Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Guardian of the Rock Garden, Episode 2

Trainer had personal business to take care of today, so this morning’s workout was rescheduled to tomorrow.

That means I’ll be going “Beast Mode” remainder of the week — back to back sessions, with no recovery time in between.

It was a good morning not to be off heading to the Pain Cave, because hearing sounds of the Landscapers, I was able to don my Guardian of the Rock Garden disguise and devote the morning to keeping an eye on the guys.

I got worried when I saw a landscaper being careful to step over rocks to clip the hedges.

Rocks appear to be scarce elsewhere, while my rock garden is still pretty much intact. However, seeing how the painted rocks could be a hazard, interfere with landscapers when they have to step over to get to hedges in the back, possibly even cause one to lose his balance and be injured, that was a big OH OH moment for me.

I started thinking today was the day they’d be taken away, because I didn’t see how the landscapers could clear out the hedge clippings — now spread out, over, in-between the rocks, without removing the rocks.

If that was to be the case, I stayed at the ready so I could run down with a bag, rescue the rocks for relocation.

In the midst of my Guardian duties, the friendly chatty neighbor from the next building over knocked on the door to tell me Brother was here and had some very fresh looking veggies.

Evidently, Brother now has a schedule — Monday, Wednesday, Friday, same as my normal workout days so, depending on his timing, I won't always catch the van.

I’d received no text message or call from Talker, thanked neighbor profusely for going out-of-her-way to alert me and, still in need of tomatoes, headed down.

On the way to the van, where I learned Talker had not called because she was not here — had a doctor’s appointment, I saw the landscapers’ plan for removing the clippings.


I was now even more certain, there’d be no raking the clippings out without removing the rocks.

The tomatoes Brother was offering were just how I like them — firm. The peppers looked nice as well.

Brother educated me that the peppers, which I thought were ghost peppers, but which Brother said were not — I forgot what he called them, were not hot and spicy like the serranoes I’m fond of. He says they’re sweet, and proved it by eating a whole pepper right there in front of me.

I prefer peppers that are hot/spicy when I make salsa, which is what I plan to do with the tomatoes — make salsa, but I also add stevia for salsa that is hot/spicy/sweet, so I’m anxious to see how these peppers work out as a substitute for stevia.

I should have taken more tomatoes, no idea why I did not, except that’s how I do my grocery shopping. I don’t stockpile too much, choosing instead to shop for only a day or two or three ahead.

Word of the van continues to spread, as The Baker walked over from her side of the complex and, just as I was leaving, Greedy Grabby showed up.

She was carrying only one bag to fill up, rather than a cart to raid the van, and her entourage was not with her.

Greedy Grabby looked sad and lonely, even seemed hesitant to greet me as though she wasn’t sure I’d greet her back, but she did — greet me that is, and I returned the greeting.

I haven’t seen members of her entourage in ages. I don’t think they live here any longer.

It is now late in the day, and I can remove my Guardian disguise and get comfortable, because the landscapers managed to rake around and through the rock garden, without complaining, or cursing, or hurting themselves, or removing any of the rocks.


  1. I'm so glad Jan's rocks have a Guardian. I was almost ready to give up painting rocks but I decided to start placing them in front of my local grocery store. One by one they disappear -- very gratifying. The ones I placed in front of the library are mostly still there, maybe people feel like they are public property if they're in front of a county building??
    I've started painting a word on the front and the back of rocks. Like Day and Night, or Yes and No. Or Sun and Moon. In one case I wasn't paying enough attention and I painted Hat and Cold on the front and back instead of Hot and Cold. Maybe the recipient will think I have a Boston accent. I thought it was hilarious. It's easier and easier to assume myself as I enter this second childhood.
    You can't eat fruit?? Terrible. But home-made salsa and greasy chips sound just fine to me.

    1. Just caught up with the "Guerilla Art" posted on your blog. Loves It! You just never know how some little thing like that can brighten up someone's day. Maybe paint "take me" on a few at the Library so folks will get the idea.

  2. Glad to know the rocks remain in place. Your management people are just pure evil to remove them. Also glad to hear that you have a produce delivery. That's very good of the person who takes it upon himself to do that extra bit of work. It's good for everyone.

    1. "Evil" or Mad with Power. Brother, recently retired, is putting his now free time to good use. He not only stops here with produce, but reloads after and delivers to an area of the city, where he says families are rather poor. We're lucky his sister (Talker) moved into the complex.

  3. The landscapers usually wake me up. They get here pretty early and I'm a late sleeper. Although today I noticed they were not here very long. I guess the grass and shrubs are not growing much with the heat. It could be a no grass yard this August and September.

    1. I know how you mean no grass yard. We're mostly drought landscape now, and what grass we do have is turning brown from lack of water.

  4. Those Landscapers seem more respectful of the Rocks than Management... I have noticed that with a lot of the Landscapers tho', unless their Boss who hired them demands they do something, they usually don't disrupt anything that looks intentional.

  5. At least they were able to do what they needed to without disrupting the rocks. I love salsa but I don't add hot peppers to mine. I'm not too much into the spicy.

    1. Spicy now is not near as spicy as I used to enjoy. I now have to remove the seeds from peppers, which is where the spicy is. And yes, the landscapers, as Bohemian said, were respectful. More and more it appears Manager is the one with the problem and the one or two residents who've complained.