Sunday, October 31, 2021

Happy Halloween

Jan’s most recent artwork depicts a little boy and girl out trick or treating.

THAT’s as close as I’ll get to trick or treaters tonight but, just in case, I played it safe and purchased a box of individually wrapped Oreo Halloween cookies that will go to the Community Room table, marked “please take” tomorrow, if none of the grandkids visiting relatives knock on my door.

I don’t know what happened with the haunted house across the street, but it just never came to fruition. Days ago, the black tarp covering the windows was removed, the Halloween motifs on the outside of the building painted over.

As for the patio contest, it appears that, when I saw the Tyrant taking photos of downstairs neighbor corner unit across the quad’s patio (I've not yet thought of a name for her), it was for a positive purpose, not negative. The Grapevine says he gave her Third Place in the patio decorating contest.

I didn’t think to ask what the prize was (probably a gift certificate for the corner market), but I did say, “I’m surprised. I thought she’d get first place”.

The Grapevine (the Talker) said neighbor got knocked down to Third Place because "There’s another spooky one over there", and she directed me to go past the building she pointed to, and to zigzag “this way, go that way”.

In spite of the twisty turny directions, I found myself standing in an area I'm familiar with, as I usually stop by to see what the resident has put on her patio for past Halloweens.

After the Tyrant decreed "family friendly", I'd expected she'd be reluctant to put up her usual skeleton but noooooo. She not only ignored his decree, but went above and beyond.

That creepy doll and witch over to the left, are new additions to her usual display, as are those two creatures over to the right.

The skeleton I recognize from past Halloweens.

The heads, along the railing, also new, are actually Michael Myer heads — the character from the Halloween movie franchise.

This resident was in it to win it ... and the Grapevine is speculating she did.

I won't know for sure that patio is First or who won Second Place or where it's located on the complex, until I see the official announcement in the Monthly Calendar, which I expect will be posted to our doors tomorrow, but Third Place is confirmed.

In fact, I ran into the Talker on Friday, when I was returning from the pain cave. She was on her phone and, when she hung up, she said that was my neighbor telling her that the Tyrant had just called, saying she'd won Third Place.

That's got to be a record in how fast someone on the Grapevine delivered information to me. LOL.

Hopefully, I can get a photo of Second Place before the resident takes it down.

So, now downstairs neighbor corner unit across the quad knows who her competition is for next year. She's going to really have to step up her game to beat out the patio the Talker and I think is the First Place winner.

Downstairs neighbor corner unit across the quad also now knows, as we all do, that the Tyrant is full of horse manure and speaks with forked tongue when he caused some residents to not participate, afraid to put up their skeletons, with his "family friendly" decree and then chose displays with skeleton and bones.

And btw, the Tyrant better not take credit for this event, better not go thinking he's finally had a success, because we've always put up patio displays. The only thing he did was to take what us residents have always done — decorate our patios for Halloween and Christmas, and turned one such into a contest.

Friday, October 29, 2021

Off the Clock

Last workout of the week, enough groceries that I don’t have to leave the unit to go grocery shopping, I am off the clock until Monday.

I don’t even know if I’ll go walking tomorrow, Saturday. Depends on whether the walking bug hits me when I awaken tomorrow.

Trainer is a young man with an old soul. Consequently, we have deep philosophical talks. He shares things with me he can’t share with his younger clients — has to maintain that invincible tough guy image with them. As for me, he knows things about me that my own family doesn’t know ... so do you, my readers.

Trainer and I laugh a lot, kid around a lot and, one day this week, he and I even turned the session into a quasi Zumba class.

At any rate, he and I have been following and discussing the Gabby Petito/Brian Laundrie case.

All along, Trainer said Brian would be found deceased by his own hands. My theory was Brian had escaped to another country.

Having myself escaped from an abusive situation, one thing I discussed with Trainer is that I didn’t understand why, when the cops originally arrived on the scene after receiving reports of Brian slapping Gabby, and separated the two — sending Brian to spend a night in a hotel to cool down, while Gabby spent that night in the van, was why she didn’t just drive away. Leave his arse behind.

"Love" said Trainer.

Perhaps he’s right. She just wasn’t ready to give up on him.

Too bad she didn’t get another opportunity to save herself.

For new readers who don’t know my history, I was Gabby once — young, stupid in love, not giving up on the relationship with my ex-husband in spite of being verbally and physically abused, my every movement controlled.

Fortunately for me, the day came when the abuse caused me to fall completely out of love. All that was left was contempt and fear.

Yet and still I gave him a chance. Told him he needed to get some help, that I’d give him six months to get that help or I was gone.

I didn’t know then, what I know now … that when these abusers lose control is the most dangerous time for a woman.

His response to the ultimatum was to go postal. He kept me and the new-born twins locked in the apartment with him. I slept on the couch in the living room, so I could be near the door to escape, while he slept in the bedroom.

Another thing I learned is these abusers can read your mind. He figured I was planning to sneak away while he slept, so he kept one of the twins with him at night, knowing I’d not leave without both my babies.

When he began drinking, trying to work himself up to killing me to stop me from leaving, I managed to trick him into believing I still loved him and wanted to give it another try. When he felt he was back in control, and could leave the apartment for the ten minutes it took to drive a few blocks to the cleaners, pick up his cop uniform, so he could return to work, as soon as I heard his car exit the driveway, I grabbed my six-month old twins and fled with the clothes we had on our backs.

That was my moment, and had I hesitated to take it, as Gabby hesitated to drive away, I’d have been her.

At any rate, now that Brian’s bones have been found and identified, I told Trainer that I actually felt sorry for Brian. Sorry because he thinks taking himself out of this life frees him from experiencing the consequences of his actions. While, in actuality, the only thing he’s succeeded in doing is establishing the direction in which his next life will go, and it won’t be pretty.

So, I am now off the clock and already not looking forward to Monday. Not just because Monday is back to the same ol same ol, but because it will be the day after Halloween and I’ll have to put the decorations away.

The decorations will go back into storage, but I’m going to keep my current vampire bloody nail art until it’s time to switch to Christmas.

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Winning Halloween

Heading to the pain cave this morning, I saw that neighbor across the quad, downstairs corner unit, has added a graveyard to her patio decorations.



She is definitely winning Halloween, LOL.

We are having a Halloween Patio Decoration contest and, yesterday, I saw the Tyrant taking photos of her patio.

That could mean he likes what he saw and she wins, OR he could be pissed her patio is not what he considers “family friendly” and is going to give her a lease violation.

Who can tell with this guy, but I’m opting for she wins, because her display is the essence of Halloween.

With a resident supposedly testing positive for Covid, and being in self-quarantine, it’s still been business as usual on the complex — except for the fact the regulatory agency opted not to send their agents back to make sure management is in compliance with their rules and regulations.

I was so hoping to be selected for inspection, because management has STILL not handled my maintenance requests, so hopefully the regulatory agency will reschedule.

If not, I’m looking at another round of hounding management for months, possibly years, to get things taken care of.

Yesterday was Pizza Tuesday (and for long-time readers ... yes, they still have that, where residents show up to the Community Room, help themselves to a free whole pizza donated by Pizza Hut).

Tuesday was also Arts and Crafts.

Activity Director advised it’s to be the last Arts and Crafts session this year. Something about the budget and management wanting to focus the budget on doing something "for all of us" (meaning all residents of the complex) later in the year.

Sounds like bull crap to me, but not Activity Director’s bull crap. More like crap coming from the Tyrant.

No Arts and Crafts in November, none in December and management using the dollars saved for some bogus event expecting ALL residents will benefit, give a damn, get involved.

The Tyrant is delusional.

Did he learn nothing from his failed Movie Nights?

So anyway, arriving at the Community Room to participate in Arts and Crafts, I found the ladies, once again bunched up at one table. I myself once again played it safe, opted for a table to myself.

The Seer didn’t grace us with her presence this time, so I was able to spread out and keep the table to myself.

For the first time ever, Not Dead Nancy joined us usual suspects, as did a new resident.

So, things were picking up — just in time to be halted, due to the “budget”.

Our craft was Halloween Painted Mason Jars.

All the jars were cute, except for mine.

I set out to paint one jar like candy corn, make the other an evil pumpkin, but the finished products did not come out as I'd imagined.

Marie Kondo — the maven of organization, says that if an item does not bring you joy, get rid of it. Neither jar brought me joy so, when the session ended and I returned to my unit, I tossed them in the trash.

I could have redone the jars at the session, I could have picked up craft paint and redone the jars later, but I don’t need any more stuff I don’t need taking up space in my unit.

I enjoy learning new crafts, I have fun making things in Arts and Crafts, but rarely have I held onto anything coming from the sessions — past and current, as the items generally are just not my style.

At any rate, all that remains of my project is a glimpse of one jar in the group photo.

Some of you might remember the kitten that was saved from the engine of my next door neighbor’s car, and how I was concerned that the kitten was given to the resident that I suspected had done something to the puppy she adopted during the quarantine that caused the puppy to be put to sleep.

While we were working on our jars, that neighbor walked in to pick up a pizza. I greeted her and asked, "How’s the kitten?"

Her face lit up, and she began gushing about how sweet the kitten is, how the kitten has changed her life, how much she loves and is enjoying having the kitten.

I believe her. I felt her sincerity.

She had pics of the kitten on her phone and told me of funny things the kitten does, how it follows her around and is learning to use the kitty litter box.

So, those of us who were concerned can breathe a sigh of relief. The kitten is in good hands.

Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Got Er Done, Part 2

Turns out the results of the Mission Inn 5K, that I'd previously posted, were the Unofficial Results — my standings as I finished the course, but while the race was still on with other participants yet to be accounted for.

Official Results came in yesterday’s email and, when all was said and done, I was not 5th and last in the field of five in my age group 75-79.

I was 5th alright, but in a final field of eight in my age group, making me NOT dead last, even though I’d slowed and stopped to take photos.

I’ll take it — claim those stats.

Also, my Overall increased to 1029 in a field of 1354, which means I beat out 325 younger participants — women AND men.

In the Female category, my ranking increased to 541 out of 767, meaning I was 200 or so short of placing in the middle of the pack.

I did GREAT, even if I do say so myself.

Yesterday was cold, wet and rainy.

Yesterday was also to be Day 1/Phase 2 of the great inspection — the one where the inspectors were to enter random units.

That did not happen, and not just because it was cold, wet, rainy, but because management scared ‘em off.

When I returned from that weekend of attending an event that made life seem normal again — that is except for the mask and constant disinfecting of my hands, reality slapped me in the face.

There was a notice posted to the door indicating that a resident “has tested positive for Covid and is under self-quarantine”.

My spidey sense told me management was going to use this occurrence as an opportunity to get the inspectors off their backs and, sure enough, no one showed yesterday.

This occurrence couldn’t have been more perfect for management had they manufactured the situation themselves.

The notification went on to say “We have modified our property services in response to the progressing information and the CDC’s recommended guidelines”.

OH NO, thought I. That probably means the Community Room is shut down again, Tuesday's Arts and Crafts cancelled.

Funny thing though, today was bright and sunny, the inspectors again did not show and probably won't remainder of the week — end of the inspection period. BUT modifying services according to CDC guidelines did not include locking down the Community Room or cancelling today's Arts and Crafts.

I guess those words looked good on paper and were helpful in scaring the inspectors off. LOL.

Looking through the camera roll of photos I’d taken over the weekend, I see the pic of a cool car I saw along the route didn’t make the last post.

My guess is the white haired guy in the middle is the owner.

Another interesting fact I forgot to mention is that in addition to the Half Marathon, 5K, 10K there was a Walk and Wag Add-On.

Quite a few participants walked/ran with their dogs.

There was much barking, growling and unruliness, as the bigger dogs tried to get away from their owner, attack smaller dogs, so I don’t know if this first-time add-on will be repeated again.

I overheard a conversation where a mom asked her son if he’d had a good time, enjoyed running the race. He said he did, except there were “Too many dogs”.

I'm sure the organizers are going to catch some flack about the big aggressive dogs. If I receive a survey, going to suggest they limit the size of the dogs, because it was only the big ones that misbehaved, got aggressive.

I met one well-behaved doggie participate at package pickup, when his owner was picking up a bib for herself and one for him.

She planned to run/walk Toby in his cute Avenger Captain America outfit.

Sunday, October 24, 2021

Got Er Done

It was March 2, 2020 when I participated in the in-person Shamrock 5K. On March 11, 2020, the WHO declared COVID-19 a global pandemic, and that was it for me with in-person run/walks until this morning’s Mission Inn 5K, which turned out to be a great success.

I arrived at the start line after the first of three waves had taken off — the Half Marathon Group was first, then my 5K was scheduled, after which the 10K folks would go, and it was high energy and a sea of participants at the start line for us 5K people.

There were costumes.

Chewbacca from Star Wars

Family of Bananas

I’d thought about going in costume, but decided not. I wanted to just blend in.

The route was killer — mostly asphalt all the way, and rocky beat up asphalt at that — the kind that if you’re not careful how your foot lands, you can hurt yourself, twist an ankle or break a bone in your foot, be out of commission for many months (bone spur, been there done that because of a bad road).

Getting this rail car (donated to the City of Riverside) to this site may be one of the reasons the road is chewed up.

Union Pacific 6051

Also possibly contributing to the damaged roadway, is this memorial to the workers and soldiers that built and operated the amphibious tank LVT-(A)-1 in World War II.

So there was the treacherous roadway, and there were hills — three, maybe four.

I don’t mind an incline, but hills are brutal. However, all the work I’ve done with trainer — building up strength and stamina, enabled me to rise to the occasion, while managing to maintain a pace of 20:33 per mile, finishing in 01:03:49, 5th in the Age Group 75-79.

The computer calculated my Overall as 1,020th of 1,158, 535th Female of 637, which is all good and well — except I was essentially last in my age group. I attribute that to the fact that, while I saw other seeming to be older folks walking fast/focused/determined as if their lives depended on it, I myself was moseying along, taking in the scenery, stopping to snap photos.

Bib and Medal No. 71

There’s supposed to be a commemorative tee in that photo, but the tees are currently stuck on a boat in the Long Beach Harbor — part of that supply chain backup you’ve been hearing about in the news. Shirts will be mailed to us at a later date.

There were plenty of vendors selling this, that, the other at the event, even some freebies. I’d not planned on buying anything, but then this called my name.

Jesus should have come first, but the message has me written all over it, so I purchased in black — pink is NOT my color.

All in all a fun event, and though another year of life is not promised, I’m looking forward to tackling the killer route next year.

There's always so much to see at in-person 5Ks that it's easy to reach 10,000 steps without even trying. And so it was, I logged in 10,429 steps at the 5K, and over 8,000 the day before at package pickup.

Friday, October 22, 2021

Getting My Act Together, Taking it on the Road

I probably shouldn’t have, but I skipped Tuesday and Thursday’s training walk around the university’s campus. Instead, I did laundry, grocery shopping, meal prep, deciding what to take, what to wear and checking route directions in preparation for participating in this weekend's in-person 5K.

In my younger years, a weekend away entailed the clothes I had on my back, a toothbrush, change of undies. My luggage could fit in a paper bag. Food was meals out or room service.

Now a simple overnight stay is a major production — makeup, reading glasses, driving glasses, meals that won’t irritate my gut that can be warmed up in a hotel room with no kitchen by wrapping in foil, then pressing down on with the hotel’s hot iron, a container with my own coffee, a container with my own filtered water, blood pressure medication, and pain sprays/patches in case my knees, feet or hip end up aching after the race, or I pull out my back carrying luggage up/down stairs (it has happened). Now, of course, there's the extra added pandemic precaution of taking antiseptic wipes and sprays.

Such is life's progression.

At any rate, that’s what I’ve been up to last few days.

Yesterday was Day 1 of the first wave of inspections. Today is Day 2. I’ve not seen any persons walking around, seeming to be checking units, but I have seen a slew of cars parked outside, so they are here.

Perhaps Phase 1 is checking management’s records-keeping and, Phase 2 — October 25 through 29, is when they’ll be checking units.

We’ll see.

I should come away from this weekend with some interesting pics to post. Not just of the race, where I think I’ll see quite a few runners wearing Squid Game track suits, but also of the area around the famous, possibly haunted, Mission Inn.

BTW I forgot to mention that, when I ran into the Talker the other day, she'd said "I like your snowman".

"What snowman?" asked I.

She pointed to the candy corn witch on my patio and said, "That one".

I had no words because, if she couldn't tell the difference between a snowman and candy corn, why waste my time explaining.

Tuesday, October 19, 2021


Having received a notice to be out by the 31st, because she’s been deemed over-income, I was surprised to run into the Talker this morning, looking like she had all the time in the world.

"Did you find a place?" asked I.

"I did, but now I don’t have to move. I was prepared to sign the lease tomorrow, but he (the Tyrant) just told me I didn’t have to move. There was a mistake in the paperwork. I can stay as long as I like".

What the heck is going on here?

I, who thought for sure I’d be kicked to the curb for being over-income, was told I don’t have to worry, it doesn’t apply to me. Now, after the Talker was put to the trouble of preparing for a move, she’s been told she can stay as long as she likes.

The reason she was given for this turnabout was that a mistake, in the paperwork, occurred at the Corporate level.

I doubt that.

The mistake … if there was a mistake, is more likely to have been made closer to home — in our own front office.

So anyway, I’m glad for the Talker, I’m relieved for myself, but there are some kind of shenanigans going on.

Logging into Candy Crush this afternoon, I see they’d changed one of their candies into jack-o-lanterns.

Cute, but doesn’t make passing the level any easier.

Not so cute, but scary fun if one does a lot of inside decorating for Halloween, is the peel and stick grate wall decal that popped up in my feed.

What would be hilarious, but wrong, is for someone to stick the decal to the side of a random building. Hide, then watch as passersby's freak out.

On another note, responding to JanF’s comment that she was amazed I could get three striped candy corn colors on my smaller toe nails … Jan, it’s accomplished by using wedge shaped nail sponges.

First, I paint my nails white. Once that’s dried, I paint tiny stripes on the sponge for the smaller nails, press and swipe the sponge across the nail; larger stripes for larger nails, press and swipe.

Easy peasy.

Monday, October 18, 2021

Okay Monday, Let’s Do This!

I’m finding that, just as Monday was my least favorite day of the week when I was in the workforce (for obvious reasons), now that I’m retired, Monday is STILL my least favorite day of the week.


Because Monday brings with it the grind of starting all over — things I must do, places I must go; while weekends, when I do get time to myself, are so carefree/unscripted.

I did have Sunday to myself — took a nice long bubble bath, caught up with a few recorded television programs, gave myself a fresh manicure/pedicure.

Then I checked out an app that Mistress Maddie did a post on a while back — Reface, where one can swap their face with faces on magazine covers, in movie scenes, shows, gifs, etc.

After investigating the app, to make sure it was safe, I downloaded and chose to insert myself into the highly popular Netflix series The Squid Game.

Based on the children’s game Red Light/Green Light — which game I remember rushing home from elementary school in time to catch Engineer Bill on television, calling out “Red Light/Green Light” as I tried to keep up while drinking milk or water, the Squid Game takes that harmless game to another level.

Hundreds of contestants who have a financially challenging past, all looking to test their skills and their strength in the hopes of winning a large sum of money, enter a contest — at the helm of which is a terrifying doll that recites the name of the game over and over.

Standing next to a tree, the doll turns its back, whereupon the players can move towards the doll (green light). HOWEVER, when the doll spins around to face the players, the contestants must freeze immediately (red light), or risk getting fatally shot.

I played around with the app and this what I came up with ….

Me as the horrifying doll

Me as a player who (supposedly) did not fare well

Later, seeing a friend had posted that, after viewing Squid Game, she'd never play red light/green light ever again, I'd commented with my doll photo "Don't worry. I'll let you cheat".

That garnered a lot of LOL's, questions as to how I did this, and a request to make myself a player described as “The Crazy Girl”.

There’s not a lot of Squid Game on Reface, but there was that.

So, that's how Sunday ended ... on a high note.

Waking up this morning, I find this .....

Two other friends had joined in on the fun.

So at least this Monday started off with a ROFLMAO!!!

I can't help but wonder how Engineer Bill would react to Squid Game, seeing how his wholesome red light/green light has been turned into terror and horror; but thanks Mistress, for turning me onto this fun app.

Saturday, October 16, 2021

I'm No Karen ... Right?

After a week of upping my game by working out with trainer Monday, Wednesday, Friday and getting steps in Tuesday and Thursday at the university, the plan for Saturday and Sunday was to go nowhere, see no one, do absolutely nothing.

Life is just not fair. A woman my age should not have to work that hard to stay fit, or so I told trainer, who wasn't very sympathetic. LOL.

No such luck on going nowhere, seeing no one, doing absolutely nothing today.

The optometrist called. My new glasses were ready.

An email arrived from a merchandiser. My order arrived, was ready for pickup.

I didn’t remember ordering anything from that merchant, but okay. It’ll be a surprise.

So, today turned out to be a one and done day in that, since I had to go out, let’s get everything done so I’ll at least have Sunday to myself.

Picked up the glasses, picked up the package — which turned out to be a food organization system I saw on TikTok, advertised as keeping veggies fresher longer (I was surprised, pleasantly, because I was looking forward to trying it out, but then had totally forgotten I ordered it), and finished with a stop by Sprouts.

I don’t do designer wear. My favorite designers are Target, Walmart, Torrid … except for where eyewear is involved.

For some reason, only frames from designers like Dior, Prada, Armani draw my attention and, this time, I channeled Iris Apfel and left the optometrist’s office with three Celine’s — one for computer/tv, one for close up needlepoint work, the third a progressive pair for everyday wear.

Driving away from the optometrist, I spotted a business with my name on it, albeit spelled differently.

If I didn’t have trainer, a gym just for women would be something I’d consider. Only, this one is too far a drive.

I kinda sorta turned into a Karen at Sprouts.

I always check the dates on whatever foods I purchase, and I’m amazed at how many shoppers I see not checking dates.

Picking up a carton of Eggland’s Organic brown eggs, seeing the date of 10/14, I put it back, picked up another carton.

Ditto 10/14, put it back.

Pulled out another —10/12.

Seeing a young woman stocking the refrigerated section, I didn’t approach as a total Karen with “Let me see your manager”. Instead, I was a nice Karen, saying “Excuse me miss. Your eggs are dated 10/14 and 10/12. Today is 10/16. Can you help me find eggs that are not expired?”

She was quite nice, went to the back, pulled out two 10/30’s for me.

Still cutting it close to expire before I get to, but better.

I’m surprised at Sprouts pulling something like that — expired eggs, but I’ve no doubt those eggs will remain in the case, waiting for someone to come along, who will pull, walk away, pay for, without having checked the date.

The person won't die or get sick. Expired eggs are still okay to eat. For me, it's just the point that I'm paying for fresh.

Also at Sprouts, picking up red bell peppers, I spotted something I had to try — Striped Red Peppers.

I’ll roast them in olive oil and add to breakfast potatoes. Maybe eat some raw, to see if they taste differently than regular reds.

With everything done, I’m looking forward to at least being able to rest/relax tomorrow, Sunday, so I’ll have the energy to face another week of the same ol same ol come Monday.

Friday, October 15, 2021

That’s Three of Us

Neighbor across the quad, corner unit, has been struck by the Halloween bug.

There's a spiderweb with baby spiders, a giant spider on the rail, couple ghosts, a window backdrop and, whatever that is over to the right I do not know, but it's not Halloween related.

That makes three of us out of eight in the quad (myself, Next Door Neighbor, the above neighbor). Insofar as the entire complex is concerned, all 178 units, I’m told there are only one or two elsewhere.

Some residents are too feeble and weak to be hanging up decorations. As for the others … oh well.

The lack of spirit around here doesn’t diminish my Halloween Spirit and, evidently, not that neighbor’s late spirit either.

I was locking the patio window last night when I caught a glimpse of flickering lights and decorations on her patio.

Oh goodie, thought I.

Throwing on a jacket, I headed out to check out the display, videotape it. Didn’t realize she was in the process of setting it up, until she made her presence known and asked my opinion on which light setting to use.

She's worried that the display doesn't fit the Tyrants parameters of  "family friendly". I told her we'd never been told that before, so ignore him.

So, unless there are other late participants, this quad is as lit as it’s gonna get.

My recertification appointment was 3:15 this afternoon.

The Baker was correct — it was earned income only, so I’m reupped for another year ...  don’t have to worry about packing up, don’t have to worry about paying a ridiculous sum for rent elsewhere.

In fact, when I asked Assistant Manager what the limit is for me, she said, “You don’t have to worry about that. It doesn’t apply to you. You’ve been over income for five years already”.


I still don’t understand how it works — especially with the Talker having to move out, but Assistant Manager explained it as only applying to new people and people coming in under the department of Housing and Urban Development. She didn’t use the words that I’m “grandfathered in”, but I gather that’s what she means.

At any rate, recertification is a done deal, a load off my mind, and I supposedly don’t have to worry about qualifying or not next year.

Prior to the session, I vacillated all week, and right up to when I was sitting in a chair in the Assistant Manager’s office signing paperwork, as to whether I’d give management a heads up that the repairs I’d requested had not yet been taken care of OR let them be roasted by the inspectors.

Not sure which way I’d go, I decided — whether or not my recertification went through, to wait for a sign during the meeting — something being said that would sway me to one side or the other.

That sign came when Assistant Manager had me fill in areas on paperwork a year or two old, because she’d failed to have me write-in this that the other on those old forms, saying the upcoming inspection included her files.

So, I said, “You’ve got worse problems than that, because the repairs I requested have not yet been taken care of”.

"We’re going to get to that. The guys are going around now, making repairs in the order they were requested. That’s why they’re so busy." Then with a worried look on her face she said, "I hope they can get to this".

Meaning … before the inspectors get here.

As for "in the order they were requested", my request was made early September, which means there are work orders they are now busting their butts to take care of before the inspectors check the maintenance logs, that were placed before September.

This last-minute pressure, on the part of maintenance, could have been avoided had everyone just done their job in the first place, rather than ignore.

The work orders they do manage to clear up, they'll probably backdate the date completed, to hide evidence of their ineptitude.

Evidently, management was given no advance notice the inspection was coming, until it was.

I love it.