Sunday, December 15, 2019

Community Christmas Breakfast

Not a lot of residents attended yesterday’s Christmas Breakfast ─ only about a dozen or so of us.
As to why so few, especially because the Baker’s biscuits and gravy are known far and wide, I do not know. I was especially surprised to see non-attendance by The Seer, Shadow, my upstairs across the quad neighbor (Quiet Old Guy); but they missed a good time and, from the response of those who attended, some good food ─ not to mention the coffee.
My favorite child ─ Baker’s great granddaughter was in attendance. In fact, she made the scrambled eggs which, not knowing they were made by a child, everyone said were delicious.

Favorite child’s 5-year-old brother also was in attendance. He just sat around looking cute.
Not knowing if the consequences of eating biscuits and gravy would interfere with cookie decorating, I didn’t eat anything. Instead, I took biscuits and gravy upstairs to eat for a late lunch.
One resident came down ─ because she’d heard there’d be Starbucks, took a cup to go and went directly back to her unit, LOL.
My entrance into the Community Room was immediately met by one of my favorite residents (the woman who won the costume contest as a witch) hurrying up to me with a Christmas card attached to a gift.

I didn’t think Oh No! Not another Christmas Card! Instead, I thought it was sweet and spontaneously gave her a big hug ─ my version, in this instance, of a return card. LOL.
Then, someone walked up, said “This is for you” and gave me a writing pen in the shape of a poinsettia.

It happened so fast, that I actually didn’t see who gave it to me and, when I took my eyes from admiring the pen, to turn to see who it was, the person was gone.
THEN, before I could question as to who it was, here comes Apache wanting to know if I wanted the latest high roller item given him by the casino.

Surprised at three gifts in a row, I blurted out, “What’s happening? Am I dying?”. What I heard back was, “No. It’s just that you’re always doing so much for us”.
I appreciated Apache’s offer of the exercise equipment but, knowing using that kind of equipment would end in a quick trip to the emergency room, I said “Thanks, but I don’t want to break anything” and suggested Apache raffle it off.
He probably will and some foolish senior will win it, try it out, be sorry.
At 11:00 sharp, the big table was cleared and Baker’s great grands were tasked with setting up for cookie decorating.

All of a sudden, people came from everywhere ─ residents coming in for breakfast late, residents wanting to decorate cookies, and visitors who also wanted to get in on cookie decorating.
The visitors turned out to be one of The Baker’s daughters, her daughter, daughter’s boyfriend and other various teenage relatives.
The teenagers, of course, designed weird zombie looking cookies.

Bakers great grands designed cute cookies.

The seniors, just as fast as they decorated, ate their cookies, so not a lot of photos captured there, LOL.

I myself went with a minimalist look in trying to duplicate a biker cookie I saw on Pinterest.

Pinterest Version

My copycat version

My second cookie was a make it-work moment, when I failed at fashioning a Project Runway type dress. It was a mess, but I came up with the bright idea to cover the messed up area with sprinkles.
It did somewhat come out looking like a dress, and she looks good next to Biker Santa.

She looks scared though. LOL.
So that’s it for Christmas-themed events here at the complex. Remainder of the year should be a whole lot of boring, which is fine by me as I make my own entertainment.
As for the consequences of eating biscuits and gravy ..... some bearable discomfort, and so worth it. But not something I’d do more than once-a-year.


  1. I glad you did get to, mostly, enjoy the biscuits and gravy. My idea of good breakfast party food. Your cookies were too cute. Who but you could create Biker Dude and the Fashionista looked just like she was supposed to being wearing that dress. Good jog. I'm going to have to brush up on my cookie decorating skills. Afraid I am still in the eat them as fast as I bake them category.

  2. I think, from the way she is eyeing him,your lady cookie fancies the biker!
    So they do notice how generous you are!( A former comment of mine). I am glad, and I hope it makes you feel good too. You certainly deserve it.
    I believe the pen is not a rose but a poinsettia- more Christmas like.
    Sounds as if Baker's family is a very nice one.

    1. You are correct about the poinsettia. Initially calling it a rose shows what I know about flowers. It does give me pause that right after you tagged me a generous person, I heard it again in the community room. I never thought of myself that way and, to tell you the truth, I'm so accustomed to doing things in support of others, expecting nothing in return, that recognition is making me a little uncomfortable. Go figure.