Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Custom (sic) Contest, Part 3

The costumed pumpkin decorating event was fun. The only ulterior motive management had was to introduce a Hospice they are partnering with. So, after a short speech by a representative of the Hospice, it was on to the festivities.

Walking into the Community Room, it was a happy surprise to see more than just myself in costume.

The Baker was without, because she'd just rushed back from a doctor's appointment.

Checking the competition, I figured I was a shoo-in for Best Costume.

Wonder Woman Forever

But then in waddles Dream Lover and I knew my chance at Best Costume was all over.

I was correct, the dinosaur won — a $50 Visa Card and huge box of candy.

Ain't mad at it. Was a great costume.

Red Light won Best Creative with her old lady with a cane and hair in curers costume — same huge box of candy, but no Visa Card.

Pumpkin decorating turned out to be painting not carving, and the pumpkins were HUGE.



Jenne and I tied for Best Decorated Pumpkin, and Management worked out breaking the tie by pulling our names from a bag.

Jenne won — another huge box of candy.

This was not my lucky day, but I wasn’t disappointed because I was in it for the fun. Besides, a huge box of candy wasn’t anything I could use.

Black Witch was a no-show, but all of a sudden someone at my table gasped. 

Following her eyes to the Community Room door, there stood our Karen character.

Seeing us looking at her, she smiled and waved. Before I realized what I was doing — opening the door for her to get friendly with me, I instinctively smiled and waved back.

Then she walked away.

I could see through the doors on the opposite end of the room, that she was walking all the way away, back towards her unit.

THEN, all of a sudden, I hear a gasp again, looked over and there she was in the door again.

Stalking us.

She took a step inside, looked around — probably looking for Dream Lover.

Fortunately for him, she couldn’t recognize him in his costume, so she walked away and stayed away.

YIKES, she was looking dead at me when I snapped this photo.

Should she confront me about it, I'll say "Photo? What photo? I was taking pics of my table mates".

Lunch for the seniors was hot dogs. There was also a cute dessert table.

So that bit of fun is over and done with, as I look forward to the Bingo Costume event on the 21st and a 5K on the 23rd.

It’s been a busy month for me, if you include Spa Day.

Mildred’s Day 9 challenge — A song that makes you happy, is another that’s difficult to single out one song because music, in general, makes me happy.

However, a song that resonates with me — because it expresses how happy, free, like a ceiling without a roof I’ve felt since first divorcing my ex, then making it to retirement, where I no longer have to take crap from an employer, is Pharell Williams’ "Happy".


  1. You don't have any of those hospice people following you around do you?

  2. This song always gets me going. Because I’m happy. Great costumes. I love those dinosaur costumes. That Karen is creepy.

    1. Especially creepy now that she's dyed her hair black.

  3. I almost feel sad for Karen because I feel like she wants to be a part of the festivities but doesn't know how.
    Maybe Wonder Woman and the T-Rex could talk some sense into her?

    1. She has continued to harass the Talker and complain to management to the point where management doesn't want her bothering them again. Talker tried to talk some sense into her saying, "Look we're neighbors. We need to get along. There's no point bothering me any longer and management doesn't want to hear any more, so let's just get along or you can move" but nooooo. So, If the Talker hasn't been able to talk sense to her, and management wants no more of her petty complaints about noise, then she can't be reached. Don't feel sorry for her because "You create your own reality".

  4. That was a fun Halloween event! Yes, hard to top that dino costume. Painting the pumpkins rather than carving was a good idea too. Fewer injuries (in other words, less liability potential).

    1. Good point. Us seniors and sharp carving instruments would not have been a good fit.

  5. Looks like it was a fun time . I love your costume and dream lovers Dino costume looked fun but a tad uncomfortable to wear for too long. 🎃

    1. Dino was very uncomfortable ... hot and couldn't sit down. Ended up only wearing the costume long enough for photos to be taken and then got out of it before I could get a selfie with it.

  6. How appropriate: having a hospice group promote themselves "ready and waiting" on Halloween! Even if one hospice "likes to be the one chosen by management" or one facility, you always have the right to use a hospice of your choice. Usually there's 3 or 4 that take care of one facility. Love your costume. Correct, knives hanging around too many Karens wouldn't be healthy. Linda in Kansas

    1. If they run the hospice the way management runs this place, I'll pass.

  7. Doing an end of Life Hospice Presentation and then Festivities, sorry, Laughing my Ass off Shirley, that's hilarious!!! But, looked like a Fun time, sorry you weren't on your Lucky Roll, the Prizes sounded really good for this one. The Karen looking right AT you when you happened to do your covert Paparazzi Blog Fodder shot of her is hilarious.

    1. That's a good point about Hospice followed by Festivities. Eat drink be merry cause tomorrow you might be in hospice care so to speak. Hopefully, Karen will forget my face.

  8. I LOVE this Song, this Video and every Flash Mob remake ever made.