Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Persona Non Grata

It’s been quite the week for me already, and it's only Tuesday.

First off, granddaughter sent me a cute coffee cup over the weekend, and yesterday notified me that invitations to her baby shower would be mailed next week, after which I think I got myself uninvited.

Granddaughter's pregnancy hormones are raging, causing her to dredge up so-called past incidents where Auntie (Twin 2) supposedly said something she didn't like, or did something she didn't like, hurt her feelings and now is making a big deal of spewing these so-called wrongs out, throw them in her Auntie's face. 

In phone calls and text messages, granddaughter said such hurtful disrespectful things that Twin 2 called me sobbing like a baby, not understanding what she'd done for her to be treated so poorly.

So, now you readers understand why it was I dreaded hearing from family during the holidays. Referred to family as THEM, and all I wanted for Christmas was for THEM to handle their drama without involving me.

At one point during the back and forth, granddaughter announced that Twin 2 was not going to be invited to the baby shower. My thought on that was I’m not down with it. That, after all Twin 2 has done for granddaughter over the years, if Twin 2 was out, I wasn’t going either.

I believe granddaughter thinks she is high on the totem pole, that I will choose her side because she's my granddaughter, pregnant with my great grandson. However, if it comes to a point where a choice has to be made, granddaughter is facing a rude awakening. Twin 2 is higher up because she's MY baby girl, and I don't like seeing my baby hurt. So no, I was planning to distance myself.

Consequently, I was hoping Omicron would cause a traditional shower to not be held, give me an easy out.

But noooooo.

According to the text granddaughter sent me yesterday, invites are going out next week.

I texted back, "I hope you are not going to continue to be cruel and unforgiving for whatever reason and leave Auntie out after all the good she’s done".

Granddaughter is quite the drama queen so, I’m counting on the words "cruel and unforgiving" being enough to earn me an uninvite and the title of Persona Non Grata, so I don’t have to worry about it.

We'll see.

Also yesterday, further details of that sex assault I’d blogged about a day or so ago reached my ears.

The guy was arrested, but released when it was learned he was having an ongoing sexual relationship with the victim.

Some are saying he got rough the last time, which precipitated her allegations of rape.

Others are saying she said NO the last time, he did it anyway, which precipitated her allegations of rape.

Who knows, but what surprised me was the identity of the two.

The woman involved was D, the resident I was worried about being given the kitten rescued from Next Door Neighbor’s car engine, the resident I’d suspected had harmed the puppy she’d adopted early on in the pandemic.

The man involved is the son of Handsome Man.

I’ve never seen Handsome Man’s son, no idea how old he is but I know he is nowhere near 55, had no business living here but, evidently, Handsome Man has been letting him live here surreptitiously.

I also don’t know how old D is, but I do know she’s waaaaay over 55.

How those two - a young Black man and an old White lady, ended up in a relationship is quite the mystery to me but, from what I’m hearing, "Everybody Knew".

At any rate, Handsome Man’s son was arrested, but then released due to the nature of it being an "ongoing relationship", and management kicked him off the property.

He shouldn’t have been here in the first place, but that’s on Handsome Man, which makes me wonder if he too will be asked to leave, because it used to be the resident is held responsible for the criminal acts of their visitors.

I don't know if that rule still applies, but time will tell. That is, if I see Handsome Man's unit being cleared out.

I’ve never seen Handsome Man’s son, but I know he's visited from time to time over the years because he’d also impregnated the young lady, back in 2018, who was living downstairs from his dad’s unit as caregiver to her grandma with failing eyesight.

I never found out what ever happened to that baby, but my guess was she delivered and had the baby adopted, after which she and her grandma moved to the other side of the complex.

I've not seen her or grandma in a while, so I'm assuming they moved out. Probably because the other side of the complex wasn't far enough away from Handsome Man's son.

Handsome Man's son appears to be using this complex as his hunting grounds with first a young White girl and then an old White woman, and who knows who else or what else he's done over the years while visiting his dad.

Now that I have the details, I'm wondering .... Inasmuch as I've never seen the son, have no idea what he looks like, could he possibly have been the plump little pervert that tried to trap me in the mail center back in 2017 ????

Were I to see the son, I'd know if they are one and the same, because the pervert's face and voice are STILL etched in my psyche.


  1. Omigosh, the drama!
    I agree that there are some "upsides" to COVID as you were hoping omicron variant would cancel the baby shower. And now I further understand your Christmas wish.

    And Handsome Man Junior - what a player! Stay safe.

    1. Covid was a valid excuse, got me out of having to go to Thanksgiving in 2020 and the wedding, so yes. There were some upsides. That is until vaccine and boosters came along :-/

  2. Drama and trauma never take a vacation.

  3. This is too creepy. Can you, a few residents, or even Tyrant and the owners of the complex get a restraining order on the son? Or ask the police to patrol more often? Maybe I'm in LaLa Land to think this could help. Linda in Kansas

    1. The Tyrant broke down some time ago and hired security. They are worthless. Drive through the complex once a night, don't even get out of the car I'm told. Son is not to be on the property now. IF he doesn't comply, his dad is going to get evicted, so hopefully Handsome Man will get together with his son elsewhere.

  4. My favorite soap opera, right here!😉
    As for family I am hoping to break a hip or fall down a flight of stairs or something so I don't have to deal with the surprise party they are giving my mother. All unvaxxed you know. I do not want to go but I brought up covid once and they rolled their eyes and I was called a bitch at one point. I'd do most anything not to go deal with all their ugly drama and pettiness. I no longer have the stomach for it and why I live far away.

    1. LOL. And here I was thinking this year would be boring, that I'd have nothing to blog about. It says a lot that we're so willing to find ways to NOT attend family functions, but their being unvaxxed, I rather live with the "bitch" label, stay home protected.

    2. Stay Home, be protected... you don't want to break a Hip or catch The Rona, both can still be fatal and not worth risking for a Party, even for Dear Ole' Mom.

  5. Oh, that's creepy about Handsome Man's Son. And the Family Drama I can certainly relate to also, I prefer to stay out of any High Drama that is unfolding with anyone, Family or Friends or Co-Workers, I prefer to remain a Drama Free Mama. I like the Coffee Cup... hope the Baby Shower just cancels for the safety and good of all... Preggy Ladies can be a lot of Mood Swings, that's for sure. We were at Dominoes Pizza once and a guy came in to order and then asked for a 'side' of some Raw Onions saying his Wife was Preggy, craving some, and he had no idea where to get Raw Onions for her, but knew it was a Pizza Topping Option they offered. It was funny how frantic he was, they obliged, I assume Preggy Wife's Cravings for Weird Stuff got satiated and he averted disaster at Home? *LOL*

  6. Just a little Peyton Place over there. I hope Gdaughter gets over being mad. A new family member is no time to be dividing the family and making them choose sides. However, we all make mistakes in life, and she won't be the first one with nerves on edge and making wrong decisions. But I know what you mean, I don't want to deal with troubles either. I want to be calm and cozy in my little world and the only bad news I want to hear is on the level of a new receipe failing.