Friday, May 31, 2024

"I Don't Know Who's Happier, Me or Melania"

Whichever of us is happiest, I'm pretty damn happy the jurors had the good sense and guts to find him guilty, but I'm still scared.

Consequently, I’m holding off on uncorking my bottle of champagne, or taking down my voodoo altar, or stop wearing my Lock Him Up tee until he’s actually in jail, or off the ticket, or not reelected, or recalled by the Infinite Invisible so I can feel safe.

I can’t wait to see what Randy Rainbow does with this guilty verdict.

In other news, John over at Going Gently, a few days ago posted about "looking like a twat" while visiting the Museo National Centro de Arte Sofia after ripping his pant leg on the corner of a door when entering.

I’d responded that inasmuch as people here in California pay good money for ripped pants ……… knees, hips, etc., that his rip was more than likely viewed as a fashion statement.

John then queried, "How about a fat ankle?"

Oh for sure, and these hideous Huckleberry Finn looking jeans that popped up on my feed are a prime example.

I don’t wear jeans, I’m a leggings woman. However, if one is so inclined, they can own these unflattering to the female figure jeans for $65.90.

Watching the Next Baking Master Paris on Food Network, I did see a pair of ripped jeans that I would wear ……… that is if I were to ever wear jeans again.

So cute, and probably cost a small fortune.

Speaking of Next Baking Master Paris, are you watching?

If so, did you make the same connection I made when one of the bakers became ill and had to bow out of a challenge?

That connection being that, while at the shop of the Baking Bastards, learning how to make those very rich buttery and chocolate ganache filled Croffins, she shoved two into her mouth and practically swallowed them whole.

Croffin: Cross between croissant and muffin

Monday, May 27, 2024

Memorial Day

Those are the flags flying on the patio of the No. 45 loving neighbor who lives around the corner. Evidently, she's retired Air Force.

Impressive woman.

Nice woman

Terrible taste in ex-presidents.

No three-day weekend for moi. In fact, it’s only a mere few hours into the day, the week, and I’m exhausted already.

After a peaceful restful weekend with no little knock knock, this morning started off well enough, but things went sideways halfway through this morning’s workout when I began to feel worn out, depleted of energy.

At the end of the session, when I told Trainer I was exhausted, he said, "You pulled 50 pounds".


Instead of the usual High Cable Standing Row, Trainer repositioned the cable, had me perform a Low Cable Standing Row, which I thought nothing of as I'm adapt at the former. However, turns out pulling down on 50 pounds is a whole lot easier than pulling up on 50 pounds.

I survived ……… barely, and would have liked nothing better than to call it a day, head straight back to the complex for a rest. However, having run out of eggs, kale and a few other essentials, I had to drag my tired self to the market, where I expected a Memorial Day crush.

The creepy security guard that replaced the other creepy security guard back in March was at his station, only he’s no longer a bother as I’ve ignored him often enough for him to realize giving me leering eyes was a waste of his time ……… that this one (me) is not friendly.

He has no game insofar as I can see, but I’ve seen the leering work on two other probably desperate women.

Hope they don't catch an STD from him.

As for the crush, all hands were on deck, so I was in/out faster than on a regular marketing day, except I stopped to chat with a guy about the bird on his shoulder.

Meet Bubbles

Bubbles is not attached to anything, so can easily fly off, escape, which the owner says Bubbles has done a time or two.

"How do you catch him?" asked I.

"I chase and he eventually comes back".

Bubbles is five months old and, when the owner’s daughter went to pet him, the owner said, "Watch this".

The daughter had to quickly snatch her hand back as Bubbles tried to fend her off with a bite, which I attempted to capture, but the action was so fast that I caught the hand pulling back, but you can see by the way Bubbles is mad dogging her that he means business ……… "Do not touch me", LOL.

Speaking of looks, it later occurred to me the security guard was watching my interaction with the bird’s owner, possibly thinking I’m friendly after all and will test that theory when I next walk by his station with diasterous results ……… for him.

Saturday, May 25, 2024

On High Alert

Oh No! She’s back.

Sitting on the couch about 1:30 this afternoon, watching the recorded season final episode of my new favorite show Elsbeth, I spotted my little stalker running down the walkway.

Not in the mood for a visit today, I closed the kitchen blinds , closed the patio window to just a crack to let in outside air, partially closed the blinds and am prepared to put the TV on mute, pretend to not be here if I spot her headed this way, or hear her footsteps on the stairs or knock knock knock on the door.

The jeep is still in its parking spot, but what’s not to say I’ve been picked up and taken elsewhere.

I ran into Meat Man as I was crossing the driveway returning from yesterday’s workout, with he on his way out.

He’s all upset because the gate to the driveway has been open for over a month, leaving us open to trespassers and car theft.

It is a bit of a worry, but he’s letting the open gate twist his boxers or briefs in a bunch. Bouncing around in his seat proclaiming "When are they going to fix this?! …… Nobody around here is doing anything!"

"What’s to do?" asked I.

"Call Corporate!"

I didn’t think to ask if he himself had called Corporate or, like Red Light used to do, if he was just trying to round up the troops, urge others to do it as I replied "Corporate doesn’t care about us".

"That woman in the office (Complex Manager) is awful. She doesn’t do anything".

He seemed to say that in a questioning manner, looking as though he wanted me to agree and get into a conversation as to how awful she is, but I said, "She’s been nice to me. Don’t let it (the gate) bother you".

Not able to rile me up, as he appeared to be riled, took the wind out of his sails, so he calmed down, gave me some kind of dire prediction I didn’t make out ………… "bla bla bla, you'll see" and went on his way.

In other news, as I’ve seen no one going in/out to clean, it’s looking like we’ll not be getting a new neighbor in Red Light’s now vacant unit any time soon.

With no waiting list, and those now leasing signs still plastered out front, I imagine there’s no need to hurry the cleanup until other ready to lease vacant units are first filled with occupants.

Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Weekend Update, Part 2

Sunday’s parade began promptly 10 a.m. sharp with Dykes on Bikes, followed shortly by Hamburger Mary — which I had a senior moment and continuously referred to as Proud Mary.

With the usual parade fluff of Cheerleaders, Marching Bands, Dignitaries extending the parade to 2-1/2 hours long, what follows will be the more interesting bits and pieces.

I began fangirling hard when Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence showed up.

Twin 1 was in the groove.

Wait for what rolls through at the end of this next video.

Long Beach is replete with ghosts, due to the Queen Mary. So, who you gonna call?

It ain't a party until the popo show up.

Crocheted male genitalia for Sale $45.

No, I did not want to buy, but Twin 1 was ready to spring for one until I reminded that her sister (Twin 2) is a crochet genius.

I sent that photo to Twin 2, and she's already working on it.

And thus the weekend's adventure ends. I now return to my regularly scheduled routine, starting with a workout this morning.

Monday, May 20, 2024

Weekend Update, Part 1

Had a much better experience in Long Beach this past weekend than last time when Long Beach was a drag … and not in a good way, because the energy had shifted to empty streets, nothing interesting to see/to do that felt safe, which prompted me to check out of the hotel a day and a half early, return to the complex.

This time Long Beach felt high energy, safe with people everywhere, lots of interesting things to see/do, starting with Great Grandson’s 2nd birthday party.

The festival opened at 11:00, but I opted to spend that time alone with the grandson and his new sister before the house and backyard filled with a gaggle of parents and children arriving for the party.

There was all manner of goodies to eat for the party guests — adults/their children, and the backyard was transformed into a magical wonderland.

Seeing a magical playland, the kids needed no encouragement or instructions. Upon arrival, they jumped right in.

If you will recall, granddaughter and grandson in-law, worried that White Grandma would ruin the birthday party with her judging, complaining, making everything about her, had rescinded WG’s invitation, asked her to please not come.

So, you could have knocked me over with a feather when I saw WG walk through the door, but she was on her best behavior — warm, friendly to everyone, even gave me what felt like a warm genuine hug when I left the party early to head on over to the festival about 4 o’clock.

I learned later WG did not crash the party, instead she was reinvited.

After I had my little episode of thinking I was having mini strokes and headed to the E.R., grandson in-law began feeling bad/thinking WG is old, did not have long to live. So, after granddaughter gave WG a talking to, as per acceptable behavior, she was reinvited and managed to put up a good front of being a pleasant human being.

Having not stayed for opening gifts, I also later learned great grandson was a "big fan" of my gift — the piggy bank.

Putting in 5,836 steps on the Marina Green, burning 1,050 calories, Day 1 of the festival wore me out.

Clearly, I was over dressed.

Suns out, buns out.

It was a no to pole dancing lessons, as it would have stressed the shoulder damaged years ago (torn rotator cuff) that I occasionally treat with acupuncture.

And by the time I made it to the Queer Country tent, my feet were too tired to do any line dancing and riding the mechanical bull would have broken every bone in my body.

However, when invited to toss an item into the red hole in the mouth on the board, I was game.

I missed the hole, but won a prize for being the only person to get it to stand at attention ...... on the board that is (wink).

Monday, May 13, 2024

Too Much Week

Too much week Not enough weekend, was on my mind as I awaked this Monday morning.

Probably didn't help that, instead of sleeping, I've been up late nights watching "The Idea of You", over and over, five times already, and I'm not even a romantic comedy type person.

In fact, the only other rom I've ever watched without rolling my eyes, throwing up in my mouth, is the 2006 The Boathouse, with Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock.

In the interim, another Mother’s Day has come and gone — my 57th, and it was awright.

I received the obligatory texts from the usual suspects.

Last Mother’s Day it was Twin 2 who praised me with what a great mom and positive influence I’ve been in her life. This year it was Twin 1 saying, "You have been my greatest teacher on earth".

Sad it is that what seeds I’d planted couldn’t break through her previously hard exterior before she destroyed her relationship with her children, but at least the seeds did eventually sprout and begin to grow.

Better late than never.

Speaking of children, this coming weekend is my trip to Long Beach for Pride and the grandson’s 2nd birthday.

I had no intentions to add yet another t-shirt to my wardrobe for this coming weekend, but the internet kept tempting me with this grandma tee.

Nice, but problem was …… I’m not just a grandma, but a great grandma, so I passed.

Then I thought to contact the seller, ask if she could add "great", and voilà ……

The great grandson’s gift arrived during the week.

He needs another toy like I need another t-shirt so, learning he’s no longer interested in dinosaurs but farm animals, I'm gifting him his first bank account.

Inside all weekend, working on that never ending needlepoint project while catching up on recorded TV programs,watching that rom-com, I didn’t see anyone to find out how Friday’s Mother’s Day Brunch went until I ventured outside yesterday afternoon to take out the trash and ran into the neighbor around the corner who hates Biden, loves No. 45 "because he’s not a politician".

No accounting for taste.

So, anyway, she said she enjoyed the brunch, that around 30 residents attended, but the energy in the room was a drag because of residents complaining …… complained about so many men attending — and not because they qualified as both father and mother to their children. “They came for the food”, she said.

Then there was dissatisfaction with the food being tiny foods — little sandwiches, cheese and deli meat platter, bagels, etc. In other words, brunch food.

I guess they were expecting brunch to be a full meal or a repeat of the big juicy crucifixion burgers, like that served at Easter.

Stopping by the mailbox before heading back to my unit, I observed a pool party going on — I counted about 7 adults, 6 children, didn’t recognize anyone until I saw Head Maintenance Guy enter the pool area to join them and realized it was his wife, daughter, two sons. The others must have been miscellaneous family members.

Since residents seem to be in a complaining mood, I’m wondering who will take offense to HMG hosting, what looked to be, a family Mother’s Day pool party, call corporate to complain.

Hope he doesn’t think it was me calling corporate, because I found it odd that as soon as I arrived to pick up mail, HMG ordered everyone out of the pool and inside. Sort of like the man, woman and little black puppy moving out of TinTin’s unit the afternoon of the same day I’d petted the black puppy, learned of the passing of the white one.

If I’m generating some kind of energy that makes people up and leave when I appear, perhaps I should show up at No. 45’s trial, cause him to "leave".

There was an interesting conversation on Facebook a few days ago when someone posted "For the love of God, please make him just go away" and there was the comment "Could we dress him up in a dog suit and send him into the woods with Kristi Noem?"

Wednesday, May 8, 2024

No Show

Activity Director was a no show for yesterday’s Walking Club.

That gives me an out to go back to solo walking, when the mood hits and weather permits, rather than go out of my way, get up early for Walking Club.

Since AD was a no show, for a hot minute I did think about heading back to my unit. Instead, I booted up iTunes, did a moderately paced five times around the complex.

Running into the little Spanish lady that invited me to Zumba, she asked if I "no liked Zumba", because I’d not returned to the sessions.

I tried to communicate au contraire; that Zumba was fun but 9:00 too early to make a habit of it.

I’d actually been expecting that question, so I asked Trainer how to say "too early" in Spanish.

Of course, I forgot the words ………… "Muy" something or other, but I think my little Spanish friend got the drift.

Once I fully recovered from this dehydration episode, the plan was to drop into Zumba once in a while, but don’t know if and when that will happen as I still get lightheaded/dizzy if I stand up too fast or turn my head too quickly, and Zumba is all quick sharp turns/movements.

Just as I turned to continue my walk, my little Spanish friend goes "hey hey hey" (I don’t think she remembers my name) and indicated she would not be attending Friday’s Zumba session, because she had "signed the paper" for Friday’s Mother’s Day brunch. Asking if I had "signed the paper", I said no. She didn't ask por qué (a word I would have remembered from high school spanish to be why), so I continued my walk.

Thinking back on having not signed up for that event, and probably not participating any further in Walking Club, it occurs I’m becoming, like Next Door Neighbor, quite the anti-social recluse.

The only other interruption on my walk was a three-time repeat interrupter, a spry little old guy who walks the complex a couple times a day and felt the need to pause, and pause me to listen to a comment every time we passed each other ………… "You walking? Have a great day" …… "Nice weather out. Have a great day" …… "Walking off those pounds? Have a great day".

Pleasant fellow, a little annoying, and fortunately done with his walk after my third time around, giving me the last two circuits free and clear of interruptions.

And for the record, my "pounds" are just fine. I walk for exercise, not weight loss, but I wouldn't be mad at dropping a few pounds and inches.

The only other interruption was, when noticing Big Linda’s car had been vandalized, I paused to take a photo.

Long time readers might remember Big Linda as being one of three bullies on the complex when I first moved in.

Retired military, Big Linda behaved like a drill sergeant ………… yelled at everyone in and around the complex, regulated what they could and could not do.

This behavor did not endear her to many, and it didn’t help her likeability that she ingratiated herself with that horrible terrible Nurse Ratched manager, acted as her Snitch.

It’s no surprise to me that Big Linda's car has been keyed. What’s surprising is the timing, as she has been sidelined ever since breaking her back in a fall just before the Pandemic.

Also no surprise is who keyed the car. That would be my old buddy Apache’s nemesis Bicycle Boy.

Bicycle Boy exudes crazy, and when he doesn’t like someone, there’s hell to pay.

In the past, BB feuded with not only Apache (the two once had a fist fight, mutual restraining orders), but others, including Big Linda ─ who he used to mock, whenever and wherever he caught her outside, by doing the chicken dance and squawking around at her, sneak around her area at night, leave globs of spittle on her car.

Management would not do anything about BB — other than he was banned from the Community Room for stealing popcorn.

I guess, to management, stealing popcorn was a worse offense than being a danger to other residents; BB was and still is a danger. Even new residents have indicated to me that "something is wrong with that guy".

I warn "don't engage — don’t say good morning, don’t make eye contact. You don't want to bring attention to yourself, get on his bad side".

Though, except for once last year, when I saw Big Linda being slowly walked around, on a walker by a caregiver, Big Linda has not, to my knowledge been able to bully/snitch or anger anyone. However, the very sight of her car must still aggravate BB because who else would have keyed it?

Monday, May 6, 2024

Vewy Vewy Quiet

It was another overcast and sometimes wet weekend here in the Inland Empire, no opportunity to put in any walking miles. Consequently, it was catching up on recorded TV programs, while simultaneously working on that never ending needlepoint project and drinking copious amounts of Smart Water (thanks for that suggestion Roberta).

Though the weather was lousy, the weekend felt relaxing because Red Light has left the building.

I actually felt an energy shift in the quad the minute Red Light’s moving van drove out.

I’d mentioned in a previous post that Red Light was okay as a neighbor, but a bit of work because she was a troubled soul — not just a busybody, but manipulative about it.

Of course, I didn’t mind her being a busybody, as she gave good blog fodder. However, she was a troublemaking kind of busybody ……… always complaining about someone/something, trying to get others not to like who she didn’t like, getting way too deep in other people’s business, then taking off like a carrier pidgeon, transmitting that person’s personal business to everyone else.

One of my favorite sayings is, "You gotta know when to hold 'em when to fold 'em. There are juicy tidbits shared with me by neighbors that I've never spoken about with another soul, not even in the blog.

Right up to moving day, Red Light held court on the bench outside my bedroom window in the afternoon ……… all afternoon.

During her last week here, she cranked it up.

I’d hear her holding court on the bench late into the night, as I was climbing into bed.

Who talks that much ……… that long?

Others must have secretly also been happy to see Red Light go, because no one arranged a goodbye party for her, nor did I see anyone dropping by to say goodbye as the truck was being loaded.

I hid. Waited all day until she was gone to take the trash out so I’d not run into her and have to say see ya.

So, anyway, going to bed the night she moved out was so peaceful. It was just vewy vewy quiet and remains so.

Wherever you go, there you are, so I’ll wager Red Light will be a repeat offender at her new location. Even call and text us here ……… continue to provide blog fodder.

The day after Red Light moved, even the girl living with TinTin, next door to Red Light’s unit, ventured outside.

Coming down the stairs that day, headed for the morning workout, I spotted just the cutest little white puppy running around off leash.

Thinking it was a stray that had gotten into the complex, I began calling to it. Then, as I got to the bottom of the stairs, I saw TinTin’s roommate playing with the white puppy and a black puppy that looked to be the same breed.

"Pitbulls" she said in response to my asking what breed the puppies were.

"That small?"

"Argentine pitbulls".

I guess that means they are breed smaller in Argentina ……… don't grow into dangerous mastiffs?

I oohed and aahed at the puppies, would have like to play with them but was running late. So I just told her how cute they were and left.

TinTin’s roommate seemed friendly, nice, which makes me less leary of TinTin.

Heading out for this morning’s workout, I saw a man coming out of TinTin’s unit, followed by the black pup.

Having a little time to spare, I once again oohed/aahed, had time to pet the puppy.

He made a sound like a baby and tried to climb my leg, which I took as "pick me up". I would have loved to, but my hands were full with workout gear.

"Where’s the white one", I asked the strange man.

"She died ……… parvo. I tried everything to save her, gave her shots, but nothing helped".

So sad. The little black pup has lost his playmate.

So now I guess they have to wait and hope the black pup hasn’t been infected.

As for TinTin ……… I've not seeing her come and go for a while, but I'm seeing what I took to be her roommate, and now a man. So, just how many people does TinTin have living with her? Is she running an Airbnb?

We already have both sons living with the woman in the unit beneath Next Door Neighbor.

With all these Ghost tenants ……… people not authorized to be living here, I’m careful to lock my door every time I leave. Even if it’s just to run downstairs pick up mail or drop off trash.

Speaking of NDN, it appears she’s on the mend.

The Caregivers have not been back since the day I saw them gently escorting her down the stairs, bringing her back later that afternoon.

Her son seems to have washed his hands — not been back since the day he was directed to smoke outside.

I did however observe NDN leaving her unit on Saturday with two ladies, and she was walking down the stairs on her own, the ladies walking ahead of her taking no heed of assuring she got safely down, leading me to believe she’s up and about, on the mend.

I didn't tell either of my girls I'd had an episode. They'd lose their minds.

Afraid Trainer would make me take it easy, when I felt no need to do so, I didn't tell him either.

Saturday, May 4, 2024

Happy Star Wars Day

So much was happening this week, that I almost forgot.

It wasn’t until commenter Roberta gave me the geek signal (May the 4th be with you) that I snapped to attention.

Luckily, I had time this morning to dress for the occasion.

May the Falcon be with you.

Thursday, May 2, 2024

Much Ado About Nothing

A lot of goings on today. First was the telephone call from the Physician’s Assistant to give me results of the ER tests.

Leading up to the call, I received reminders during the week to expect the call between 12:30 and 1:30. At 1:00 sharp the phone rings. The PA identifies herself then asks, "How may I help you today?"

Insert pregnant pause, because the conversation starting off with "How may I help you" had me at a loss for words.

Once I found my words, said I was confused, she said she was responding to a call I’d made to my doctor’s office requesting the doctor call me back.

Yet another screw up by my provider.

"No", said I, "I was told a doctor would call me to go over test results".

It took a little while for her to do some research, but finally got it right saying, "Oh, I see".

Long and short of it is you readers are stuck with me a little while longer. Feeling dizzy fading in/out is attributed to "A temporary drying of kidneys due to dehydration". Something about a "Flotation Rate of 54 dropping to 48".

Odd diagnosis, but I guess I'll have to take their word for it and drink more water.

When I asked the PA how that relates to my BP running much higher than normal, she didn’t seem to even realize that had been an issue, but upped the medication dosage by half.

In the interim, I am to take my regular pill, then ¼ of another pill. A gradual build up so as not to drop BP too low.

So, there you have it. Much ado about very little.

Once the call was terminated and I was in the kitchen making lunch, I saw Next Door Neighbor’s two caregivers arrive.

So, that mystery is solved …… they are not live ins and NDN was up and around inside yesterday, able to remove the calendar from her door.

A short while later, I observed the caregivers gently leading NDN down the stairs and out to a car.

Another check up at the hospital perhaps?

But wait, there's more ……… shortly after NDN left, I heard banging and clanging.

Looking out the patio window, I spied a Budget Moving Van and Red Light’s family helping her to move out.

Like I said, lots going on today.

I just thought, that with the PA having handled the BP meds, I can cancel the June appointment with my doctor, who I’ve not seen in two years.

It's looking like you were correct, Linda in Kansas, about access to doctors being replaced by Masters Level providers. At the rate it’s been going, I expect I'll never see my regular doctor again and, hopefully, be blessed with no issues in future that cause me to have to deal with the Medical Center again.

Wednesday, May 1, 2024

Deja Vu

This time it really was an earthquake.

While sitting on the couch this afternoon, I felt the couch jump.

That wasn’t me … That really was an earthquake this time, I said to myself.

After checking my phone for the time (1:49 pm) I logged onto the Earthquake Tracker and learned it was a 4.1 9km (5.59234 miles) SW of Corona 1:49 pm.

It felt so mild that I doubt many were aware we’d had yet another quake.

Earlier in the day, as I headed out for this morning’s workout, I saw the office had posted this month’s calendar to our doors.

Walking Club is twice this month — on the 7th and 21st, but the time has been changed from 15 minutes to 30 (8:45/9:15 instead of 8:45/9:00).

Also on the calendar is "Mothers Day Brunch", Friday, May 10, 12pm-2pm.

Listed on the 14th is another Mother’s Day event ("Social: Mother’s Day Celebration, 11am – 12:15pm").

Why two Mother’s Day events?

Your guess is as good as mine, but I think residents will respond, dress up, show up.

I won’t know for sure because I don’t plan on attending either event. Not just because my food choices are so limited that I’ll not be able to eat anything they serve, but because since bingo shut down and I’m no longer burdened with being sociable/participating, I’m really enjoying retreating into myself, not participating in anything going on around here ……… other than the Walking Club.

And to tell you the truth, I was hoping the Walking Club was over, wouldn’t be listed on this month’s calendar.

I think Activity Director is enjoying Walking Club, whether or not anyone shows up or not and she has to walk alone, because she’s somewhat training for a 5K.

I don’t recall how she learned 5Ks are my thing, but she’s been asking me a lot of questions about them, trying to work herself up to registering for one.

Inasmuch as Walking Club is still on the calendar, barring unforeseen circumstances, I plan to participate, but not push myself as I did last walk.

Last few days has been caregivers going in/out of Next-Door Neighbor’s unit so often I thought perhaps they are live ins, especially since I saw them doing her laundry day before yesterday.

However, when I returned from this morning’s workout, the Monthly Calendar was still posted to her door and the blinds appeared shut tight again.

Oh No! Is this going to be Déjà vu all over again, thought I.

The afternoon wore on, the calendar remained posted until fortunately, just as I was finishing up this post, a little after 5pm, I heard her door open and now see the calendar has been taken inside.

I've not seen the caregivers today, so perhaps NDN is up and about on her own.

I could call and check on her, but I don't want to get too involved, get myself sucked into anything.

Tomorrow is moving day for Red Light, but I don’t think we’ve seen or heard the last of her. Turns out her new apartment is only 39 minutes 23 miles from here.

She doesn’t drive, but she’s so into what goes on here that she’ll find a way to keep her fingers in the pie.

But for the fact the Mother's Day Brunch indicates "residents only", I wouldn't have been surprised to hear Red Light showed up.