Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Winning Halloween

Heading to the pain cave this morning, I saw that neighbor across the quad, downstairs corner unit, has added a graveyard to her patio decorations.



She is definitely winning Halloween, LOL.

We are having a Halloween Patio Decoration contest and, yesterday, I saw the Tyrant taking photos of her patio.

That could mean he likes what he saw and she wins, OR he could be pissed her patio is not what he considers “family friendly” and is going to give her a lease violation.

Who can tell with this guy, but I’m opting for she wins, because her display is the essence of Halloween.

With a resident supposedly testing positive for Covid, and being in self-quarantine, it’s still been business as usual on the complex — except for the fact the regulatory agency opted not to send their agents back to make sure management is in compliance with their rules and regulations.

I was so hoping to be selected for inspection, because management has STILL not handled my maintenance requests, so hopefully the regulatory agency will reschedule.

If not, I’m looking at another round of hounding management for months, possibly years, to get things taken care of.

Yesterday was Pizza Tuesday (and for long-time readers ... yes, they still have that, where residents show up to the Community Room, help themselves to a free whole pizza donated by Pizza Hut).

Tuesday was also Arts and Crafts.

Activity Director advised it’s to be the last Arts and Crafts session this year. Something about the budget and management wanting to focus the budget on doing something "for all of us" (meaning all residents of the complex) later in the year.

Sounds like bull crap to me, but not Activity Director’s bull crap. More like crap coming from the Tyrant.

No Arts and Crafts in November, none in December and management using the dollars saved for some bogus event expecting ALL residents will benefit, give a damn, get involved.

The Tyrant is delusional.

Did he learn nothing from his failed Movie Nights?

So anyway, arriving at the Community Room to participate in Arts and Crafts, I found the ladies, once again bunched up at one table. I myself once again played it safe, opted for a table to myself.

The Seer didn’t grace us with her presence this time, so I was able to spread out and keep the table to myself.

For the first time ever, Not Dead Nancy joined us usual suspects, as did a new resident.

So, things were picking up — just in time to be halted, due to the “budget”.

Our craft was Halloween Painted Mason Jars.

All the jars were cute, except for mine.

I set out to paint one jar like candy corn, make the other an evil pumpkin, but the finished products did not come out as I'd imagined.

Marie Kondo — the maven of organization, says that if an item does not bring you joy, get rid of it. Neither jar brought me joy so, when the session ended and I returned to my unit, I tossed them in the trash.

I could have redone the jars at the session, I could have picked up craft paint and redone the jars later, but I don’t need any more stuff I don’t need taking up space in my unit.

I enjoy learning new crafts, I have fun making things in Arts and Crafts, but rarely have I held onto anything coming from the sessions — past and current, as the items generally are just not my style.

At any rate, all that remains of my project is a glimpse of one jar in the group photo.

Some of you might remember the kitten that was saved from the engine of my next door neighbor’s car, and how I was concerned that the kitten was given to the resident that I suspected had done something to the puppy she adopted during the quarantine that caused the puppy to be put to sleep.

While we were working on our jars, that neighbor walked in to pick up a pizza. I greeted her and asked, "How’s the kitten?"

Her face lit up, and she began gushing about how sweet the kitten is, how the kitten has changed her life, how much she loves and is enjoying having the kitten.

I believe her. I felt her sincerity.

She had pics of the kitten on her phone and told me of funny things the kitten does, how it follows her around and is learning to use the kitty litter box.

So, those of us who were concerned can breathe a sigh of relief. The kitten is in good hands.


  1. What interesting socializing! Sounds like the gathering is to find out local scoop more than creating art. (So which character is on the far right in pink? She needs her mask glued over her nose.) Maybe if they save money eliminating crafts, they'll have money to do your apartment repairs, eh? Linda in Kansas

    1. But of course these sessions serve the two-fold purpose of info gathering. As for the woman in pink, color me surprised when I later looked at the photo and saw her in it. I had no idea she’d jumped in and, when I saw she’d pulled her mask down, I was glad she wasn’t standing next to me. She was not part of the Arts and Crafts team. She was the woman that came in for pizza, the one who adopted the kitten.

  2. Great news about the kitten! Thanks for finding out about it.

    Does Pizza Hut give each person a whole pizza?

    1. They once-a-week donate about three dozen, sometimes more, and it's first come, first served until the pizza's are gone.

  3. Hell, the jars in the second photo of mason jars, I would buy them! And if the Tyrant was to walk around New Hope and Lmabertville here...he would pass out from the Halloween decor, more than half is spooky as hell and not family friendly...but everyone heres love that.

    1. Not Dead Nancy will be pleased when I tell her someone liked her work enough to say they'd would have bought them. I'm glad neighbor challenged the Tyrant by putting up a graveyard, tombstones AND bones. We'll see in a few days how the wind blows ... he likes it and she wins, or she gets a warning to not do it again. LOL.

  4. They all look cute. Arts and crafts are good to stimulate - is the the right or left side of your brain? I'm like you. I try not to keep my projects. I have no room unless it is an absolute beaut.

    1. When we decorated Easter Eggs, I used wooden eggs so I could keep. Looking around, I don't see that I kept anything else. I can't answer that question about left/right brain. Let's see if another commenter can weigh in and enlighten us.

  5. "but I don’t need any more stuff"
    Me neither!

    1. They'll never see us on an episode of Hoarders, cause we know when to stop collecting more stuff :-)

  6. Yep, the creations from Arts and Crafts sessions often have a very short shelf life.

  7. Glad to hear the kitten is doing well.
    The painted jars are cute.
    They aren't taking care of your maintenance requests? I hate when theta happens.

    1. I've done this dance with them many times before. I'll be a nuisance until they get sick of hearing from me and do their job just not to hear from me again. LOL.

  8. No arts and crafts? Just as the holiday season gets going? Shame. Glad you had fun making your candy corn jar even if you ended up trashing it. "the joy is in the journey" :)
    Thanks for the kitten update - happy it's a good one!

    1. "The joy is the journey" ... that's a good one. Me too on the kitten. I guess she's a cat person, not a dog person. Too bad she didn't realize that before the puppy lost it's life.

  9. Some of those Jars did turn out really good. Glad the Kitten has a good Home, not all Pet Owners are up to the Job, with Cats, if they have an unfit Owner they usually find a way to escape and pick a new one... unlike the Loyalty of a Dog that will tolerate even a piss poor Owner. I'm not always attached to the Outcome of anything I Create, Donate the Jars next time to some Chazza, people are always looking for Art Supplies they can get on The Cheap for what they plan to Create... that's where I Source all of my Mason Jars.

    1. I've never seen a Chazza before. Looking online, I don't think we have those here, but donating somewhere is a good idea for next time.