries through with that plan to shut down Laundry Rooms completely, send us out into the wild to find coin-operated laundromats.

I also learned why it is that Activity Director’s calendar just indicates "HALLOWEEN" on Tuesday the 31st and there are no Halloween events ……… period.

There are five Tuesdays in this month of October. Activity Director is contracted to work no more than four Tuesdays per month, so she won’t be here on the 5th Tuesday …… the 31st.

According to what Activity Director told Red Light, she tried to switch one of her Tuesdays with the 31st, so she could be here, set something up for us, but the company she is hired through would not allow it.

I dunno, but it’s possible.

As far as any other management sponsored events ……… "The budget won’t allow for it. There is no money in the budget for events until Christmas" is what we're being told.

Strange, since management raised the rent in July. Not to mention, my recertification comes up next week — "Recertification" being management’s opportunity to get all up in my ass, dig into my personal financial business, to make certain I’m still poor enough to continue to lease a unit here.

I’ve already received the paperwork, which includes notice that, when I reup, my rent will increase an additional $110 …… and it's not just me. It's all of us not supported by the County.

Even Red Light, who is supported by the County, is worried. Saying that when management increases the County's share, the County then increases the residents' share, and that some on the County role here are already having difficulty making their share.

So where are all these increases going?

The money is not going into repairs, certainly not into events because management says there’s not enough money in the budget for events; we can’t use the refrigerator in the Community Room, and now there’s a possibility we’ll be doing without Laundry Rooms.

So I ask again …… where is the money collected from all these increases going?

There’s no one we can complain to — Corporate doesn’t care and I'm guessing management’s line is, "If you don’t like it, then move".

So, what we’re getting for these increases is the privilege to not live on the streets, have a roof over our heads, but no events, no refrigerator in the Community Room and possibly no Laundry Rooms in the future. Just a roof over our heads.

Oh well, it is what it is.

Speaking of the Community Room refrigerator — I’d previously blogged that, when the Inspectors were on the premise, management took down all those signs indicating we are not to use the refrigerator.

I kept forgetting to see if the locks were also removed.

Remembering to check yesterday, I walked into the kitchen and it looks like management removed the bottom key entry part.



Lazy as they are, having to lock and unlock probably got to be too much effort for them.