Friday, August 12, 2022


I do love my Fridays, and not because it’s bingo around here, but because it’s the last workout of the week and I can sit on my behind and veg out for two days in a row.

That is unless it’s a 5K weekend, which it won’t be until October when I once again do the Mission Inn 5K — the race with the daunting hills.

Bingo was no wins for me this time around. I didn’t wear my lucky shirt.

However, inasmuch as I won last time not wearing the shirt, but wearing a leopard face mask, I tried Debra’s (She Who Seeks) theory that maybe the mask is my new lucky attire and wore it today.


Maybe because I didn’t wear the matching leggings.

So, next time I’ll put the two together, see if they make me lucky because I’ve got my eye on winning the soup cup I saw on the prize table.

Younger Sister joined us today.

Addicted to soap operas, Younger Sister generally passes on all activities and is glued to the tube during the day.

Seeing her walk through the doors, sit at my table, I said, "Does this mean the TV is not working?"

She laughed and said she just needed to do something different today.

Younger Sister hasn’t been mentioned in the blog for years because …… soap operas, though I have run into her at the market a time or two where she says she’s picking up "snacks" to munch on when she gets back to the soaps.

Her backstory is — moving in at age 49, she did not qualify to live here. However, having never worked, never lived independent of a family member — mother, brother, she somehow got signed on as caregiver to her Older Sister, who did meet the age requirement.

That was 7 years ago, so she now meets the age qualification and doesn’t have to pretend to be caregiving a sister who is in better shape than she is.

Still a relatively young woman, because she’s always been sheltered by a relative, she’s missed out on a lot of life saying, "I want to experience being married, having children, a place of my own", was always saying what she’s going to do towards those goals but, these years later, never gets much further than her bedroom, watching soap operas.

Older Sister says the family has "spoiled" Younger Sister. Sounds more like they’ve "ruined" her. Enabled her to the point where she never grew in life.

So, anyway, she said something to me at bingo that threw me for a loop.

Pointing out the Talker, asking me who she was and if she lived here, I filled her in on how long Talker has lived here, which building she lives in and mentioned Talker has a Karen.

"A what?" says Younger Sister.

"A Karen".

"What’s that?"

Younger Sister has lived and is still living way too sheltered a life.

On tap for tomorrow is a mani/pedi.

I don’t really need one but, looking to replace the patio’s Adirondack chair — which has seen better days, not finding anything online that moved me, I thought about checking out the new Floor & Décor that opened up in that shopping center. So, since I’ll be in the area, why not treat myself to a mani/pedi.

I don’t think I’ll be experiencing what I experienced last time because I told the person setting up the appointment, "I want a time when Kim is absolutely free. I don’t want it to be a double-booking session like last time when you made me wait an entire hour".

The person stumbled on his words, then assured me "No … No … No double booking".

You and I both know it had nothing to do with double booking, but was prioritizing based on skin color. Nevertheless, I’ve no problem with walking out and heading to Floor & Décor if they try that crap again.


  1. I guess I'm new enough around here I've never heard of Younger Sister. That family has done that woman such a disservice. Sounds like she would be unable to function in this world if not for family. They have really been enablers. Sad, really. Sheltered, indeed. People like her would be so vulnerable to the Karen's of the world...and worse. What happened to the throwing chair pool lady?? LOL! Mask up and Lucky up at the next bingo session and you're sure to win that soup cup. If won, include a pic! Keep us posted.
    Paranormal John

    1. For sure, at this late stage of the game, Younger Sister has not the skills to function without a family member. She doesn't even know what's going on in the outside world. No sign of black bikini last few days. I should ask around if anyone knows for sure whether or not she lives here. No bingo until Friday after next. If I win the cup, will post photo.

  2. Younger sister needs to get out more and experience a Karen in the wild.

    1. I guess they don't have Karen characters in the soaps, or she'd know what they are.

  3. Younger Sister should never marry, have kids, etc. She thinks healthy relationships are like the soap operas. My Mom used to watch them too much. I think that's where she learned to argue irrationally.
    Gotta wear the lucky shirt! Or something that offends the free preacher guy. Linda in Kansas

    1. Maybe she can snag one of these old guys on the complex, who'll be so happy to have a youngish female take care of them that they'll let her watch soaps all day.

  4. Sorry my theory crapped out but yeah, wear the mask with the matching leggings next time -- that's the ticket to success, I'm sure of it! That soup mug is as good as yours!

  5. I seems strange that they haven't worked the term Karen into a soap by now.