Friday, October 21, 2022

Happy Wonder Woman Day

Don't worry ....... the banks are open today and mail is delivered, because it's only us nerds that recognize today as a holiday.

In celebration, there's an ongoing Virtual 5K in progress, but I paid homage to the day by dressing as Linda Carter this past Tuesday at the costume party.

Besides, the Mission Inn 5K is this Sunday and my days of going beast mode ... back-to-back 5Ks, are beyond me.

Because traffic and parking are so bad, due to package pickup and three different race start times, I’ll be making it easy on myself by heading out Saturday, staying overnight in a hotel.

After my final straw over the screwups at the nail salon where I'd been a customer for over ten years, I did find a new nail salon, and it's just a hop skip jump from the complex, over by the college.

This salon came highly recommended by Trainer’s wife and Twin 2 but, with no time to squeeze in a mani/pedi, I’ll be doing my own — in Halloween colors (orange and black).

I’ll also be wearing skeleton leggings, because a replacement for those I’d returned — the ones that were stockings not leggings, luckily arrived in yesterday’s mail.

I’m not happy with the fit.

The fabric being more Polyester than Spandex, the leggings are loose, not form fitting; but beggars can't be choosers, so they’ll do for the race.

If you can call it a race, because I plan to be more of a stroller, enjoy myself, rather than focus and push myself to beat out others in my age group. Especially, since my 5K Walk time has been moved from early AM to 9:00 — when the sun is up, to make room for the 10K Runners and 5K Runners to have the course free of us Walkers.

Runners are considered the elite by race organizers and sometimes act it.

Taking themselves too seriously, thinking they're soooo special because they're fast, they can be openly rude. The endorphin kicks in, and they've been known to run up behind us Walkers and yell, "Move! … Get out of the way!"

When I did this race last year, the 10K Runners were scheduled ahead of us Walkers, the 5K Runners after and, while I was standing on the sideline waiting for the start signal, a young 20 something came over, asked which race I was waiting for.

When I said the 5K Walk, she kinda turned up her nose and made a snooty remark about being in the 5K Runner group. Unfortunately, I got the start signal before I had time to make her feel bad about being snooty by alerting her to my being at least 50 or so years older than she.

With both category of runners scheduled ahead of us this year, these elites will be well ahead of us by 9:00, some finishing the course already. So, us Walkers won’t be in anyone’s way.

As for Runners thinking they're soooo special because they're fast ..... Fast is great, but they don't think about the fact they'll eventually be having knee and hip replacements, while us Walkers will be chugging along with no need of replacement parts.

Mildred’s Day 11 Challenge of "A song you never get tired of" had me stumped.

Originally stumped because I misread the challenge to be a song I’m tired of, and I don't get tired of songs, just TV commercials that play too often and some people.

Once I understood the challenge to be a song I NEVER get tired of, it was still tough to pick one song from a list of so many.

So, I logic'd it out this way.

Let’s say someone was trying to drive me insane by playing one song over and over and over. The one, among the many that would fail to push me over the edge, is the song I sang to granddaughter when she was little and sang to her baby — my great grandson, when I spent time with him while I was in Long Beach for the Pride Festival.

Watching the lyrics scroll across the screen, I just realized that, in all the years I’ve been singing this song, I was singing "Tea, a drink with Jan and Ray" when the correct lyrics are "Tea, a drink with jam and bread".

Oh well.


  1. You got me on the lyrics. I never know the lyrics 100% correctly. I had a song in the 80s I heard by accident. I do not like a lot of country music and this singer I saw on TV. I could not get this stupid song out of my head. I used it as a joke to my husband when he did something goofy, off, stupid whatever. It was called 'I got a thinkin' problem'. It was awful, just poor excrement to me and it stuck. Now that I wrote this I am going to have that awful thing in my head. Gee Thx.

    1. That's an old song by David Ball, and one does have to love country music (which I do) to like it. Have fun getting it out of your head today, LOL.

  2. Now I'll have that song stuck in my head the rest of the day :-)

  3. My orthopedic guy said no running or jogging because of my knees. I said that is NOT a problem.

    1. That's too bad. I was looking forward to passing you on the course.

  4. Loose bones (on your leggings) are better than up-tight ones. Have fun. Linda in Kansas

    1. After the race, I'll probably take the leggings apart, stitch them up tighter for a better fit for next time I wear them.

  5. Replies
    1. Hope to. Hopefully, it doesn't get too hot outside.

  6. But lucky Jan and Ray having tea with you all these years. Have a great walk, Wonder Woman.

    1. Transposing the words like that makes Jan and Ray out to be drinking Long Island tea.