Friday, December 17, 2021

Judgment Day

Today is Judgment Day, but don’t panic — because I’m not referring to God’s Final Judgment Day. Instead, this is Judgment Day for the Patio Decorating Contest.

Lots of little ho hum displays have popped up during the week — one just yesterday when Nurse Ratched’s mom, who still lives here, decorated her patio.

Casino Lady — who lives above Jan, the rock painting resident, and who hasn't been mentioned in the blog for over two/three years, got her display up.

Red Light District (RLD) has once again upped her game by adding Christmas music to her display and turning the lights of her display on during the day.

The wind was blowing so hard when I headed out to the Pain Cave this morning, that I had to pause, brace myself against the wind to keep from being blown over, and I'm not a small woman.

Blowing so hard that RLD's blow up Santa and Company were taking a beating, and her doormat ended up out onto the walkway.

So hard that, when I returned from the Pain Cave, she'd momentarily given up and let the air out of Santa and Company. The trio was once again flat on their faces, to keep them from being blown away, and the Christmas music was off.

Taking the long way out of the complex this morning, I spotted a few other so so patios.

I also saw the mysterious patio, with the tarp, had been unveiled.

So THAT was the game all along ... to keep things under wrap and have the big reveal on Judgment Day.


Was it worth the wait?

I think it might place.

I don’t know if the Tyrant will be walking around today, taking photos to choose from. The windy weather is prohibitive, so he may wait until Monday.

At any rate, we shall see what we shall see when we see insofar as who wins, who places, who shows.

Heading to the drugstore yesterday, to pick up a refill for my Brita system, it occurred to me that the market, only two doors down, might have refills in stock, which would give me another opportunity to hunt for the elf. 

The market did indeed stock refills and, after once around the perimeters, I spotted Ginger the Elf.

At the check stand there was the usual question, "Did you find everything you were looking for?".

"I did indeed. I also found the elf", said I.

Both the cashier and bag girl simultaneously responded excitedly, "Where … Where is she!?"

"Over there (pointing). On top of ice cream".

"Oh, I see."

"You two don’t know where she is?", asked I.

"They don’t tell us".

That’s interesting. I didn’t think until later to have asked who does know … who is in charge of hiding the elf, but I’m guessing one of the managers.

After pointing out the elf to the two, the cashier then asked, "Do you want the reward?"

I started to say no thanks, but then I remembered blogging buddy Mike had asked about the reward. So here you go Mike ….

Bite-Sized Candy Cane

I also found the Elf the previous day, on Wednesday, when I popped into the market after working out.

The first time I found the elf, she was getting drunk on eggnog. Now, here she was looking tipsy, hanging off a cardboard advent display in the Liquor Department.

I’m beginning to suspect my hometown elf is an alcoholic.


  1. Casino Lady?!?!?! Can you say Holy Tinsel Batman?!?!

    1. "Casino Lady" because she worked in a casino and, before the pandemic, organized senior trips to the local casino.

  2. Yea! FREE STUFF! Did the candy cane make it home?

    1. LOL, No. I tossed it because it wasn't my fav .... chocolate.

  3. So many choices! At least some tenets have put out what little they may have to decorate their patios. "Under the Tarp" put that snowman on top of a table, so that really pops. Love the addition of music to RLD. (We had 77mph winds in KC Wednesday night. A TV show explained to not only deflate the blow-up decorations, but to put a sandbag on them, or they'd flap and tear like rabid flags from the ground.)
    I never followed Elf on the Shelf. I didn't know it was a female.
    Save your candy cane winnings for Santa. Linda in Kansas

    1. The elf at my store is female, but I once searched a Stater Bros in a different area and their elf was male. "So many choices" has turned into too many. Tyrant is going to have a difficult decision. Neighbor needs to get rid of the blow-ups and try something more stable, because her balcony catches ALL the wind that comes through the quad due to its corner location.

  4. Good luck in the patio decorating contest!

  5. With that big wind storm that swept pretty much the whole country, I was glad I didn't have many decorations outside! I love how unique all the displays are.
    You've got a good elf eye!

  6. I would have thought that maybe they would have a better reward. But at least you had fun.

    1. I was hoping for a switch to chocolate, because candy cane is not a favorite of mine.

  7. The Elf whose a Lush is Adorable tho' and I think it's a great Game the Market puts on... you clearly have an Observant Eye.

    1. Whoever thought of Find Your Hometown Elf is a genius. It's fun for young and old.

  8. What a fun patio decorating event!

    1. It IS and, right up to the last minute, I saw some ho hum patios had been edited to show more Christmas spirit.