Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Radio Silence

Seeing the latest count at only 570 people thus far charged in connection with the January 6 riot is disappointing to say the least, but it’s better than nothing AND, insofar as I know, the hunt is ongoing.

Actually, with today’s news of the arrest of an off-duty DEA Agent, that brings the total to 571.

Also disappointing is that it’s been radio silence as to whether Walmart Karen and Victoria Secret Karen will be held accountable for their actions. With no word as to charges or lawsuits, it’s looking like they’ve both gotten very lucky and public humiliation — their names, faces and videos forever in cyberspace is the only consequence of their actions.

Also, no word as to who moved into Sue’s upstairs across the quad corner unit.

It’s been five weeks and I’ve not seen hide nor hair of our new neighbor. The patio chairs moved locations several time, but it must be telekinesis as I’ve never seen a human being moving them.

The bike on the patio is telling me the resident has not been seen because of a disability, so I dunno. Perhaps he or she is self-isolating until the Pandemic is truly actually over OR the new resident is a vampire, only comes out at night.

Talker’s brother was here again yesterday.

From the crowd surrounding Brother’s van, word on the complex has spread. Even Handsome Man, who lives back side of the complex, was there.

The Talker calls or texts me to let me know Brother is on his way, but I can’t imagine she’s calling all the others who showed up. Maybe it’s like that old “telephone” game we used to play as kids, where the person called calls the next person, and that person calls the next and so on down the line.

Then there were people who just happened to have been driving through the gate. They slowed down to see what the crowd was about and were invited, by Talker, to stop and help themselves to vegetables — even the driver of a water delivery truck, which I thought sweet and hilarious.

Having passed on tomatoes from the market, because they were too soft, the only thing I needed were tomatoes. Brother had plenty, but they were the same as those at the market — soft, so I went back upstairs to get ready to head to the Pain Cave; that is, after taking a photo of Assistant Manager’s husband, walking away with a full bags of veggies, and a watermelon, just in case Complex Manager decides to make a fuss about the mobile food bank doing something positive for residents.

If Manager does, I can throw it in his face that a family member of his staff is part of the crowd taking advantage of the free offerings.

The van was still there, when I left for that morning’s workout, and Assistant Manager’s husband was back for more — probably another watermelon. This one for his neighbors, Head Maintenance Guy’s family.

Brother had a ton of watermelons but, of course, I can no longer eat watermelon.

It’s so annoying that the healthy foods I used to eat, that helped me keep my weight down, are on the can-no-longer-eat list. No longer can I have simple things, like an apple, or avocado, broccoli, brussel sprouts, zucchini — without becoming deathly ill, but I can eat greasy potato chips with homemade tomato salsa.

Life just isn’t fair.


  1. I know, Life isn't Fair or Bras wouldn't come in sizes my Friend. It's good that the Food Pantry brings fresh produce in for the Residents and whoever else shows up and wants/needs some. We can stockpile frozen and non-perishables, it's the perishables I always run out of quickly and can't buy too much of or it spoils before we can eat it all. Today we had some of the nicest fresh Asparagus I've had in a long time, Tomorrow it will be Corn on the Cob. I'm fortunate that even having Type II Diabetes, there's not a lot of forbidden foods, just foods I should monitor closely and I do watch Carbs closely. As for new Resident non-sightings, in Subdivision Hell we lived there 5 Years and never saw 98% of the immediate Neighbors... for all I knew those Homes might have been Vacant? *LOL*

    1. Let's see if I can top your 5 years before I see my new neighbor. LOL.

    2. What a great expression " Life isn't fair or bran wouldn't come in sizes!" I love that one and have never heard it before.

  2. "I can no longer eat watermelon." WHAT?! What can watermelon do to you? It's like semi solid sugar water. Of course, that's why it's so good!

    1. You'd be surprised what a watermelon, high in fructose, can do. Let's just say what it can do is not pleasant, definitely not worth the bite.

  3. I give you enormous credit for your constant good humor and the effort you make to exercise when your diet is such a challenge. I have a gut which must be the human equivalent of a garbage disposal, I love everything except mustard and horse radish sauce. Were you able to eat more things when you were younger?

    1. Though I’ve always been a picky eater, I ate pretty much everything and don’t recall having any stomach problems until about age 18. It wasn’t bad in the beginning. Nothing a few crackers or drinking 7-up to settle my stomach couldn’t handle, but has gotten steadily worse as I’ve aged. It was first diagnosed as an ulcer. As the condition worsened over the years, I’ve since learned it was an allergic reaction to anything containing wheat, flour, soy, high fructose corn syrup, garlic, onions. Doctors didn’t know about, or didn’t accept the notion of food allergies at that time, and since the problem went on for so long, my gut is so messed up now that I’m severely limited in what my stomach can digest. I’m lucky though. Some people, with this situation, have ended up hospitalized.

  4. It's nice that person comes around with free food. We used to have a person that came around here with free food but the lady he was friends with moved and now he goes to where she moved to.

    I think it's nice when new neighbors are quiet and I never see them. lol

  5. "I think it's nice when new neighbors are quiet and I never see them" ... you have a point there, LOL.