Tuesday, June 28, 2016

One Down, One to Go

Up at 5:00 this morning, out at 5:45 to beat the heat and earn my medal for the virtual King of Pop 5K, which is to be completed on or before July 2nd.

Given the choice of either Michael Jackson or Prince, I’m opting for Michael -- never been a fan of Prince and purple is my least favorite color.

Had I known we’d be having triple digit heat, I might have rethought the medal being worth the trauma, but it’s done and behind me now.

For sure, had I known we’d be in triple digits, I’d not have signed up for TWO 5Ks this week.

Yep, I also need to complete the Stars and Stripes 5K on or before July 2nd. So either tomorrow or the next day, I’ll be up at 5:00 to beat the heat and earn more bling.

I suppose I could drive 25/30 miles to the nearest Mall and do the walk in the comfort of an air-conditioned building, but the drive is prohibitive. Then there are people in the way and all those temptations – See’s Candy, Panda Express Chinese, Auntie Anne’s Pretzels, Lane Bryant, Torrid.

One of these days, when I’m not under any pressure to walk x number of miles in x minutes, I might try mall walking to see if it’s worth the drive and to challenge myself that I can get out without binge eating or going on a shopping spree.

I had thought to rent a hotel in Long Beach to facilitate completing Stars and Stripes in person/with the group, but hotel rates in that area go higher than a kite 4th July weekend, and I’m saving up for movers. Though I’m not currently chomping at the bit to relocate just now, it’s still in the back of my mind, so I want to be ready -- just in case.

On tap for remainder of today is soaking my now tired body in Epsom Salt and needlepoint.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Always Last Place You Look

In an effort to have the Cardio Glider and microwave removed – the glider so I could have the space back, the microwave because it’s time to replace with a new one, I finally found a Veterans organization which said they do not pick-up in this area code but would make a special trip this morning because a truck was scheduled to be not too far away.

While thinking of where to look for assistance next, just in case the truck didn’t show up, I heard the following words come from the television screen … “No matter what you need or when you need it, check Yelp first.”



I’m sure that commercial has run many times before, but it never registered until now.

A sign perhaps?

Logging onto the site, looking for hauling services, I found a guy that had great reviews, took down his telephone number and, when there was no sign of a truck by 1:00, gave him a call.

This was the guy at 2:02.

I kid you not.

Most expedient service I’ve ever experienced!

And on a Saturday no less.

Even though I only had two items, he had to charge the minimum ($65) which I was happy to pay and a bargain compared to the $125 - $175 quoted by others.

And wouldn’t you know, Walmart is running a sale on microwaves. I’ll have a new one in an hour or two.

Having learned that the usual channels for picking up donations do not service this area – we can drop off, but they will not pick up, I’m thinking it’s good to be working towards living with less because, upon my death, family is going to have a difficult time clearing out what I’ve left behind.

I'm hoping to get this Living With Less thing down to leaving behind nothing useless, nothing meaningful only to me.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Resident’s/Management Meeting

I wasn’t surprised, showing up for today’s 3:00 Resident’s/Management meeting, to find a notice on the door by the mailbox leading to the offices and Community Room … “Resident’s/Management meeting is cancelled until further notice.”

In fact, I’d predicted the cancellation earlier when, walking to the car on the market parking lot, I spotted a woman I didn’t know by name, but recognized as a tenant, struggling with purchases, appearing to be headed back to the complex.

“It’s too hot to be walking, do you want a ride?” I asked.

She did.

After exchanging names, she asked, “Are you coming to this afternoon’s meeting?”

“Yes”, said I.

“Me too”, said she.

And at precisely the same time, we both added, “If there is one” and laughed our butts off at the synchronicity of saying and knowing activities and events on the calendar have a habit of being cancelled at the last moment.

Others already seated, waiting for the meeting to start, were blindsided by the cancellation inasmuch as the notice had evidently been posted mere seconds before I arrived so that others entering through that door earlier saw no such notice. Also, inasmuch as the cancellation notice was posted on only one of the four doors, those entering by a door other than by the mailbox were also blindsided by the cancellation.

One resident said, “I was rushing to get down here and now it’s cancelled?”

Another announced, “I put my wig back on for this?”

I don’t think anyone will have to worry about rushing or putting their wig back on in future because “Cancelled until further notice” sounds very much like management is over trying to appease disgruntled residents and plan no further such meetings.

Too bad because the grapevine is working overtime and was hoping to get answers from management as to what, if anything, is being done about the mentally challenged guy, living with his parents, who has accosted yet another female resident.

First time was June 3rd when he approached our dumpster diving resident, shook her, asked “What do you have” and went through her belongings.

Then was the wheelchair bound woman who’d been pushed out of the way on the walkway.

We don’t know if that incident was the same mentally challenged guy but, for sure, he was identified as the perp in this latest incident of walking up to a resident seated in her car, knocking on the window telling her to roll down it down. When she failed to do so, he began banging on the window and kicking the car.

This was a huge deal and hit the grapevine like wildfire, because the resident accosted is Nurse Ratched’s mother.

To ensure her mother’s safety, Nurse Ratched immediately relocated her mom from a downstairs unit to an upstairs. Grapevine wants to know what, if anything is being done to protect the rest of us and protect Mr. Mentally Challenged as well, because eventually he’s going to accost the wrong woman and get himself hurt.

Nothing else planned for the week, except I contacted one of those Take My Junk companies and scheduled Friday morning to remove the microwave and Cardio Glide exercise equipment. Going to cost an arm and a leg, but probably safer than some random guy with a truck from the streets, PennySaver or CraigsList.

Monday, June 20, 2016

No Qualms

Hot as it is, I had no qualms about heading out for my daily cup this morning.

I tried brewing my own for a while but found 1) Without the impetus to head out to Starbucks, I’m more likely to stay indoors all day, not interact with others and 2) Brewing my own was not fun and too much trouble. So I’m back to spoiling myself with daily trips to Starbucks.

While out and about, I stopped by the UPS Store to drop off a return package – another thing I have no qualms about, but only since retiring.

Before retiring, if I came to regret a purchase made in-store or online, it seemed such a bother to return. So I’d keep the item thinking I might grow into liking it or eventually run across someone to give it to.

Sometimes I did eventually decide it worked for me after all, and sometimes I gifted it to someone else or ended up donating. A couple items I held onto so long that granddaughter grew up and into them, tags still intact.

Retirement has given me a whole new outlook about purchases. I’m less likely to buy something in-store unless it is absolutely right for me and, when online purchases disappoint, as did the summer sandals I received, it’s returned through the UPS Store or locally if there’s a walk-in location.

Deciding to be lazy and NOT make summer shorts after all, I located peasant shorts online. They’re the length I like, soft linen -- which is what I prefer, look good on the model but one never knows until one tries on oneself. Unsure of the sizing, inasmuch as I can return the shorts to the local department store if one or the other is not right, I ordered my size and one size up -- as I'm once again getting thick around the middle.

On tap this week?

The Monthly Calendar indicates yet another Resident’s/Management Meeting 3PM Wednesday. If not cancelled, I’ll go downstairs for that. The calendar also shows a 10AM Health Class on Friday. I’ll check it out, but won’t be surprised if it doesn’t materialize; and the Father’s Day Potluck, for which I’ve already opted out, is noon Friday.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Arts and Crafts Ombre Letters

Arriving at yesterday’s scheduled Ombre Yarn Wrap Monogrammed Letter session, I found the session cancelled, the room in an uproar, and the newest Activity Director FUMING.

“Session cancelled”, said the Activity Director because, “I can’t do my job because SHE won’t do hers”.

Of course the “she” referred to was Nurse Ratched and the job Nurse Ratched was failing to do was just more of the sabotage she’d visited upon previous Activity Directors, only this one is so angry, so upset that she wants to confront and fight back.

What Activity Director said Nurse Ratched did this time -- for the second time in a row, was to make herself unavailable when Activity Director showed up, per appointment, to pick up the budgeted money for class supplies.

The first time it happened, Activity Director took it as an honest mistake and bought supplies with her own money. This time, she saw it as deliberate and, unable to foot the bill, had planned to confront Nurse Ratched yesterday morning, only to find Nurse Ratched had taken off on vacation until next Tuesday.

No surprise to us. It’s what Nurse Ratched does … sabotage and not being around to be challenged on it.

“I’m just so upset. I’m going to report this to MY boss!” said Activity Director.

“Won’t do any good”, said I. “It’s not personal. It’s a pattern. She does it to everyone and thrives on conflict. Best thing you can do is to ignore her, pretend she doesn’t exist”.

Inasmuch as the Activity Director can’t do that – ignore her that is, we’re thinking she’ll be discouraged enough to quit -- which is exactly what Nurse Ratched wants.


None of us can figure the why out. It doesn't make sense, doesn't compute that her only motive might be she wants us to have zero activities, but that's the general consensus.

Time in the Community Room wasn’t a total loss. I’d offered all the DVDs that weren’t horror and they went quickly.

Only Half a Shelf Remaining

Still up in the air is what to do with DVDs involving vampires, werewolves, serial killer Dexter -- who only kills bad people … those who escaped the judiciary system. For sure no one here would have wanted those DVDs, inasmuch as I’m surrounded by fuddy duddies who are afraid of scary movies, do not watch even the ever popular Walking Dead.

On tap for today?

I'm trying to talk myself into shopping for fabric to make summer shorts. Unable to find shorts last year that weren't too short, too tight or too loose, I was in leggings when everyone else was in shorts. Running into the same problem of too short, too tight, too loose and wearing leggings while everyone else around here is in comfortable for the weather clothing, I'm thinking I should stop being lazy, find a pattern and stop dressing winter all year round.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Better to Give than to Receive but Isn’t Easy

Today at 10:00 is our once-a-month activity -- Arts and Crafts, Yarn Wrap Ombre Monogrammed Letter.

That’s about the extent of activities around here … once-a-month unless a special occasion crops up when we are graced with two activities – Arts and Crafts and a holiday potluck.

The lack of activities would be depressing but for the fact I have my needlepoint projects to keep me occupied, two 5Ks coming up to keep me motivated to move, and meditation to keep me in tune.

Even Nurse Ratched’s mom – who by the way lives here, was overheard to complain to her, “There are no activities”.


Because of Father’s Day, this is one of those two-activity months with the Father’s Day Potluck on the 24th.

There has been little interest in this event, since I’ve been a resident, with generally one lone male – The Baker’s husband, and two/three women who attend to support The Baker in honoring her husband.

Due to the poor turnout, I’ve never attended. Thought about it this time around, signed up, but have since changed my mind deciding against.

In keeping with Living With Less, I decided not to box up the DVDs with hopes of having bazaars here once again, or at another complex, so I could sell them. Instead, I’m taking them down to Arts and Crafts and offering to one and all for free.

Some of the DVDs have never been viewed -- I’ve not had the time.

It was a huge mistake to take that Cardio Glide equipment off my next door neighbor’s hands, because I’ve since tired of it and, try as I might, can’t get anyone else to take it off my hands.

I seriously doubt Salvation Army will want to pick it up, and research into Haul Away services resulted in places that will take it for scrap metal, only their services are not free. Cheapest I’ve found will pick up one item for $85.

I so want rid of it that I’m actually considering paying the $85 to have it taken away, maybe more because I want to purchase a new microwave and need the old one removed.

Before I go so far as to book the service, I’m hoping to see some independent guy with a truck collecting scrap metal -- when I’m out and about, have him follow me home, bring him in – with the door wide open in case he’s not right and I have to run, and get him to haul the items away for free inasmuch as he can sell them for scrap and make a bit of money.

Hopefully, ALL the DVDs will be taken so I won't be stuck with finding some place to donate those as well.

Who knew giving would be so complicated.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Reality Setting In?

Heading out for a walk yesterday morning, found a notice posted to the door that termite control would be paying me another visit. Notice didn’t say what the second visit was for, didn’t say what time, but I assumed a second treatment, and worked out a plan of errands I could run if I had to stay out of the unit 2/3 hours after the treatment.

It was another false alarm. No one showed up.

Heading out for a walk this morning, found another notice -- this one to “conduct an inspection”.

After waiting around all day, seeing and hearing nothing and no one, along around 4:00 I decided I needed coffee and was just about to head out to Starbucks when, lo and behold, here comes Nurse Ratched up the stairs, along with the older of the two young maintenance guys, and Nurse Ratched’s boss -- the kleptomaniac from Corporate.

The kleptomaniac walked through the neighbor’s unit with her little clipboard, then walked through every room in mine EXCEPT the scene of her former crime – the bedroom.


Though she did not have a black tote bag with her this time, just the clipboard, with all trust gone, I paid no mind to what the other two were doing. Instead, I stayed on the kleptomaniac’s heels – where she went I went.

I kept looking at her thinking how hard it was to believe a woman who comes across as elegant as she could do what she did. On the other hand, it occurred to me that the item taken was the type of thing a woman like her would want.

If she’d admired the belt, all she had to do was say so. I would have helped her locate where she could purchase one similar ... a solution which would not have involved muddying up her karma with pilfering.

So, anyway, she came through all business with Nurse Ratched trailing behind.

I forget who brought up the termites … I’m pretty sure it wasn’t me. I think it was Nurse Ratched, looking for an attagirl in front of her boss that she was on top of the termite situation.

An attagirl she did not get. Instead, I used this opportunity to make sure her boss knew I had to single-handedly fight the invasion for 59 days as they swarmed and termite control was not scheduled until Day 71.

The kleptomaniac apologized I had to go through such a “nightmare” – her words, and an accurate description.

I had also mentioned the previous day’s notice and termite control not showing up.

Nurse Ratched used this as an opportunity to get us off her failure to act in a reasonable length of time and tried to come off as knowledgeable and efficient saying termite control would be here tomorrow instead. That they would be inspecting every unit in this building, because when termites are NOT swarming, they stay in place, gnawing away at the dry wood … “It’s a process”.

Who among of us did not know that? 

I guess it was news to Nurse Ratched.

Sounds like reality is setting in.

Whatever pleasure she got out of ignoring my being inconvenienced by swarmers has been overshadowed by the reality of damage to property.

Before leaving, the kleptomaniac asked if there were any other problems in the unit.

I used this as an opportunity to pound another nail in Nurse Ratched’s coffin by saying the A/C had gone out, but the maintenance guy -- who happened to be the one present, had done a good job of not only getting it taken care of the same day I reported it to him but, "instead of 71 days later, mere hours after". I didn’t mention that I’d emailed Nurse Ratched about the A/C and she never replied, because I’d forgotten about emailing her … until just now.

Through it all, in front of her boss, Nurse Ratched kept her composure, smiled even. Inside, she was probably fuming.

I see more “Why don’t you just die” looks coming my way from her.

Will be interesting to see what comes from tomorrow’s mass unit inspections. They may have to tent after all.

Earlier in the week, I heard from the senior compound with the short wait list. It’s a couple cities over with a higher median income, so I qualify. However, I’d already lost interest in senior compound over senior complex and declined the unit.

My interest is now back to where it was originally – a beach community. So I’m just gonna be patient, hang tight to see what happens here for the time being and eventually look towards settling in Long Beach/Lakewood/Redondo Beach area.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Cool Air

Today was my lucky day, beginning with an early morning trip to Joann Crafts for Tacky Glue with a stop by Starbucks, where I not only got my morning cup of java but was gifted a free green iced tea because, “We made an extra.”

Yesterday was hectic, as granddaughter and I drove all over town gathering material for the two projects she wanted to make for her brother’s high school graduation – a face fan and money lei.

Once we’d gotten his photo expanded and printed, picked up ribbon for the lei, cardstock, dowels for the face fan, it was “What kind of glue do we use?”

Aware that all glues are not created equal, we didn’t want a glue that would cause the photo to buckle once attached to cardstock, so we chose mod podge and decided to set up in the Community Room to test it out -- the Community Room because my unit was not a comfortable place to work, what with the A/C being on the fritz.

It became apparent right away, we’d opted for the wrong glue as buckling did occur. In my craft kit, I located two little bottles of tacky glue. We tried it, it worked but, inasmuch as the tubes were small, we quickly ran out of product and headed to Walmart.

Not a tacky glue in sight … sold out. Evidently, everyone is working on graduation crafts.

It then being late afternoon, we decided to start fresh this morning and my focus for the remainder of yesterday was towards getting the ball rolling on A/C repair.

After several calls to the office, and getting nothing but a long time ringing, followed by a busy signal, I put the request off until this morning.

First was that early morning trip to Joann, then Starbucks where, while in the drive-thru line, I once again called the office.

Same thing … long time ringing, followed by busy signal.

Has Nurse Ratched blocked my number?, thought I.

No matter, I’ll send her an email once back in the unit.

Arriving back at the complex, posted on the door was a Notice to Enter Dwelling TODAY for bi-annual inspection.

Second lucky thing to have happened to me because, during the inspection period is when things left undone for months get done. I’m not exactly sure why this bi-annual inspection is so important, but odds were good Nurse Ratched wouldn’t be able to wait 71 days -- as she did with termite control, to get the A/C taken care of.

Inasmuch as I still couldn’t get through to the office via telephone, I sent that email. Shortly after, a maintenance guy appeared to do his bi-annual inspection. Not our cute young maintenance supervisor, but his new partner -- slightly older, equally good looking.

“You got word air is out?”

“No … what … your A/C isn’t working? When did you call?”

“I couldn’t get through calling, so I emailed this morning?”

“Well she told us to not work on things that haven’t gone through the office, but I’ll mark it down as not working and get someone in here today.”

Later, while working with granddaughter in the Community Room on those projects, I saw a truck marked “air condition” parking in the lot. After the driver checked into the office, I saw the driver go through the gate, surmised he was heading for my unit, and went to let him in, keep an eye on him.

“No need”, says he, as I arrived at my door. “Go back to what you were doing because they gave me the key.”


I’m pretty sure repair people are supposed to be escorted, let in and observed until the job is completed if the resident is not at home.

I wasn’t happy with his being given the key to my unit but, inasmuch as he seemed a decent sort, I let him have at it … alone, and went back to the projects.

Granddaughter and I had an assembly line going. The face fans were fun, a breeze to make, and I cracked myself up taking funny photos with grandson’s fan.

Money lei … not so much by way of fun or breeze to make.

The internet tutorial indicated it to be a one-hour project.

Granddaughter started folding cash last night, I started folding decorative paper last night and spent time folding this morning. Granddaughter and I then worked on, put everything together and finished the lei around 5:00 this afternoon. That one-hour project took us about 8 hours each.

Happy with the results we are, but both finished exhausted and vowing we’d never make another money lei. Next time we’ll purchase off the Etsy site.

Returning to my unit, I was hit with nice cool air. Wasn’t a big job, just needed something called freon.

Checking email, I find no reply from Nurse Ratched, but I can tell she’s angry because, when she passed by the Community Room and saw me, she gave me one of her hard “why don’t you just die” looks.


All in all, today has been fun, productive, exhausting. I’m so tired that I can’t think straight but, at the same time, I’m hyper and can’t sit still.

I’m thinking there was sugar in that tea … lots and lots and lots of sugar.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016


And so it is, in the middle of a heat wave, the A/C goes out in my unit. At one point, it actually reached 97° before I remembered there was an old tower fan in the patio storage area.

Busy looking into other senior communities in the area, I’m not going to have time to put in a maintenance request until Thursday because, after my favorite belt went missing right under my nose, I for sure don’t want anyone in the unit when I’m not around to keep an eye on them; and, after all the many times Nurse Ratched had me waiting around for termite control that never showed -- until 71 days later, I have no intention of slowing my roll to repeat the process and stick around waiting for A/C repair people.

The search into other senior communities continues.

On one hand, I tell myself to be patient … wait to see how things go here. On the other hand, something inside won’t let me stop looking.

This area being the Mecca for old people, I’m frequently finding senior complexes to take a look at, and new buildings are going up even as we speak. Problem is … everything is “affordable” – based on the median income for this area, which would be a blessing except for the fact the median income for this area is low.

Should I ever experience a reversal of fortune, it’s good to know of all the places I can lease, but the knowledge isn’t doing me much good now. More and more it looks like I’ll have to relocate some 50/60 miles away where the median income is higher. A move I don’t want to make because I’ll be away from everything convenient, familiar, comfortable -- dentist, hairdresser, doctor, and won’t be close enough to serve as granddaughter’s Uber driver.

I received a call yesterday that a unit was going to be available June 21 at a complex in the area that had previously been last on my list. Last, because it’s an older building and I’ve been interested in newer.

However, after driving by the property just last week, liking what I saw, then later touring the property, talking to residents, the complex became high on my list and I signed up as third on the wait list for a 2 bedroom upstairs.

It’s just like what this place use to be before new management came in – tons of activities, trips, shuttles to the market and shopping center. In addition, there’s a fitness center, movie night, a weekly walking group, et al.

Online reviews were all good.

A resident I personally chatted with, while waiting for the leasing agent, said she’s lived there 11 years, another 9 years.

I was totally impressed by one gray haired old lady, who only lived there a month. I called her a “pioneer” because she’d driven 400 miles across country -- all by herself to become a resident.

The leasing agent did a quick tally of my income and found me squeaking by with just a few dollars to spare before, once again, being over the income restriction. However, after getting the call yesterday that a unit was coming available, and meeting with the leasing agent this morning to get paperwork started, she redid the numbers and ….. yep, she’d previously made a mistake and I’m over.

So for now, it appears I’ll be sitting tight, waiting to see how things go around here, while continuing to weed out, prepare, just in case something else shakes loose.

Nothing further on tap for this week, except tomorrow, when granddaughter and I go out shopping for arts and craft supplies and begin making face graduation fans for her brother.

On Thursday, I’ll call in a maintenance request on the A/C and begin counting down on how long Nurse Ratched sits on the request.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Straight Outta Baltimore

I thought it was my imagination when, shortly after 4:00 Thursday, a jolt woke me from a nap.

When I later saw the Monthly Activity Calendar posted to the door, I assumed it was the cute maintenance supervisor running up the stairs posting calendars, but later learned we did indeed have a minor quake -- 3.1 ENE (59 degrees) of Muscoy.

Nothing of note on the calendar, except Arts & Crafts on the 17th and another Residents/Management Meeting on the 22nd.

Depending on who is in attendance by way of residents and management personnel, and how much Nurse Ratched plans to disclose, that meeting has the potential to be quite interesting.

Aware that I walk around the complex, a resident told me -- earlier this week, to “Mija be careful walking around” because she’d been accosted by the mentally challenged son of another resident.

The resident telling me to be careful is the woman whose income was caring for her mother, and who managed to remain a resident when family dissension resulted in her mom being removed from her care, taken first to the resident’s sister’s home, then to a care facility where the mom later passed away. This resident is also the little rule breaker who goes dumpster diving for cans and plastic.

And I get a kick out of her always referring to me as “Mija” -- Spanish for daughter, when I’m at least 10/15 years older.

At any rate, she said it was about 6:00 in the afternoon, she was dumpster diving and “A Persian guy with a little mustache, little goatee, usually wearing a red cap” approached … grabbed her by her arms and shook her asking, “What do you have?” then proceeded to go through her cart.

Of course, she called the police. They did arrive but, though touching/shaking/ransacking was involved, there was not an arrest.

A few days later, word filtered down that a wheel-chair bound resident had been shoved out of the way on the walkway by someone living here.

I’m interested in knowing if Nurse Ratched is going to gloss over these two incidents, as though they never happened, or tell us of the incidents and advise we be careful or advise what if anything is being done about the mentally challenged guy and the old lady shover.

I’m also interested in knowing when and if Nurse Ratched is ever going to address the rumor the complex is being sold – an occurrence which might make all the difference to the residents I know who are planning to look elsewhere because she is here.

And I am convinced it is a fact, not a rumor because, as I was returning from Starbucks just before 11:00 this morning, I saw a guy taking photos of the building. Super Sleuth that I am, I made note of the logo on his jacket, googled it and up came an organization based in Baltimore, MD, which specializes in senior living facilities.

Currently, the organization has senior communities in Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Virginia and I’m assuming are looking to branch into this area.

After researching some of its facilities, I find they have a good reputation and might bring this complex back to what it was before Nurse Ratched darkened our doorstep.

If they do purchase the property, I hope they’re astute enough to get a termite inspection and don’t fall for Nurse Ratched’s pretense of friendliness, professionalism and make the mistake of keeping her on as complex manager.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

71 Days Later

Yes, my friends. What you see above is a pest control guy, preparing to treat my unit at last for termites.

A little late … correction, waaay too late insofar as my comfort and convenience is concerned but, as the pest control guy said, "One way or another, it was going to have to eventually be done."

This episode coming to a close hopefully brings an end to any and all further contact with Nurse Ratched for the duration.

My focus now will be praying for Nurse Ratched, because I feel she needs someone to pray her awake, and otherwise doing what I have to do for myself.

Those mailers did indeed turn into a costly gift to the interested party in Washington, so costly that I began to rethink the plan of donating, or giving away to residents, the many CDs and DVDs I want to be rid of.

THAT was a mistake I made when I moved into this complex … thinking the technology had fast forwarded to where my old VCR Tapes -- which were taking up too much space, were of no use or value to anyone, I tossed them in the trash; only to find out later that old VCR Tapes were in high demand, when we had a bazaar that people came in from the outside looking for things to be resold at swap meets.

We haven’t been allowed to have a bazaar, and/or any of the other multitude of activities we once enjoyed, since new management took over the place but, on the off-chance my next senior complex does, the tapes are headed to storage containers.

None of the books made it to Goodwill, as the local library was happy to take them all. I guess donating books to libraries is an everyday normal thing, because they offered me a donation slip to help with taxes. I declined, but now I know what to do with the two containers of cookbooks buried in the patio storage area.

I can’t get to the containers because they’re way in the back, underneath Christmas decorations. Thus will have to wait until movers come in and clear everything in the way out OR when I decorate the patio, Day after Thanksgiving, for Christmas … whichever comes first.