Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Old People Fight

Yesterday’s Memorial Day Potluck was a cluster%&$#.
Scheduled from 2:00 to 4:00, I was back in my unit by 2:20.
When I arrived at 1:50, there was mass confusion as to who was going to do the grilling – chicken and hot dogs. 
Mass confusion, no one grilling, the event due to start in 10 minutes, and Activity Director nowhere in sight.
Assistant Maintenance Guy (AMG) was the only staffer around, and he was in the kitchen cleaning the grill.
Mass confusion, the grill being cleaned 10 minutes prior to start of the event.
“Where’s Activity Director?”, asked I.
“She’s in Community Manager’s Office chatting”, someone replied.
With no one in charge, Apache took over, rounded up Shadow and asked him to do the grilling because, among all the other things Shadow brags about being an expert in grilling; but Shadow just mumbled something undecipherable under his breath and walked away without indicating yes or no.
“You have to ask J______ (The Seer) to tell him to do it,” said I. “He only does what she tells him to do”.
Sure enough, Apache asked The Seer to ask Shadow to grill. She did so and Shadow immediately headed for the grill.
That man is strange.
However, looking at the grill, Shadow mumbled there was something that needed cleaning, other than whatever it was AMG was cleaning in the kitchen and Shadow walked away from having anything to do with the whole thing.
Community Manager and Activity Director finally showed up and assigned AMG to the grill around 2:15.
Since chicken was on the menu, I started to stick around for that. However, upon entering the room, Community Manager had turned on the A/C and the room began to freeze.
I did say to her, “The room was fine before you turned on the A/C, but now it’s freezing”. She turned it down a little, but not near enough. I wasn’t comfortable, didn’t want to get sick, so I went back to my unit.
As I was preparing to leave however, The Seer asked me, “Can we turn on the TV?”
“I don’t know. You’ll have to ask the woman that owns the room”.
The woman that owns the room is a resident who practically lives in the Community Room. She comes in daily, sits all day at the same table, in the same chair in the corner, where she works on her adult coloring books with the television set to a country music station – and no one dare to ever sit in her spot, turn off her music and she knows and says something about it when she finds the chairs at her table switched around. There’s usually some snack on the counter or donation or potluck, so she helps herself and rarely has to take a food break.
I love country music, and with so many voices in the room you can’t hear or focus on a television program anyway so, though many mumble under their breath about her taking over the room, I don’t care.
So anyway, The Seer’s response to my saying she should check with the woman that owns the room before turning off the music and tuning to a channel was, “I’ve already gotten into it once today, so I’d better not”.
Asked whom she’d gotten into it with ........ it was Church Lady. The one with the fabulous wardrobe, who constantly presents herself as being so Christian, so holy, while at the same time of talking all that Christian talk is not walking the walk.
I’m not clear as to what started it, but The Seer called Church Lady out, and among a litany of things she said she called Church Lady out on was that of being a “back-stabbing two-faced hypocrite”. Shadow, seeing a kerfuffle between the two, came to the aid of his lady love and said to Church Lady, “You know what you need? You need Jesus”.
THAT, I’m told, sent Church Lady into hyperspace. She began jumping around, hyperventilating, then ran to the office to tell Community Manager how insulted she was, that the Community Room was filled with demons, and that she’d never set foot in the Room ever again.
Poor thing. It’s going to come as a great surprise to her that no one cares if she comes back or not.
At any rate, the salad must have been delish, because I’d prepared two packages and the container was returned to me completely empty.
When I’d walked into the room with my contribution, Loosey Goosey ran over all excited, asking if it was deviled eggs.
I’d thought about it, actually would have liked to try the red white and blue eggs I saw on Pinterest, but no. Too much work to go through for an Activity Director event. If the seniors put their own event together for 4th of July, maybe I’ll do eggs.
On tap for today is heading out to look at inkless printers. I’m hoping to find something lightweight, easy setup, to replace my old HP which has been costing me a fortune in ink for years and is now giving me nothing but poor-quality prints.

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