Sunday, January 30, 2022

Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish

Heading out to walk the college campus this morning, I ran into the Baker as she was walking her dog Fancy.

"Have you heard the latest?", said she.

"No, what?"

"J___ (Community Manager aka The Tyrant) turned in his resignation".

"Good … but what finally made him leave?"

"All this time we've been on lockdown, the office closed and no activities, he's been taking classes online. Got a degree in something to do with taxes and is leaving for a better job".

So now I know why he never responded to email requests for work orders. He was too busy using the company time to go to school, but serves Corporate right that he used them like that.

"Well I for one am glad to see him go, but hope we don’t get someone worse", said I.

As for where the information came from, the Baker said she’d gotten a call from Apache.

How does this guy know these things ... Finds out what’s going on around here before we do? LOL.

At any rate, once I returned to the complex, I double-checked Corporate’s website to see if the job of Community Manager was again an open job opportunity.

It was.

Qualifications are listed as "Must have at least two (2) years of experience in on-site property management, with Tax Credit knowledge".

Additionally "Computer skills in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Knowledge of YARDI Voyager, Management of on-site staff and resources, successful track record of meeting property goals, Low Income Housing Tax Credit experience, must have a valid CA driver's license and reliable transportation" and, most important of all …… "High School Diploma or GED required".

While sitting peacefully on my perch on the couch this past Friday, thinking to myself as I looked out the patio window, watched a tree blowing in the wind, I saw the Tyrant doing something he usually does not do — come out of his office to be seen out in the wild.

He was heading down the walkway.

Something told me to get my phone ready to capture a photo of this rare sighting when he returns.

Sure enough, I got it, captured the moment — a rare and probably the last sighting.

I don't wish this guy ill, but I don't wish him well either. My wish for him is that the Universe do what it do with him, as it does with all of us according to Karma and the lessons we need to learn.

I seriously doubt we'll fare better with the next one, but that's only because Corporate won't allow management to do right by us. It's all about spending as little as possible to keep things going.

Plans to walk the campus went awry once I got out on the road.

When I reached the intersection to turn right towards the campus, I decided I was not in the mood and turned left to check the market by where Trainer lives for the frozen Alexia Roasted and Ready Potatoes my gut is so fond of, and which I’ve only been able to locate at this store.

They had none, had none for some time and had no idea if and when they’ll be able to restock.

I settled for a package of fresh Petite Gold potatoes to roast my own.

Since I was at the market, I decided to pick up the eggs my gut likes — Eggland’s Best Organic.

Guess what …. They didn’t have those either. I settled for Simple Truth Organic — a good enough brand.

Then I headed over to the meat section for a package of uncured bacon and got the shock of my life.

The Supply Chain thing has hit this market's meat, deli and Hot and Ready sections hard.

Of course, I’ve not been to my regular market since I made a run on the 14th, so I don’t know if they too are now in bad shape.

Things are getting iffy for us borderline Celiacs, so I’d better pop into the regular market after tomorrow’s workout to see how it’s looking, and if I can score a package of uncured bacon.

Friday, January 28, 2022

Free Stuff

Did you get your free N95 masks?

I popped into the drugstore after this morning’s workout and, while checking out, was asked, "Do you want your free three masks?"

I’d not paid much attention to the news that the government would be issuing N95’s for free distribution at various pharmacies, because I’m quite happy with my many bling masks, but thought why not, so I said yes.

I’ll keep them in the car for just-in-case situations.

I was thankful the clerk had asked because, in the short time I was at the register, their phone was ringing off the hook. It appeared to be people wanting to know if the masks were in.

Judging by the number of calls, their supply isn’t going to last long, nor will their patience at fending off phone calls.

I’d also registered, last week/week before, for the government’s free at-home testing thingies. Again, for a just-in-case situation.

Walking into the Pain Cave this morning, turned towards Trainer just inside the door, asking if he was okay — because he’d been in terrible pain on Wednesday due to a toothache, he said he was fine and then said, "Turn around".

Thinking I had something stuck to my back, I turned around, looked over my shoulder, asked what he saw, which was "Nothing. Turn around".

So, playing into whatever game he had going, I began turning full circle around and that’s when I saw it.

He’d relocated the treadmill for like the 6th or 7th time.

Running out of places to relocate the treadmill, he's now moving it around to where it once was. This time, where it was in July of last year, two moves ago — front of the studio, just inside the door.

From here ...

Overnight to here ...

It’s an okay position insofar as Feng Shui, because it faces the Wealth/Prosperity position, with the Family and Physical Health side to my left, and an open view to the outside on my right.

The move this time wasn’t just because he’s a Leo, moving things around because he can, but to get rid of the couch he’d located in this position — which couch seemed to encourage parents dropping their children off for the Kid Boxing Class to congregate on the couch, chitchat with each other, sometimes bring younger disruptive children with them.

Trainer’s thinking is no couch, no parents, no disruptive youngins — not to mention Omicron. So parents dropping off their children will now see a treadmill where the couch used to be and be encouraged to congregate elsewhere outside the studio.

Whether that works for him or not, after so many treadmill moves, I have no doubt there will be a 7th or 8th move. He can't help himself :-)

Thursday, January 27, 2022

Valentine State of Mind

Not me … NEVER me, but the painted rock lady Jan, as I spotted new rocks on Monday.

The rocks reminded me it’s time to switch to the V-Day coffee cup.

Running into Jan yesterday, I thanked her for planting new rocks whereupon she said she had already begun on rocks for Easter.

"What about St. Patrick’s Day?", asked I. "Doesn’t that come before Easter?"

"Oh, that’s right. Guess I’d better get busy", she replied.

Can’t wait to see what she comes up with.

Even though I no longer do anything or go anywhere to recognize St. Patrick’s Day, I do wear my four-leaf clover top.

When I was working, I’d pick up green bagels to treat the office to celebrate and, one year, I recall the Arab Attorney (the guy I’d blogged about still being bitter all these many years later), took me to a bar called Casey’s for green beer.

I don’t recall enjoying the taste, but not because it was green, but because it was beer.

In junior high school, I was the nerd that joined the Folk Dancing Group.

Our final exam was, one-by-one to perform in front of the group an Irish Jig, in the choreographic sequences designed by the teacher AND at the end of the dance we were to add a step we ourselves had designed.

I got an A in the class and though I do not recall any of the steps given by the instructor, to this day I recall my step and sometimes find myself jigging it around the unit.

Of course, I can no longer get both feet off the ground simultaneously to do it properly, but I manage a fair enough facsimile.

Funny what sticks in your mind.

Tuesday, January 25, 2022


Arriving at the spa this morning, I saw the big Super Sears store in the shopping center has gone out of business. Possibly, one of the retailers that fell victim to the Pandemic.

Looking at the workers on the roof, and on the ground, I couldn’t determine whether the building is being revamped to house another facility or being torn down.

At any rate, things went well at the spa. The pedicurist did a dynamite job on returning my feet to normal, gave me the polish I requested, as did the manicurist.

At first, the manicurist tried to pressure me for gel and, when I said no because it’s too difficult to remove. She said "No, it’s easy".

"Easy for you because you use grinding tools" (which I don’t think can be good for the nails, not to mention gel can't be removed at home by me). So no to gel.

Instead, since I couldn’t decide on a color, I asked "Can you do French?"

"White tip? I do for you".

So, I kicked it old school with a French — on both nails and toes.

Everyone in the salon was masked — clients and employees alike, so I’m fairly certain I walked out of there with nothing but what I asked for.

My only complaint would be the signage on the outside.

It gave me pause, because I couldn’t figure out what "racial Waxing" was or could possibly be.

Was it the old Michael Jackson thing of making dark skin light?

It took me a second to figure out the bulbs had burned out, turning what was probably an "F" into an “r”. What should have shown as "Facial Waxing" now reads "racial Waxing".

I didn’t point it out to staff. I’ll let someone else police that issue.

Will be interesting to see if that signage is still there when I next go in, which I’m not going to risk going back to regular manicure/pedicures, even though I felt safe in the spa. Until the Pandemic is over, appointments will only be for medicinal purposes — for when my feet need attention.

Another interesting sight was the signage on a spa for guys.

Cute name, but it too looks to be a victim of the Pandemic — now abandoned.

Monday, January 24, 2022

Awwww … He’s Asking About Me

After receiving information about Thing 45’s Rally in Arizona, I set communications from his minions to spam only to learn I’d already done so, some time ago. There were literally hundreds of communications in the spam folder, but evidently some still squeeze through to the main page. Like the one I’d blogged about last week, re the Arizona Rally, and now this.

I hope he's not too traumatized when he calls them again only to find I didn't respond, there's no update. LOL.

Did you ever see anything as ridiculous as this Texas sized hat photoshopped onto his head. I’m surprised a big old belt buckle and boots weren’t superimposed.

Even though I cleared out the spam folder last week, as of this morning, there are an additional 72 emails from these people.

If I were a supporter, receiving dozens of emails on a daily basis, it would turn me off.

Looking at what’s now in spam, it appears the Rally after Texas is in Florida. I wonder what kind of outfit will be superimposed onto him for that one.

I’m taking a big risk tomorrow with an appointment at the spa for a manicure/pedicure.

It’s not vanity prompting me to take the risk, as I’ve been perfectly fine with doing my own nails and toes. The appointment is more out of necessity, medicinal even, because I’m having a big problem with painful calluses forming on the bottom of my feet.

I’ve tried to manage it with a pumice stone, cider vinegar soaks, various ointments and Dr. Scholl products to no avail. So, I’m going to have to raise my threat level and let the spa give the feet a little TLC with their magic soaks, oils, scrapping tools.

Hope I come away with the feet feeling back to normal and pick up nothing else.

Sunday, January 23, 2022

No News is Good News

It’s been a quiet few days, and I like it like this.

There was an errand I’ve been wanting to run since after Friday’s workout, but the high winds sent me straight back to the complex and is keeping me inside. Winds so high that I could barely make it to the dumpster or mail center yesterday.

So, thus far, it's been a peaceful weekend of catching up on recorded TV programs, needlepoint, meditating, and thinking about how I could simplify my surroundings and/or move things around to display my latest acquisition.

My friend Q recently lost his partner Ron to a non-Covid related illness and thought I might like some of the items left behind in the china cupboard.

I did indeed.

So, after pondering, thinking, moving other things around in my mind, I find I can't squeeze them in. I need a bigger unit with more storage and display space.

Since that isn’t going to happen, unless and until I win the Lottery, looks like I’ll have to bubble wrap and put in storage.

I think what I have here are Vintage Black Americana Aunt Jemima salt/pepper shakers, cookie jar an Uncle Remus shaker and a nameless Chef.

Some find these collectibles offensive/racist.

I’m not that uptight.

In fact, I can remember back when the elementary school I attended offered summer arts/craft classes, and we painted ceramic figurines, I’d paint mine jet black.

Even now, I do needlepoints depicting Black and Brown people and, back when I was making mop dolls, I’d do their faces black, brown, beige.

I showed you the Black Cowgirl back in July, but my favorite mop doll is one that will display nicely with the Black Americana I received.

This doll, along with the cowgirl, and a kazillion other items, are in storage until, like I said, the Lottery comes along and I have more space.

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

This 'n That

I’ve been debating whether or not to show up, register in person for a 5K taking place this coming Saturday.

I’d assumed the event would be cancelled, due to Omicron but, when notices began hitting my inbox two weeks ago — indicating it was still on, I’d tried to register online but then suspected a scam when the organizer’s website came up as "unsecured".

Attempts to contact the organizer by phone led nowhere, until I finally made contact three days ago and was told registering on-site was permissible.

So now, the only roadblock is … do I want to get up at 4 A.M. in order to bathe, get dressed, eat, drive to the race site?

I did my first 5K at age 67, with the organization hosting this weekend’s event, and was instantly hooked.

It was January 22, 2011, and now here we are with seventy-two additional 5K’s (for a total of 73) under my belt.

How they managed, 11 years later, to arrange the event to fall on the same date, January 22, is quite a feat.

At any rate, I was leaving it at I’ll set the alarm for 4:00 and, if I’m not resentful at being awakened so early, I’ll get up, head out.

Thankfully, I ran into my friend The Archeologist today and, when I mentioned the 5K to her, she said she was aware of it, but wasn’t going, because they’re not giving out medals this year — only tee shirts.

That settled it for me. I’ll get up early for a medal but NOT for a tee, so sleep in this Saturday I will.

Returning from this morning’s workout, there on the doormat was the charger for the laptop.

And YES, I did switch out the new doormat for the newest one, because I love the boots sooooo much.

 I didn’t put express delivery on the laptop’s charger, but express is what I got.

The charger fit. The Laptop is up and running, so that's off the to-do list.

Now I have to squeeze in time to get the cellphone fixed.

It all of a sudden stopped giving me a notification sound when messages arrive, and I’ve tried all the fixes suggested.

Technology can be Hell.

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Fact Checking

Returning from Monday morning’s workout, I caught the tail end of Food Network’s The Kitchen.

Chef Geoffrey Zakarian was making bone broth and said the cost was less to DIY than to purchase.

Because of all the ingredients one would have to purchase, I didn’t think so and googled "Cost of ingredients for bone broth" and got … "Adding the cost of vegetables, spices, herbs, and apple cider vinegar, one batch of bone broth cost about $20 — yields 10 cups. That's $2 per cup".

On the surface, that sounds pretty good — especially when one considers I pay $3.99 for a 32 oz container of bone broth, and it yields only 4 cups.

However, if I were to purchase three 32 oz containers, for a total of $11.97 to yield 10 cups, I only use two and a quarter or so of the three, with plenty left over for other uses.

Math has never been my strong suit — I never did figure out the age-old question "If both trains leave the station at the same time, how far apart will they be at the end of two hours?" So, it would give me a migraine to try to figure out how much $11.97 breaks down to a per cup value but, correct me if I’m wrong, by my calculations Geoffrey is incorrect. It's more economic to purchase — not to mention the time saved in bypassing all the chopping and standing over a hot stove.

Heading out this morning to pick up the laptop, I followed the nudge I’d been ignoring to check on Next Door Neighbor.

Generally in and out all day every day, making a racket when she drags her grocery cart up the stairs, it had occurred to me a few days ago that I’d not seen or heard a peep out of her for over a week. Also, her car hadn’t moved and, when I glanced at her side window late last night — to see if any lights were on, indicating she was there, it was completely dark, no light was seeping out.

If she wasn’t okay, something had happened, I didn’t want to wait for the odor of a decomposing body to waif through the building — THAT has happened here, so I knocked on my way out this morning.

Had she not answered, I’d have called for a Welfare Check, but she opened the door, appearing just fine.

Saying, she’s been on the computer, deep into researching family history, I told her, in future — when she ceases all outside activities like she had, make some noise now and then, so I’ll know she’s okay.

The laptop is back in its place, but the beat goes on because it’s still not working. The tech people tell me it’s the charger … just like I’d originally diagnosed.

I’m not mad at having a new battery installed, because can’t hurt; and at least, this time, I got the correct P Number to use in ordering a new charger ... supposedly.

The Saga Continues

Sunday, January 16, 2022

Rally in Arizona

So evidently, because I’d long ago ordered a birthday gift for my buddy Apache off Thing 45’s site, because Apache is a fan, I’m still on the insider’s mailing list.

The latest is this offer to get my name displayed at the rally in progress.

The level of determination it’s taking this guy to prove he’s right, in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, must be mentally exhausting.

I don’t know about you, but I’m dreading the thought of another Presidential Election. Can’t even get away from all the hoopla over the last.

At any rate, there’s that.

Thus far, it’s been relatively quiet this weekend. The only outside activity was to drop off a laptop for repairs yesterday.

Seeing a group of residents, appearing to be in heated conversations when I returned, I walked over asked, "What’s going on?"

They were angry, said "We should all complain", because Head Maintenance Guy had failed to unlock the security doors over the mail center, causing the mail carrier to turn around, drive off, without leaving mail.

The security door, reinforced with all kinds of added metal plates, that are unlocked by staff, just long enough for mail to be dropped off and picked up by residents, then relocked late afternoon, is the only thing that's been working to stop the many break-ins we'd experienced.

Not the end of the world in my book to miss a mail delivery, but one resident was actually standing in front of the security door, holding on, looking in at nothing, seeming to will it to be unlocked with mail in the mailboxes.

I should have taken a photo of that.

For one resident, a woman in a wheelchair, not receiving mail did sound serious because she said she was expecting medication that had to be taken THAT day.

With Monday being a holiday — no mail, no office open, she can’t get her medication until Tuesday.

If what she says is true and not just puffing, I hope she makes it.

It was a “Charge not detected” message that sent the laptop in for service, after an over two-month odyssey with me trying to solve the problem by purchasing new chargers, returning because they did not fit, electronic tape to try to salvage the malfunctioning charger — again to no avail.

After a tech guy indicated it was probably the battery … "Buy a new one, come in for service, ask for me — the tall handsome guy", I ordered a new battery and, scheduled service to install once it arrived.

Dropping off on Saturday, the Tech Guy was a Tech Girl who asked, "Did someone here tell you it was a battery problem".

"Yes. I didn’t get his name, but he said he was 'Tall and Handsome’. Do you know who that is?"

That not only brought a smile to her face, but a hearty LOL, as she replied "no". 

Glancing around, I didn’t see anyone to fit that description.

According to email, the install has been completed already and, supposedly, the laptop is back in business. However, I’ve no plans to drive out of the area, pick it up until Tuesday — after which I’ll learn whether it’s really repaired or not.

Fingers crossed.

As for residents complaining, there are a few here who have standing, will call Corporate and regulatory agencies in a heartbeat. They are not afraid and can't be intimidated, so there will be a few complaints and then nothing, because what's to do, except tell Head Maintenance Guy to not forget in future.

It just now occurred to me why some stand up, some keep quiet, and that's because the complainers are old timers who have options. The others are those who come in through a program — so poor, or so sick, feel so lucky to have a roof over their heads, to have gotten a unit here that they will put up with anything.

Friday, January 14, 2022

I Ain’t One to Gossip but …

Back in the day there was a TV show called In Living Color.

Jennifer Lopez, Jim Carrey, among others, got their start on that show, and a favorite character of mine was Miss Bonita.

Miss Bonita would hang out her window, or sit on her stoop, greet passersby, then share the tea on that person, prefacing her statement to us — the audience with "Now, I ain't the one to gossip so you didn't hear this from me".

Yesterday was that kind of day.

Needing not one single thing from the market, after hearing about supply chain shortages, I popped in any way to load up on just-in-case essentials.

There appeared to be plenty of what I normally purchase. The only empty shelves I observed were in isles my gut won’t let me eat from — the ramen noodle and frozen breakfast sections.

At any rate, walking out with enough supplies that I won’t have to grocery shop for a month, I saw three people approaching the market dressed in cop uniforms, more specifically Probation — according to the markings on their uniforms.

The market’s security guard was walking behind me and greeted the three with "Hey guys". They returned the greeting and went inside the market.

Probation did not appear to be there shopping for groceries.

Out on the lot, the market’s security guard approached another security guard on the lot. Both were grinning at each other, then one began to laugh out loud when the other one said, "Probation, huh. They coming to the job to get us now."

I thought that hilarious, but then thought, wait, stop, what … are some of these security guards on probation?

That would be weird if criminals were hired as security guards, but not beyond the realm of possibilities.

So, anyway, returning to the complex, unloading groceries from the car, who do I hear calling my name but my buddy Apache.

He was here, bold as brass, on the property in management’s face, walking along with D — the assault victim.

He tells me management can’t say or do anything to him if he’s here with a resident so, unless management can come up with something, I’m likely to see Apache around just as much as when he was living here.

So, anyway, Apache rushed over to tell me Probation was on the property, in the back, five cars of ‘em.

Apache didn’t know why they were here, who they were here for, but inasmuch as I’d just seen three of them at the market, there appeared to be some kind of joint operation going on.

Apache and I took a selfie, and we all three began walking towards the back of the property to see who Probation was here for.

Though I’d heard the whole story, not just what D is putting out for sympathy, I asked if she was okay.

"No …. No I’m not", she said then, indicating she needed a hug from me, she came at me with arms outstretched.

I took a step back and yelled "NOOOOOOOOO! Don’t touch me! Omicron!"

D froze, then began a tirade that went "Kill me now Lord. Just shoot me. I don’t want to live any longer. I can’t go anywhere, can’t hug anyone ……" yada yada yada.

The I need sympathy act is working on some as residents are cooking for her, delivering meals, but I didn’t take her pity soliloquy, need for a hug seriously, and she quickly switched to telling me about how the kitten has turned to a "brat" — knocking things over on purpose.

Though we saw the unmarked Probation cars vertically parked in a row, an occupant in each car seemingly staking out the area, we did not see if an officer had already exited, gone into any of the units, so I headed back to what I was doing, while Apache and D continued their walk.

Back attending to groceries, I ran into Casino Lady’s sister who approached me with, "I ain’t one to gossip but …..".

What ensued was a back and forth comparison on what she’d heard, what I knew, ending with "But you didn’t hear it from me". LOL.

At any rate, the topic of Handsome Man’s son doesn’t appear to be dying down. It’s going to be discussed on the grapevine for a long long time.

As for Probation, just as Casino Lady’s sister and I were discussing how it appears the bad people live on the back side of the property, the Probation cars began driving out of the gate — five of ‘em in a line. I could see there were now two officers in the front seat, but we could not see if anyone was being taken away ... but FIVE CARS? Must have been some bad hombre or five bad hombres — a car for each one.

All in all, it’s been quite the week.

Thursday, January 13, 2022

Persona Non Grata, Part 2

How do you like the new facemask I ordered?

I was inspired to purchase it when all was said and done with granddaughter, the baby shower, and her being cruel and disrespectful to Twin 2.

After granddaughter ran through the gamut of trying to justify her behavior towards Twin 2 through text messages to me, which messages I skimmed through, didn’t take seriously, chalked up as ravings of an I-have-to-be-right hormone raging pregnant woman and, thus, did not respond to; and after she conferred with her mom (Twin 1) who advised her to be the bigger person, granddaughter capitulated.

Twin 2 would be getting an invite to the baby shower, leaving me free to attend, open myself up to catching Omicron.

THEN later, she reversed that decision saying she feels Twin 2 is "controlling the narrative … manipulating you (me) to take her side".

Again, no reply from me because I’m not feeding the beast. However, if anyone is trying to manipulate me, it’s granddaughter herself.

Twin 2 is off licking her wounds, healing from her hurt, not texting or worrying or involving me further. While granddaughter is trying to bribe me with gifts.

First, it was that coffee cup. THEN, I received the most godawful looking tee.

First of all, it’s PINK and I don’t do pink.

Second of all, it’s not form fitting and I’m not interested in pimping it to fit, because it’s ugly and I don’t care for the assumed sentiment that I’d be so involved in her married life as to be spoiling her baby — sucked in by her baby.

I'm not a good liar, not good at faking it, so I had the devil of a time pretending to like it, be appreciative, so as to not hurt granddaughter’s feelings.

At any rate, it looks like the only one trying to manipulate me into taking sides is granddaughter.

The only "side" I’m taking is my own.

Everyone is grown now, so go …. live your lives and let me live what remains of mine in peace.

I don’t understand why granddaughter thinks that any mistakes Twin 2 might have made, when Twin 2 was there for her all those years her mom was not, warrant such disrespect. However, I do know that I myself had been around the block with granddaughter in the self-same way Twin 2 now is — vilified, back stabbed, burned near to ashes back when I relocated to Long Beach so she could finish school, keep her from being homeless when her mom was deep in her prodigal experience, had left granddaughter to fend for herself.

The way granddaughter talked to me, talked about me to others and treated me during that time broke my heart, took years to heal from, and though our relationship did eventually mend — because she sought for it to mend, it’s never been the same. Nowhere near as close as she thinks — me mostly going through the motions, doing my grandmotherly duties ... not because I necessarily wanted to, but because it was expected. I did a lot of people pleasing, pretending, being careful to not get sucked all the way in again.

So, when granddaughter texted about reversing her earlier decision, was back to NOT inviting Twin 2 and added, "If that upsets you and you don’t want to attend, I understand", I wasn’t upset at all. Instead, I felt free.

I don’t have to pretend any longer.

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Senior Moment

Putting the Santa Claus doormat back in storage New Year’s Day, pulling out my regular Kokopelli mat, I saw it was looking ratty.

What with wind, rain, direct sunlight, doormats don’t look pretty for very long, and a ratty looking entry way is bad chi, so I went searching for a new one.

I would have liked another Kokopelli, but it was no longer available, so I ordered a mat called Pueblo Choir, because it had a lot of red in it, and a red doormat is good chi.

Then, a few days ago, looking at the Kokopelli door mat, it occurred to me that I needed to get rid of it, purchase a new one. So, I went searching — completely spazzing out on having already done so until the Pueblo Choir mat arrived late Monday night.

I even actually came close to ordering the exact same Pueblo Choir when I went looking for a mat that second time, but ended up ordering Black Boots.

Not much red in it, but enough.

Once I realized I’d double-ordered, I tried to cancel the boots mat, but the cancellation window had closed. I can either return it in-store when it arrives or put it away until I next need a new doormat.

It might not be available next time I need to order, so I think I’ll put it in storage, stockpile for later.

Heading for the trash bin yesterday, with the ratty doormat, I ran into Church Lady.

I'd seen her heading down the walkway a few days ago, so stooped over as to almost be bent in half, and became worried about her.

Church Lady and I are the same age, our birthdays just days apart.

Not sure if her stoop is the result of continuous bad posture, or carrying the weight of all the no no’s and thou shall not's she lugs around on her shoulders, or a spinal thing, I’d wondered if I should inquire next time I ran into her outside, ask if she was seeing a doctor, but then decided not.

I don’t need any more people in my life to worry about.

So, chatting with her, I avoided the subject of her health, just listened to her talk about this that the other.

It was Pizza Tuesday, but she said Pizza was cancelled because, as the Tyrant told her, "Omicron is running rampant through the complex".

Being as how I see so few wearing masks, I’m not surprised.

She also warned me to be careful because “a strange man had been pounding on D’s (the assault victim) door late one night”.

If that’s the lie D is trying to sell — that she didn't know who the guy was, well then sure, okay. I’ll play along.

Church lady also said her "unit is falling apart". I didn’t ask details but assume the Tyrant is not fixing things — same as with me. Difference is, I badger until it gets done; but most here are frightened, too intimidated to complain for fear of being kicked out.

It’s terrible to be old, living in fear, but that seems to be the general demeanor among residents — don’t make waves, don’t complain.

I don’t want to get kicked out either, because the cheap rent is such a gift, but that doesn’t stop me from pushing for days, weeks, months, in some case years (that formerly malfunctioning smoke detector), until it gets done.

At any rate, when Church Lady said she was headed over to Jan’s unit to sit for a while, and I said I was taking the doormat to the dumpster, she asked what was wrong with it.

"Tired looking and worn" said I, to which she said looked good to her and asked to have it.

Fine by me. It’s infused with my good energy, so maybe it will bring her luck.

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Persona Non Grata

It’s been quite the week for me already, and it's only Tuesday.

First off, granddaughter sent me a cute coffee cup over the weekend, and yesterday notified me that invitations to her baby shower would be mailed next week, after which I think I got myself uninvited.

Granddaughter's pregnancy hormones are raging, causing her to dredge up so-called past incidents where Auntie (Twin 2) supposedly said something she didn't like, or did something she didn't like, hurt her feelings and now is making a big deal of spewing these so-called wrongs out, throw them in her Auntie's face. 

In phone calls and text messages, granddaughter said such hurtful disrespectful things that Twin 2 called me sobbing like a baby, not understanding what she'd done for her to be treated so poorly.

So, now you readers understand why it was I dreaded hearing from family during the holidays. Referred to family as THEM, and all I wanted for Christmas was for THEM to handle their drama without involving me.

At one point during the back and forth, granddaughter announced that Twin 2 was not going to be invited to the baby shower. My thought on that was I’m not down with it. That, after all Twin 2 has done for granddaughter over the years, if Twin 2 was out, I wasn’t going either.

I believe granddaughter thinks she is high on the totem pole, that I will choose her side because she's my granddaughter, pregnant with my great grandson. However, if it comes to a point where a choice has to be made, granddaughter is facing a rude awakening. Twin 2 is higher up because she's MY baby girl, and I don't like seeing my baby hurt. So no, I was planning to distance myself.

Consequently, I was hoping Omicron would cause a traditional shower to not be held, give me an easy out.

But noooooo.

According to the text granddaughter sent me yesterday, invites are going out next week.

I texted back, "I hope you are not going to continue to be cruel and unforgiving for whatever reason and leave Auntie out after all the good she’s done".

Granddaughter is quite the drama queen so, I’m counting on the words "cruel and unforgiving" being enough to earn me an uninvite and the title of Persona Non Grata, so I don’t have to worry about it.

We'll see.

Also yesterday, further details of that sex assault I’d blogged about a day or so ago reached my ears.

The guy was arrested, but released when it was learned he was having an ongoing sexual relationship with the victim.

Some are saying he got rough the last time, which precipitated her allegations of rape.

Others are saying she said NO the last time, he did it anyway, which precipitated her allegations of rape.

Who knows, but what surprised me was the identity of the two.

The woman involved was D, the resident I was worried about being given the kitten rescued from Next Door Neighbor’s car engine, the resident I’d suspected had harmed the puppy she’d adopted early on in the pandemic.

The man involved is the son of Handsome Man.

I’ve never seen Handsome Man’s son, no idea how old he is but I know he is nowhere near 55, had no business living here but, evidently, Handsome Man has been letting him live here surreptitiously.

I also don’t know how old D is, but I do know she’s waaaaay over 55.

How those two - a young Black man and an old White lady, ended up in a relationship is quite the mystery to me but, from what I’m hearing, "Everybody Knew".

At any rate, Handsome Man’s son was arrested, but then released due to the nature of it being an "ongoing relationship", and management kicked him off the property.

He shouldn’t have been here in the first place, but that’s on Handsome Man, which makes me wonder if he too will be asked to leave, because it used to be the resident is held responsible for the criminal acts of their visitors.

I don't know if that rule still applies, but time will tell. That is, if I see Handsome Man's unit being cleared out.

I’ve never seen Handsome Man’s son, but I know he's visited from time to time over the years because he’d also impregnated the young lady, back in 2018, who was living downstairs from his dad’s unit as caregiver to her grandma with failing eyesight.

I never found out what ever happened to that baby, but my guess was she delivered and had the baby adopted, after which she and her grandma moved to the other side of the complex.

I've not seen her or grandma in a while, so I'm assuming they moved out. Probably because the other side of the complex wasn't far enough away from Handsome Man's son.

Handsome Man's son appears to be using this complex as his hunting grounds with first a young White girl and then an old White woman, and who knows who else or what else he's done over the years while visiting his dad.

Now that I have the details, I'm wondering .... Inasmuch as I've never seen the son, have no idea what he looks like, could he possibly have been the plump little pervert that tried to trap me in the mail center back in 2017 ????

Were I to see the son, I'd know if they are one and the same, because the pervert's face and voice are STILL etched in my psyche.