Friday, October 22, 2021

Getting My Act Together, Taking it on the Road

I probably shouldn’t have, but I skipped Tuesday and Thursday’s training walk around the university’s campus. Instead, I did laundry, grocery shopping, meal prep, deciding what to take, what to wear and checking route directions in preparation for participating in this weekend's in-person 5K.

In my younger years, a weekend away entailed the clothes I had on my back, a toothbrush, change of undies. My luggage could fit in a paper bag. Food was meals out or room service.

Now a simple overnight stay is a major production — makeup, reading glasses, driving glasses, meals that won’t irritate my gut that can be warmed up in a hotel room with no kitchen by wrapping in foil, then pressing down on with the hotel’s hot iron, a container with my own coffee, a container with my own filtered water, blood pressure medication, and pain sprays/patches in case my knees, feet or hip end up aching after the race, or I pull out my back carrying luggage up/down stairs (it has happened). Now, of course, there's the extra added pandemic precaution of taking antiseptic wipes and sprays.

Such is life's progression.

At any rate, that’s what I’ve been up to last few days.

Yesterday was Day 1 of the first wave of inspections. Today is Day 2. I’ve not seen any persons walking around, seeming to be checking units, but I have seen a slew of cars parked outside, so they are here.

Perhaps Phase 1 is checking management’s records-keeping and, Phase 2 — October 25 through 29, is when they’ll be checking units.

We’ll see.

I should come away from this weekend with some interesting pics to post. Not just of the race, where I think I’ll see quite a few runners wearing Squid Game track suits, but also of the area around the famous, possibly haunted, Mission Inn.

BTW I forgot to mention that, when I ran into the Talker the other day, she'd said "I like your snowman".

"What snowman?" asked I.

She pointed to the candy corn witch on my patio and said, "That one".

I had no words because, if she couldn't tell the difference between a snowman and candy corn, why waste my time explaining.


  1. Good luck with your racing adventure! Do you need a bathing suit for the hot tub that's hopefully at the hotel?
    Don't step on any squid.
    If Talker still drives, you probably shouldn't ride with her. Her vision is WAY off. Snowman!? Linda in Kansas

    1. Thanks, but there will be no hot tub for me. Not since I learned we pick up the germs of whoever was in the tub before us and in the tub with us. That a hot tub is people soup. Ewwww.

  2. Didn't know the difference between a snowman and candy corn? Good grief.

  3. Oh my! Now I will never look at a hot tub in the same way-- ick- "people soup", repulsive!

  4. Good Luck in the race and a stay away from home.

  5. Snowman - ha!
    I get what you mean about packing for a weekend away now. Geesh.