Thursday, July 8, 2021

Guardian of the Rock Garden

Hearing the sounds of the landscaping crew yesterday, feeling protective of Jan’s rock garden, I stood guard in the patio window.

One landscaper edged the grassy areas, the other used the blower to clean up behind the first guy, neither touched the painted rocks.

Lucky for them because, I was prepared to yell had they dared.

Actually, they appeared to have cared less, showed no interested in them whatsoever as the rocks did not interfere with their duties. Which confirms Community Manager was lying when he told Jan the landscapers were complaining.

Last time I caught Jan in the act, she said her friend that wants to teach line dancing to us seniors, was going to provide her with a fresh batch of rocks.

I guess he did, but she didn’t say they were going to be boulders, because the two additions I mentioned in the video are HUGE, and they appear to be rough, porous, in their natural rock state — making it difficult to paint on.

Taking a closer look, the one on the left says You Are Talented.

I'm glad that I don't have time to take on painting rocks because, if I did, I'd probably write something controversial, like BLM or, at the very least, something that would tick folks off.

For instance, instead of "You are talented", I'd have thought it would be devilish fun to paint "You is smart. You is kind. You is important". ROFLMAO!

On the right, we have Run and Play.

I began hearing noises like the plumbers were here shortly after 8:15 yesterday and, around 8:30, the water was shut off.

The outage was painless.

I had everything I needed to do done long before the shutoff and there was no having to cook lunch when I returned from the Pain Cave, because I had coffee and a salad waiting for me.

Waking up from a nap, just in time to watch Judge Judy, I checked and the water was back on.

So, unless, we get a notice from management that there’s more to be done, looks like repairing the broken lines are a done deal.


  1. You is playful!

    Glad you were so organized that the water shut off didn't bother you one bit!

    1. HA! That's a good one. You must have seen the movie.

  2. No, what movie? You lost me!

    1. "The Help". Good movie. You can probably catch it on television, as I've seen it listed a few times lately.

  3. Thanks, once again "You is smart". Do continue to have FUN in your unit and complex. Honestly , our lives could not possibly be more different but I love connecting with you. Virtual hug. J

  4. Since Management has already been caught in a Lie, they're probably fabricating any excuse to remove the Rocks, Power Trip I suspect? We had that Issue all the time with HOA in Subdivision Hell, they'd just make shit up to make themselves feel relevant when there was no legit reason to Write Up an infraction. I noticed the last time I took Princess T out there for a Play Date with her long time Friend, most people who had gorgeous professional Landscaping have removed IT ALL, so they probably just got fed up and now things look less affluent and has less curb appeal, so the whole thing will backfire on the HOA eventually... it already has begun to from my observations since we left. Once curb appeal declines and reputation for being difficult to work with or live among, the area will hit the skids and draw a whole other demographic that will really not give two shits about the area... I already see what looks like a demographic of Investor types using the Luxury Homes as Air B&B's and just drawing Party Vacationer Crowds to a once very low key environment... that should make those that sought solitude out in Rural Subdivision Hell sell off and run for the Hills!

    1. Community Manager absolutely is on a power trip. He's lasted the longest in the job and you know how it is that, after a time, people forget they are expendable, get too cocky in a job. Plus he's got all these residents who are old, some very poor, who will allow themselves to be walked all over because they feel fortunate to have gotten a unit here and see others being summarily evicted for whatever reasons. In other words, frightened into compliance with whatever Manager dishes out. I'm probably on his list, because of that last threatening email. LOL. But the only way he can get rid of me is if I end up over income, which I can easily move, pay more rent than I want to, but don't have to fear being put on the street like others fear.