Friday, December 29, 2023

Year-End Wrap-up

This morning was the last workout of the year.

This afternoon, the last bingo session of the year.

Trainer does not plan to take Monday — New Year’s Day off, so it’ll be the same old same old first of the year.

Next bingo game is not until January 12, so I have that time to prepare myself for interacting with the Usual Suspects for another year.

Bingo today was interesting.

First off was the seating arrangement. Complex Manager did rearrange tables and chairs back to separating us except, instead of two chairs per table, there are now four chairs.

Guess she thinks she’d being magnanimous, allow groups of four.

She also unlocked the refrigerator — just for today, so Red Light, the Baker and Homegirl could refrigerate ice cream for break time’s ice cream sundaes.

What I found that was so interesting was learning that, in addition to the three or four video cameras positioned in the room so management can keep an eye on us …… don’t ask me why because we don’t do anything but play bingo and have the occasional event, but that we’re also being voice recorded.

This I never knew.

When I was standing by the kitchen counter, asking if the refrigerator was locked. I was told Community Manager (CM) had acquiesced to allowing us to use it today, but management removed their sodas.

I made the comment "I guess so we won't steal their sodas and, excuse me, but I thought the refrigerator and Community Room were for the Community, not for management’s sodas and lunches". Whereupon Homegirl told me to whisper because they were listening to us.

The way she found out was that CM told Red Light she didn’t appreciate something Homegirl had said about her. Homegirl knew what she’d said, when and where she’d said it — in the kitchen while she and Red Light were preparing something for the seniors.

Homegirl is not one to take crap or back down. According to her, she strode right over to CM’s office, told her she didn’t have to eavesdrop, that’s she’d tell CM to her face how she feels about her; and further, that if she (CM) has a beef with her (Homegirl) to keep Red Light out of it, come directly to her.

Being called out thusly, she (CM) won’t have anything to say about what she’s overheard while eavesdropping on us again. In future, she’ll keep it to herself or complain to other staffers.

There’s really nothing she can do about the fact everyone hates her, except to work on being a better human — which doesn't seem likely.

I myself don’t have an issue with her — probably because she and I have limited contact; and I often tell others that as bad as they think she is, we’ve had worse. That this CM doesn’t even come close to the horror of the years we suffered under Nurse Ratched.

The other interesting thing to happen in bingo involved our Boebert character.

I’d seen her a few days ago, walking down the street, going in a direction that made me wonder to myself "Where’s she going?"

Heading to this morning’s workout, there she was again, crossing the street, heading in a direction where there’s nothing but a redneck bar and a hole in the wall food establishment.

Inasmuch as she seems to be on a schedule — seen walking that way, backpack on her back when I'm on my way to work out, I began to think perhaps she's working a part time job in one of the two places.

Maybe not, because she was seated at bingo when I arrived an hour or so later.

So, anyway, she has this thing that, when she wins a bingo game, she doesn’t allow me to take her photo for the resident’s website.

No problem I except, she posed for photos at the Christmas party.

So, when she won a bingo game today, I went to take her photo. She held up her hand and said "No!"

"So we’re back to that" said I. Whereupon, she whispered in my ear, "I have a workman’s comp lawsuit".

Okaaaay, but how does that compute when I see you walking down the street like a normal healthy person, headed who knows where, open to those you surmise might be observing you, hired to catch you faking whatever it is you’re alleging, can take all the photos they need, but you can’t be seen playing bingo.

I'm not buying it.

I may have to check the Most Wanted sites to see if something other than a "lawsuit" is at play.

I also learned a decision has been made on the county's approval of that $500 rent increase for those here living on the county roll.

Red Light tells me the county is paying the entire $500 for her, but others are not so fortunate.

For instance, Buttons — our 86-year-old, is required to come up with an additional $200 a month. The county will pay only $300 — something about being based on income.

It doesn't appear to any of us that Buttons can come up with an additional $200, and we’re guessing many others are in the same boat as Buttons — the same or similar amounts.

This is how seniors become homeless. It's a choice between food, medication or rent.

Seeing something like this is scary and depressive, as none of us can be assured of what might happen to us in the future.

Bingo today was good to me. I won twice.

First game, I chose an olive oil decanter from the prize table.

My second win was the Blackout Game, which meant I got to choose a prize from the big table. I chose a blender, as the top on my Ninja Blender has been giving me grief.

As for where such a prize came from, the Talker — being a big spender at the casino, is often given entertainment packages, which she keeps, attends the concerts; and big-ticket items, such as this 10-speed blender, immersion blenders, air fryers, etc., which she donates to the Blackout prize table.

Leaving bingo, heading back to my unit, I thought to check the callbox, see if Meat Man's name was still listed as a resident. Though I am 99.99 percent certain he no longer lives here, and that his leaving has something to do with the Laundry Room break-ins, he is still listed as a resident of that unit.

Lastly, there was a knock knock knock on the door this evening.

It wasn’t Red Light.

I actually don’t have to worry about her climbing stairs anytime soon, because her foot is acting up again. In fact, she was limping during bingo, saying she’d be heading for Urgent Care directly after.

This time it was my Little Stalker.

So there you have it — last workout of the year, last bingo game, probably last tale to be told of the complex for this year.


  1. I’m sorry to laugh but, despite your attempts at times to sound like a curmudgeon, Little Stalker sure does love you.

    Isn't voice recording on those cameras against the law? I know here in Spain employers can have cameras on customers and staff, but voice recording is not allowed.

    So awful for anyone to have to live in such a stressful financial situation in “the greatest country in the world.”

    You look great!

    1. I seem to always have a treat around for Little Stalker, so she must be growing on me. Now knowing CM listens in on us isn't going to change anything. I didn't whisper. Nothing she can do about it, but it does give us leverage to know she's performing an illegal act, doesn't have anything better to do. And thanks! The camera has been good to me lately, LOL.

  2. Senior citizens should never have to choose between food and neds and rent; it's just plain wrong.

    I do not like the idea of management spying, visually or aurally. I'd say my piece and if someone from management asked me about it I'd tell them to stop listening and they won't hear things they don't like.

    Little Stalker making her end of the year appearance; perhaps she needs to wear a bell so you can hear her coming??

    HNY Shirley!

    1. 'Stop Listening' is pretty much how Homegirl handled the situation. People retreat pretty fast when called out on their bull crap. It's been a while since Little Stalker paid a visit. She seems more reserved now, didn't come in like the cops ... touching things, checking rooms, like she did last time. Happy New Year to you and that rootin tootin horn blowing Carlos.

  3. Isn’t it illegal to record peoples conversations without their permission? The CM there is creepy and nonprofessional, to say the least, but you Already know that. Happy New Year to you.

    1. It probably is illegal and pretty stupid of her to let the cat out of the bag that it's been going on, without our knowing, by her taking offense at what was said and letting Red Light know she was offended. Happiest of New Years to you my friend.

  4. I'm sure there will be lots more adventures in 2024!

    1. For sure and, unfortunately, probably with a differing cast of characters as I'm seeing fewer and fewer old faces on the complex, more new faces.

  5. OMG isn't it illegal to Record people without their knowledge? Seems highly intrusive and Big Brother... but, like you said, all any of the Residents do there is relatively benign and wholesome stuff not worth going all Undercover Cop on you all. Congrats on the Wins, especially the Blender, that's a nice Gift. The Usual Suspects should bring forth more Blog Fodder, so, I'll wait for Future Episodes... winks.

    1. She's misusing the system, using it as a television because she obviously doesn't have enough to do and is paranoid. Now that we know she's listening, we should come up with some fake stuff to feed her paranoia.

  6. California is a “two-party consent” state, which means that it's illegal to record a conversation without the consent of all parties involved. Though from what I've read about your management it wouldn't surprise me if they slipped a clause into the rental contract.

    1. I don't see any mention of video or audio in the lease but, if it becomes an issue, they'll just say it's for our protection because we're old and need monitoring in case something happens. But FOUR cameras?!!! And the one time one of our seniors did need assistance, management stood over her, said "we can't touch her". Us residents had to lift her from the floor where she'd fallen. THEN management had her sign a paper saying it wasn't their fault. It wasn't. She just passed out. But Damn! The fact that they didn't help and quickly wrote out that paper for her to sign.

  7. What I want to know is does she give you See's Candies or do you give her See's Candies and if it's the latter, what is your address again?

    1. 🤣It's the latter, so I'll be listening for your knock knock knock.

  8. I'm not buying that workman's comp explanation either. Continue investigating. Sounds interesting.

  9. Those cameras aren't for your security, it's for the legal department's security. Sounds like they shouldn't be listening in. Home health nurses are used to cameras and audio so families don't worry. But some nurses won't work an assignment if there are cameras. Makes you wonder, huh? The tenet's name is probably still on the mailbox so people think it's lived in.
    Bet it doesn't switch until a new tenet has moved in. Have a good New Year; stay out of jail. Linda in Kansas

    1. Since the CM doesn't like Red Light, she was probably listening in to get something she can use against RL, and just happened to catch what Homegirl said about her, but what do you mean it's for the legal department's security? Do you mean if there's an accident, so they can't be sued?

  10. I love it! Hellooooooo Little Stalker!