Saturday, July 24, 2021

No Way to Treat a Lady

Having put off doing laundry, for more weeks than I should have, running low on a daily essential, I had two options.

Option 1 was to just do it — head downstairs to the Laundry Room, and get ‘er done.

Option 2 was to drive to the Mall, purchase more of that essential, so I’d not have to revert to Option 1.

In my unit is a dishwasher I’ve not used, never not once, in the nine years I’ve lived here. I’d much prefer it was an appliance I actually needed, like a washer/dryer, but it is what it is.

So which option did I choose?

That’s right … I drove to the Mall.

I was planning on running by Sprouts anyway, and the Mall is just down the street from Sprouts, so I popped into the boutique, purchased enough of that essential to get me through another week of not doing laundry .

The outside world provided some interesting sights today.

So, is this appendage like when the peacock spreads its tail, like a fan, to attract the female peacock?

If so, I can’t image many females that would be attracted by truck testicles, but you never know.

Next was a truck that had a skeleton dressed like a female in the truck bed — sun hat, hair, dress, jewelry.

The photo isn’t all that clear, but it’s the best I could capture inasmuch as I was driving. Suffice it to say, that's no way to treat a lady.

It being way past lunchtime, I detoured by See’s and, in addition to lunch, I was tempted by their 100th Anniversary cup.

I need another coffee cup like I need a hole in the head, not to mention I don’t have room in the cupboard for more cups, but it was so cute I couldn’t resist adding it to my collection.

Taking the streets home, I spied a truck that appears to be having an identity crisis.

Nearing the end of my foray out into the world, there was a traffic holdup.

Nearest I could determine, it was a car fire, no other car involved.

Poor guy. There’s no coming back on this one. The insides have been incinerated.


What could cause a car to ignite like that?

Arriving back at the complex, after I hauled the groceries upstairs, I had a sudden urge to get laundry out-of-the-way.

That’s right, after purchasing more essentials — so I wouldn’t have to do laundry, I did laundry.

My essentials drawer runneth over. I don’t even need to remove the tags off the ones I purchased — but I will, and then add them into the rotation so, if I feel like not doing laundry in the future, I'll have backups a plenty.

So, that was my day. Now I’m all settled in, watching the BBQ Brawl marathon on Food Network, and hope I don't get the urge to do anything tomorrow, except rest and needlepoint.


  1. Well, at least you'll have plenty of dainties now to last you!!!!!!

    That is a lot of odd sights on just the one trip out! I have seen those trucks around here with the big balls hanging off the back...I even saw one where it was the whole male package hanging out the bottom of the side door like it got the door slammed shut on it. Depending my mood I think it's either funny or disgusting.

    What I did notice in this post? Your gorgeous red nails!!!!!! And Im loving you new blog avatar!!!! You got in going on girl.

    1. The whole package, like it got the door slammed on it sounds more like a female driver making a point. LOL. Thanks for loving the avatar. I do think it's the only successful selfie I've ever taken. As for the nail color, you're like me in noticing details. I was watching a documentary about the guy who killed his wife, two little girls and was gagging over the interesting way photos on the wall had been displayed. Even took a photo for future reference. And when there are books in the background, I try to read the titles :-)

  2. I've been known to hand wash a couple of lingerie items instead of doing a full load of laundry :-)

    1. I actually was doing that towards the end, but there's nothing like the feel of freshly laundered or brand new. LOL.

  3. I saw a big ole' pair of Silver Testicles like that dangling off a Big Ole' Redneck Truck, seems to be something they're trying to convince themselves of perhaps? I think if ya got Balls you don't have to try to advertise it and perhaps it's like the Midlife Crisis Vehicles Old Men Buy, when... you know... ? *Bwahahahaha* That Car bursting into flames is terrifying! I'm glad that this Home has a Laundry area like the previous one did... I got spoiled by that, even tho' for probably the Lifetime before that I didn't even own a washer or dryer and always went to the Laundromat.

  4. You don't wash new undies before wearing them?

    1. No, I never have AND if there is a reason I should be, please don't tell me because it will freak me out. Like the TikTok strawberry thing has me never eating strawberries again, it won't be good if I become afraid of underwear.