Friday, December 31, 2021

Bad Mom

Do you think they'll notice? I thought to myself when I posted a photo of my twins when they were hours old and wished them a Happy 54th Birthday yesterday morning.

Problem is … their birthday was the day before, and I’d forgotten until something just clicked in my brain that next morning.

They’ll probably rack it up to mom’s old, doesn’t remember things so well. If they don’t, then I myself will play the age card — I’m old, don’t remember things so well.

Which isn’t entirely untrue.

At any rate, onward and upwards.

With yesterday being a free day, I was hoping for a break in the rain so I could drive to the craft store.

There was enough of a break that I headed out with the intent to stop by the drug store for that electrical tape, and then drive on from there. However, when I saw how frantically people were driving, and the drug store had no electrical tape, I decided on batteries to see if I can get an old blood pressure monitor to work, because the one I generally use just kinda got up and walked away, then headed back to the complex.

While at the drug store, a weird little man came out of nowhere, and disappeared just as quickly back into nowhere.

I was browsing the battery isle for the best bang for the buck when he — a skinny little white dude of undetermined age, was suddenly at my side.

Didn’t sound like store security profiling me, because he said "Good morning, ma’am. You can get those cheaper at Walmart".

"Maybe so", replied I. "But who wants to go to Walmart. Too many people".

Then, with him standing too close, I stepped back to look for what I needed from a distance.

He babbled on for a bit about this one was cheaper here, that one was cheaper there and, when I saw what I was looking for, I grabbed it, headed for the register, looked back and POOF he was gone.

Disappeared into thin air.

Was that some kind of hallucination?

A visitation? 

A Dr. Who Tardis thing?

Some kind of weird message and messenger from the universe?

With electrical tape nowhere near, perhaps I should have listened to what he had to say, driven to Walmart.

Hope I didn’t make a cosmic mistake to not listen, opting instead to head back to the complex, order online instead.

Back at the complex, I stopped into the office to drop off next month’s rent check.

The Lobby looked nice. Someone did a good job on the tree.

After dropping off a check in the rent slot, I headed for the mail center, passing the Assistant Manager’s Office, the Maintenance Office and the Tyrant’s Office.

Lights were on and someone was in each office EXCEPT the Tyrant’s.

Lights were off, his office was dark, no one there.

So, I guess that settles it. No Activity Calendar or word on who won the contest until after the 1st of the year.

Is his absence the reason for the hold up?

Is he out just for the day OR has he been out all along?

He’s not one of my favorite people, yet I don’t wish him serious ill but maybe the holdup is that he’s been sick/in quarantine.

If my buddy Apache were still around, he'd have the dirt on what's been going on in the office. But with Apache evicted, and everyone pretty much keeping to themselves (because there are no activities and Omicron), there's not much tea spilling out onto the grapevine.

Oh well, we'll know what we know when we know it.

When I’d initially headed out that morning, I spotted something to file under the category of one of these things is not like the other.

That's Shadow's walker in a quasi-parking stall.

I pay $15 a month for my parking space. Shadow has found a clever way to not have to carry his walker up to his unit, and park it for free.

Inasmuch as everyone around here is not honest, and meth heads, looking for stuff to steal, sometimes make it onto the property, it’s kinda risky — not to mention it's outside, at the mercy of the elements.

My only obligation today is this morning's workout. Once that's over and done with, plan for remainder of this New Year’s Eve is to — even though I don’t drink, to enjoy a glass of champagne, binge watch YOU on Netflix — a thriller about a Dexter like character who stalks women he's interested in, gets rid of the competition.

Because this year has been a different kind of crazy and is now ending with fires raging, homes burning, folks stuck in a travel nightmare, the Variant, it's not looking good for 2022. Makes me reluctant to say Happy New Year. So, I'll leave it at Be Happy, Safe, Healthy, Prosperous.

Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Ain't Over Til It's Over

Woke up this morning feeling refreshed and ready to go for the first time since I don’t know when.

Probably because, with Jim — The Most Interesting Man, having been determined to be the source of that sense of an impending death, rather than immediate family, and having not heard from THEM last few days, with no further disturbances in the Force, I was able to get the first all the way through until morning sleep since I can remember when.

Monday had been painless.

A break in the rainstorm enabled me to finish that morning’s workout and make it back to the complex ahead of the storm starting up again.

Heading out that morning, I made a point to drive the long way out of the driveway to check on patio decorations.

From what I could tell, all were still intact, except the one that was under wraps until judgment day — the day the Tyrant was supposedly to have made a decision.

We’d STILL not heard who won by then — who placed, who showed, but the resident of that patio had already removed the display, which led me to hope that patio did not win, place OR show, because it seemed kind of cheesy to decorate, keep under wraps with the intent of having a big reveal — to be seen on judgment day, then to immediately remove before we’d been notified of the winning patios/before the holiday was over.

I myself don’t want the lights to go out, don’t want the holiday to end, so my plan is to unplug on New Year’s Day, then take my time returning items to storage.

I so don’t want the holiday to end that, when last at the drugstore, I’d picked up an on-sale gingerbread kit.

It will give me an opportunity to try the sugar glue option, instead of royal icing, but I may not get around to working on it for months ... but no one ever said we can only build in December.

With the office closed on Friday — New Year’s Eve, that gives the Tyrant until tomorrow to post January’s Activity Calendar to our doors, which calendar should indicate who won what (I’m beginning to think the winner might be my neighbor around the corner — the one with the poinsettia on her patio). However, it wouldn’t surprise me if we don’t receive a calendar until Monday the 3rd — too late to walk around, check out the winners, capture a photo for you if it was a patio I’d missed.

Actually, with the Tyrant’s track record, I’d not be surprised if the info was not in the calendar at all, and we never learned who won.

Stopping into the market, after this morning’s workout, was boring without an elf to hunt for. When I exited the market, intent on heading to the drug store for electrical tape — to see if I can salvage the power cord on one of the laptops, it began sprinkling. So, I put that errand on the back burner and high tailed it back to the complex before the rainstorm started up again.

Stopping by the mail center, I spotted one of Jan’s creations I’d not seen before.

She must have used a stencil on this one, because it’s too perfect to be hand drawn.

So, anyway, I don’t have to head back out into the world tomorrow after all. No beastmode back-to-back workout, because Trainer decided to keep Friday’s schedule as is.

Works for me.

Monday, December 27, 2021

And Just Like That … We’re Back

My three-day hiatus from the world flew by. Here I am at another Monday, very much relating to what a recent new commenter posted on her blog — that Every morning my 2 year old sits up in her bed and yells "HELP, I WOKE UP".

I may adopt that phrase as my tagline for future Mondays — "HELP, I WOKE UP AND IT’S MONDAY".

At any rate, it’s back to my usual weekly routine, except for back-to-back workouts this week, because Friday is New Year’s Eve.

Talk about silent night, holy night, I don’t know how holy things were on the complex, but the silence late Christmas Eve/early Christmas morning was eery.

Not a creature was stirring — no voices of residents, no doors opening/closing, no dogs barking, no street traffic, no nothing. It was like the first few days of the Quarantine. You could have heard a pin drop.

There was a break in the rainstorm Christmas Day, so sights and sounds returned to the area, and the sun actually showed up for a few hours on Sunday, so I ventured out to take trash to the dumpster.

Other than those few minutes on Sunday, I did not step foot outside the front door.

Did I get what I wanted for Christmas, you ask.

There was an anxious moment every single time I got a ring or a ping on the phone, whereupon I’d send up a prayer, "Please God, don’t let it be one of them" (Them being Twin 1, Twin 2, Granddaughter) and I was relieved to find it was notification of an email, something from a Facebook friend, or a call listed as "potential spam".

So, did I get what I wanted for Christmas or not. The answer is mostly, nearly, kinda sorta.

Nothing from Twin 1, Twin 2, but I had an oh crap moment when, on Christmas morning, granddaughter’s name popped up in a ping.

Fortunately, it wasn't anything too too heavy, just a message wishing me a Merry Christmas — which was sweet of her except it morphed into a discussion of Omicron when she mentioned she and hubby were staying in because she's worried about catching Omicron and how it would affect her unborn son.

All of a sudden, I found myself having to reassure her that, though it’s being said everyone will eventually catch Omicron, that because she is young, healthy, has no underlying conditions, she and her baby probably won’t suffer ill effects.

I’m not Fauci, so I don’t know any of that to be true but, evidently, it was what she needed to hear, said "That’s a good point", and went away somewhat reassured.

Granddaughter is somewhat of a drama queen so, if it wasn't Omicron and pregnant, it would have been something else. Consequently, I learned a long time ago to remain detached, not get caught up in whatever worry, concern, drama she's manufactured, so I came away unbothered/unworried from that interaction.

THEN, when there was a ping the following day (Sunday) and granddaughter’s name popped up again it was like fukkkkkkkkk, until I saw it was just a photo.

Much like Kathy, over at Second Half of My Life, and I did back in 2015, someone was performing Random Acts of Christmas Cheer in granddaughter's neighborhood park.

After that message, I was home free.

So, all in all, it was an okay holiday for me — time spent catching up on recorded television programs, scrapbooking, needlepoint, lots of naps and swapping my face on the Reface app.

Friday, December 24, 2021

All I Want for Christmas

It’s raining — storming actually, since early yesterday morning

It’s dark, gloomy, the forecast is for this weather to continue off/on for the next six/seven days, but at least I’ve got today, tomorrow and the next day before I have to leave my unit, interact with the outside world.

I even have tamales in the freezer, left over from when I last made ‘em, while I'm seeing, on the news, long lines of others out in the rain, waiting to get theirs.

With no place I must go, nothing I must do outside of my little unit, three days until I have to interact with the outside world again, and tamales in the freezer, all I want for Christmas is for my twins, and granddaughter, to not call me, not text me, to be able to handle their own squabbles and issues without worrying/involving me.

Wishing every member of my blogging family a Fun Fabulous Happy Merry Christmas, Kwansaa, Solstice.

Thursday, December 23, 2021

Verdict Watch

This is heartbreaking and even though, as some have commented, a man died, a family deserves justice and this was a "mistake" a police officer should not have made — all of which I agree with, I'd still give her a walk, hang the jury, even if the victim were a member of my own family.

What further pushed me into wanting a deadlocked jury, was the way the prosecuting attorney bullied her on the stand.

I can't abide a bully and will always go against the bully, whatever the circumstances.

Perhaps some kind of plea agreement can be reached, to satisfy those that want, at least, some punishment doled out.

So, after having gotten that off my chest, life goes on and even though yesterday was a Pain Cave day, today is not a rest day, because Friday is Christmas Eve. This means I’m going beastmode, back-to-back days, no time for my body to recover.

Next Friday is New Year’s Eve, so I’m looking at beastmode again next week.

I’ll survive, but you know how us old folks don’t care for change.

Speaking of change, Trainer has — for the umpteeth time, relocated the treadmill.

It’s back in the main room, intersecting the feng shui Family and Fame walls, in the Relationship corner, where I can once again look out, around, see everything inside and outside the studio.

He says he had planned to (stupidly) have the treadmill facing the wall, but his wife had my back and reminded him, "Shirley’s not going to like that. She’s got that feng shui thing going".

I won’t tell you what he said to his wife about Shirley and her feng shui thing, but he ended up positioning the treadmill correctly. ROFLMAO!

With the Hometown Elf heading back to the North Pole on Friday, I popped into the market yesterday for one last hunt.

Stepping inside the market door, scanning the area before I passed the entry way, I saw a little boy inside the market standing still, looking up at the ceiling.

Being nosey, I walked near to where he was standing, paused to see what he was looking at, threw my head back and, lo and behold, it was Ginger the Elf, high up, arms wrapped around what looks to be some kind of eye in the sky recording device.

Had the kid not given Ginger’s location away, I honestly don’t think I’d have found her, but I know to check the ceiling next year.

I also ran into my friend the Archeologist, who said she’d not yet spotted the elf.

Checking in with her later, she did have a successful hunt.

Checking in with the Baker yesterday, there’d been nothing on the grapevine as to who won the Patio Contest — and, if the Baker doesn’t know, no one knows.

Maybe, with so many choices, the Tyrant is deadlocked/hung on his decision.

UPDATE: Returning from the Pain Cave, stiff, sore, I see the verdict has come in — guilty of first- and second-degree manslaughter in the fatal shooting of Daunte Wright.

It is what it is.

Tuesday, December 21, 2021

The Most Interesting Man

My stomach acting up all day every day for over a month, I narrowed the cause down to my morning cup of coffee — too much acid, and determined this morning, to give up coffee.

That resolve ended by 10:47, when I got the coffee pot going and had my first cup of the devil’s brew at 11:01.

I’m sick and tired of feeling queasy, but breaking my caffeine addition is something I’m going to have to ease into — try try try until something clicks.

I also find myself snacking a little too much, but the source of that is coming from stress associated with something happening that has me torn between being relieved, when I should be sad. Though, I do think I’m a little bit of both.

That something is that the most interesting man I’ve ever been in a serious relationship with has passed away.

Why in the world would I feel somewhat relieved that someone has passed away you ask.

Well, that’s because, a few weeks ago, I’d mentioned to Trainer that I was not sleeping well — waking up at 1:00, 3:00, 4:00, because I had a feeling there was going to be a death and that "I’m pretty sure it’s not me".

Thinking I’d not have the feeling unless it was someone close, i.e., someone in the family, I’d begun to think it might be grandson-in-law’s elderly dad.

Then, on Sunday, I had the thought to check the Facebook page of my old boyfriend, the actor/writer and found a Remembering/Memorialized Account.

Contacting his daughter, I learned he’d passed away suddenly, unexpectedly, and his family was reeling because they were all present and watched when he "Had a really bad fall … Fell backwards from coming up the steps from the basement to the kitchen".

What followed was a fractured skull, internal brain bleeding, spine fracture, not recognizing anyone, helicoptered to a hospital where family was ultimately told he would no longer be able to communicate ever again, was going to be on oxygen the rest of his life, along with a feeding tube.

The family had struggled with the implications, whether Jim would want to live like that, and ultimately Jim’s life ended with his "passing away peacefully through comfort measures".

I didn’t ask what "comfort measures" meant, because I was pretty well stunned at how Jim’s life, at 62 years of age, had ended with a fall.

I’ve blogged previously about how a fall is the No. 1 concern for us seniors, after having seen first-hand how it has changed the active life of so many in the complex to inactive, even death.

I feel enormously guilty that I’m relieved this passing wasn’t family but, at the same time, sad it was Jim.

Not only was Jim the most interesting man I've ever been in a serious relationship with, but he was also the smartest.

Late in life, he earned several degrees … in history, theology and surprisingly, criminal justice, and was thisclose to obtaining his PhD when he passed away.

Why a degree in criminal justice was a surprise will become clear as you read on.

Jim was divorced when we met, with an annoying ex-wife in Los Angeles, who’d given him a daughter and an ex-girlfriend in Mexico, who’d given him a son.

After our relationship ended on a positive note, Jim relocated to Mexico, married that baby’s mama, added an additional son and daughter to the mix, became owner operator of a hot dog stand, ran in 2012 as Democratic candidate to the U.S. House representing the 11th Congressional District of Texas, taught English to Chinese students via an online setup, became an Untenured Professor teaching college courses. Just super smart.

His path through life began with a stint in the Army, after which he became a DEA Agent.

From there, as a naughty Agent, he spiraled down to a stint in federal prison.

Back in ’91, his cellmate was the former police officer labeled "The most corrupt cop in L.A."

A lot has happened in the cop world since then so, though the infamous cellmate is still in prison, I’m sure others have taken the title.

At any rate, after Jim was released from prison, he made his living as a part-time actor, author.

During an annual visit to my Shaman, he saw a "James" and a "Robert" in my future. "One of them in law or show business — film production, something like that, maybe something a little bit less but has been making money at it … you will meet in a place where ideas are being discussed — he’s an educated man — going to meet him not far from a school".

Of course, I poo poo’d it at the time because, just like now, I wasn’t interested. But low and behold, a few weeks later at the Bicycle Fair in the Long Beach Promenade Amphitheater, I met Jim.

I didn’t connect the dots until months later when I realized Jim’s Christian name was "James", that I’d met him at the Amphitheater (a place where ideas were discussed by scholars and philosophers) which amphitheater just happened to be located half a block away from a big charter school.

At that time Jim — good looking, Irish, educated was, as I said, a former Agent of the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms (Law) currently making his living as a bit actor (show business) while writing and promoting himself as a production company (film production).

The Shaman got it on all points.

It was an intense relationship, in a good way, but when it got too serious and a decision had to be made, I decided Jim had too much baggage, and I did the smart thing and chose sound logic — staying single, living alone over companionship. We parted as good friends and kept in contact for years.

I'm really sorry to see Jim go out the way he did. He had so many plans for his future, and was working hard on getting that PhD, and getting back in shape — diet, exercise, got up to weeklong treks along the Appalachian Trail.

I've lived a life, so there's one other serious relationship out there, which was before Jim.

That one did not end well, but only because the guy was immature and a lawyer — and you know how lawyers like to win; plus, he's an Arab — and you know they have an attitude as to how women are to be subservient. Being a lawyer and an Arab, the idea of a woman breaking up with him was unforgivable.

We did not end on friendly terms, and though our paths have crossed a time or two, he remains bitter all these many years later.

Monday, December 20, 2021

Comedy of Errors

The Tyrant had a notice posted to our doors on Friday that we’d be having Carolers on the property 5:45 PM Saturday.

At 5:45, it’s pitch black outside, not to mention so frigid cold that I’m bundled up in my fleece camo onesie pajamas, with the heat on but, in anticipation, I dressed in leggings, a Christmas tee and Christmas socks. I’d even purchased little chocolate Santa’s as treats for the Carolers.

If Carolers ever showed up, I didn’t hear or see them. Nor, did Red Light District, who accosted me yesterday asking, "Did you win the contest?"

"If anyone won, I’ve not heard about it yet", said I.

So, I guess her question means everyone is running around wondering who got a call from the Tyrant.

With the next activity calendar (for January), not expected until end of the month — which is to include unit number and photos of the winners, I guess we’ll find the answer as to who through the grapevine long before that.

As for the Carolers, it may be they were in the Community Room — which was not how the notice made it appear AND, if they were in the Community Room, waiting for us residents to appear, hear their performance, then they were just as disappointed as we were.

Other than that, looks like not much will be going on for a while, thanks to Omicron.

The in-person 5Ks I’d been considering have been cancelled and, not inclined to walk the college campus in this chilly weather, I guess it’s sitting on my behind season — needlepoint and television.

Speaking of television, I thought this woman did a much better job on the stand than that whiny snotnosed kid.

Was she too acting?

I personally don’t think so.

Seemed genuine to me, and I’m expecting a verdict sometime this week.

I won’t be surprised or upset if she gets a walk, or some kind of slap on the wrist, because this is a tough call.

The whole thing was a comedy of errors, starting with a bullsh!t stop for expired registration tag and air freshener hanging from the rearview mirror, when there’s actual crime in the streets that requires police attention.

Combine the bullcrap stop that shouldn’t have happened in the first place, to Daunte Wright trying to run — which in my mind was like why bro … where did you think you were running to?, then a seasoned cop mistaking a gun for a taser, just a comedy of errors.

Even though I think there should be some punishment for mistaking a gun for a taser, I just don’t know and wouldn’t be able to decide guilt were I on the jury.

Friday, December 17, 2021

Judgment Day

Today is Judgment Day, but don’t panic — because I’m not referring to God’s Final Judgment Day. Instead, this is Judgment Day for the Patio Decorating Contest.

Lots of little ho hum displays have popped up during the week — one just yesterday when Nurse Ratched’s mom, who still lives here, decorated her patio.

Casino Lady — who lives above Jan, the rock painting resident, and who hasn't been mentioned in the blog for over two/three years, got her display up.

Red Light District (RLD) has once again upped her game by adding Christmas music to her display and turning the lights of her display on during the day.

The wind was blowing so hard when I headed out to the Pain Cave this morning, that I had to pause, brace myself against the wind to keep from being blown over, and I'm not a small woman.

Blowing so hard that RLD's blow up Santa and Company were taking a beating, and her doormat ended up out onto the walkway.

So hard that, when I returned from the Pain Cave, she'd momentarily given up and let the air out of Santa and Company. The trio was once again flat on their faces, to keep them from being blown away, and the Christmas music was off.

Taking the long way out of the complex this morning, I spotted a few other so so patios.

I also saw the mysterious patio, with the tarp, had been unveiled.

So THAT was the game all along ... to keep things under wrap and have the big reveal on Judgment Day.


Was it worth the wait?

I think it might place.

I don’t know if the Tyrant will be walking around today, taking photos to choose from. The windy weather is prohibitive, so he may wait until Monday.

At any rate, we shall see what we shall see when we see insofar as who wins, who places, who shows.

Heading to the drugstore yesterday, to pick up a refill for my Brita system, it occurred to me that the market, only two doors down, might have refills in stock, which would give me another opportunity to hunt for the elf. 

The market did indeed stock refills and, after once around the perimeters, I spotted Ginger the Elf.

At the check stand there was the usual question, "Did you find everything you were looking for?".

"I did indeed. I also found the elf", said I.

Both the cashier and bag girl simultaneously responded excitedly, "Where … Where is she!?"

"Over there (pointing). On top of ice cream".

"Oh, I see."

"You two don’t know where she is?", asked I.

"They don’t tell us".

That’s interesting. I didn’t think until later to have asked who does know … who is in charge of hiding the elf, but I’m guessing one of the managers.

After pointing out the elf to the two, the cashier then asked, "Do you want the reward?"

I started to say no thanks, but then I remembered blogging buddy Mike had asked about the reward. So here you go Mike ….

Bite-Sized Candy Cane

I also found the Elf the previous day, on Wednesday, when I popped into the market after working out.

The first time I found the elf, she was getting drunk on eggnog. Now, here she was looking tipsy, hanging off a cardboard advent display in the Liquor Department.

I’m beginning to suspect my hometown elf is an alcoholic.

Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Holiday Cookies

That was some rain storm we had yesterday. Today, the sun was shining, it was dry outside. It was almost as that all day, half the night rain never happened.

I for one was happy it happened on a non-training day, so I didn’t have to swim to the Pain Cave.

Heading out for this morning’s workout, I saw gone was the paper the resident I've dubbed Red Light District (RLD) had wrapped around the two patio doors to resemble Christmas packages.

Inasmuch as paper and water doesn't mix, it was probably necessary to remove the watered-down mess after the storm, but she’s soooo obsessive. Always fiddling around with the decorations on the patio.

With so many interesting patios for the Tyrant to choose winners from, RLD hasn’t a prayer of winning, so all this obsessing is a waste of energy.

Driving out of the complex, taking the long way around to see if the patio with the Christmas Tree has been unveiled, I saw it’s still covered with tarp. Which begs the question … why bother?

You go to the trouble of hauling all that stuff out, but then don’t get to look at and enjoy your handiwork, nor do you allow others to enjoy.

The contest ends in two days on the 17th, so my guess is the display will be unveiled just for the purpose of the Tyrant seeing and judging on that day.

Warm and cozy inside yesterday, I got started on the pre-built ready-to-decorate gingerbread house.

I worked on it a little before I headed out to the Pain Cave this morning, and completed when I returned.

Front and Side


I’m happy with the results.

It’s an improvement over my past attempts at decorating gingerbread.

That done, it being chilly inside, I thought it would be nice to warm the place up this afternoon by baking some gluten-free cookies — and you can thank Mistress Maddie for how that turned out.

Mistress Maddie was the one that got me hooked on Reface, where I spend time swapping my face — like the time I made myself, to name a few ……….

Mona Lisa

Girl with the Pearl Earring



AND .... 

This time, Mistress Maddie got me hooked by the hilarious photo of a snow person called a “frostitute”.

So, I challenged myself to recreate that in cookie form.

So far so good, except that one cookie on the left looks like her implant surgery went a little off center.

Cooled and decorated (Decorated poorly. Would have been easier to decorate had I flattened them a bit).

It’s a good thing we’re not back to having Cookie Swaps yet, because I’d have gotten myself banned from the Community Room.

Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Do You See What I See, Part 2

Running low on a few items gave me the excuse I needed to pop into the market, hunt for the Elf, after yesterday’s workout.

It appears Spider (the icky security guard) is gone for good, and it’s safe to go back to my regular shopping location and time, because he’s been absent for weeks.

This time, there was a young security guard at the station.

He appeared to be smiling through his mask when he said “Hello, I like your mask”.

Inasmuch as he came across as normal friendly, not sinister manipulative like Spider, I smiled back through my mask, said hello and thank you.

After a time, having not much luck finding the Elf, I was ready to admit defeat, but then decided to check the Liquor Department.

No luck.

While standing in the Liquor Department, I turned around, stood still, and slowly began scanning far and near areas of the market I could see from that vantage point.

I spotted something red.


Had I turned that corner and looked up, I’d probably not have seen the Elf. She was mostly only visible from where I was standing in the Liquor Department.

So that’s another successful hunt.

I finished the second attempt at a baby quilt over the weekend.

Having pretty much polished up on my long ago last used quilting skills on the first quilt, which on the surface looked okay, but I was not happy with, work on the second quilt was fast, neat, and the finished product is super cute.

While I was in the mood, I quickly also knocked out a quilted blanket, then designed, printed to fabric and attached my own label.



I was going to cut up and toss the first quilt, but then I thought it’s not horrible, and Twin 2’s very spoiled Jack Russell Terrier would enjoy it. So, I’ll be gifting that one to Patches.

The Dog's Quilt

Those are small unicorns on the back side, but Patches will probably think they’re small dogs.

Because I’d initially purchased fabric from the craft store, but then saw much nicer fabric panels online, I’ve leftovers, which I thought to turn into receiving blankets and burping cloths, but nah.

Though I can and do occasionally sew, sewing is not my favorite craft. I’m ready to get the sewing machine and tools out of the way, regain my space, so I’ll donate the extra fabric to someone somewhere.

As if I’d not been busy enough yesterday, what with working out, hunting for the elf, attaching the label to the quilt and blanket, when I saw I had leftover chili enough for dinner last night and today, I thought to stretch it into more than just two meals by using the chili as tamale filling.

I’ve pretty much got the art of tamale making for the single woman down to quick, fast, easy.

Ended up with 13 tamales, six meals and one for breakfast this morning.

The rain storm we were told to expect, hit the area in the early morning hours. So, today is looking like an uneventful day inside.