Tuesday, January 25, 2022


Arriving at the spa this morning, I saw the big Super Sears store in the shopping center has gone out of business. Possibly, one of the retailers that fell victim to the Pandemic.

Looking at the workers on the roof, and on the ground, I couldn’t determine whether the building is being revamped to house another facility or being torn down.

At any rate, things went well at the spa. The pedicurist did a dynamite job on returning my feet to normal, gave me the polish I requested, as did the manicurist.

At first, the manicurist tried to pressure me for gel and, when I said no because it’s too difficult to remove. She said "No, it’s easy".

"Easy for you because you use grinding tools" (which I don’t think can be good for the nails, not to mention gel can't be removed at home by me). So no to gel.

Instead, since I couldn’t decide on a color, I asked "Can you do French?"

"White tip? I do for you".

So, I kicked it old school with a French — on both nails and toes.

Everyone in the salon was masked — clients and employees alike, so I’m fairly certain I walked out of there with nothing but what I asked for.

My only complaint would be the signage on the outside.

It gave me pause, because I couldn’t figure out what "racial Waxing" was or could possibly be.

Was it the old Michael Jackson thing of making dark skin light?

It took me a second to figure out the bulbs had burned out, turning what was probably an "F" into an “r”. What should have shown as "Facial Waxing" now reads "racial Waxing".

I didn’t point it out to staff. I’ll let someone else police that issue.

Will be interesting to see if that signage is still there when I next go in, which I’m not going to risk going back to regular manicure/pedicures, even though I felt safe in the spa. Until the Pandemic is over, appointments will only be for medicinal purposes — for when my feet need attention.

Another interesting sight was the signage on a spa for guys.

Cute name, but it too looks to be a victim of the Pandemic — now abandoned.


  1. I'm surprised there's any Sears still standing

    1. It isn't standing any longer. Maybe it was the last of a dying brand.

  2. I thought Sears had gone out of business long ago!
    The nails look fabulous.
    That sign is odd ... I mean, facial waxing??? Is it for werewolves only???

    1. Werewolves or we have some really hairy ladies in the area.

  3. Your little tips look lovely.
    I initially read that as a burned out sign part. And it has been a few years since unfortunate literal tar and feather events. Could send them an anonymous note; sign probably costs at least $100 or more.
    The Sears stores in the midwest have been closing, long before covid started.
    The guy store looks cute. May have been more for gay guys. Not sure the rednecks I've known would walk in, but they liked a full face steam and shave at the barber for special occasions.
    Stay out of trouble! Linda in Kansas

    1. "Stay out of trouble" ??? Are you sensing something coming down the road for me?

    2. You're just seeming feisty! LOL Linda in Kansas

    3. Oh, cool. I thought maybe you had a crystal ball over there. LOL. My seeming feisty may be because I'm currently in the stress free zone. No family drama draining my energy.

  4. I would get my upper lip and chin waxed, but that would require the hairs get long enough...and I'm embarrassed to do that. At least there are some good things about wearing masks.

    1. I totally agree about some good things about wearing masks. I personally think I look better in one than without, which is why I don't complain about the mask policy.

  5. Your nails look marvelous :)
    I thought all Sears were pretty much Belly Up by now.
    I read "Facial" on the sign and at first thought there was something blocking the top part of the F. But yeah, might want to comment to the sign owners.

    1. That's what everyone seems to be saying about Sears, that they thought they were all gone. Little did I know our superstore was the last of a dying breed. We also have a Farrell's Ice Cream parlor, which was a favorite of mine, could find one everywhere, but seemed to be disappearing elsewhere. I'll have to drive by, see if it's gone now as well.