Sunday, May 13, 2018

Happy Mother’s Day

Busy with scrapbooking, needlepoint, catching up on a mountain of recorded television programs, the weather too drab and dreary for being out and about hunting Pokémon, and myself not able to accept an invitation to dine out for Mother’s Day -- because of gut issues that come with outside food, I opted to celebrate the day by doing laundry, housekeeping, more crafting, more clearing out recorded programs to make room for the BBC’s Royal Wedding coverage, because I’ll be out of town next weekend, participating in the Great Donut Run, and want to record the wedding for later viewing.
I love the pomp and ceremony of a royal wedding, and this is my third time getting caught up in the fairy tale fantasy of it all.
I’m only counting Diana’s to Charles (I thought her dress was horrendous), William’s to Kate, and now Megan to Harry, because I don’t remember being interested in or viewing Fergie’s.
I’m a bit surprised at all the coverage touting Megan as being the first to bring Black blood into the royals. Color was introduced long ago by bi-racial Queen Sophia Charlotte, the mother of Queen Victoria’s father.

Even more surprising than Queen Charlotte being overlooked is the fact no one has made mention that Megan is marrying a ginger, which I find far more interesting than her ethnic background.
Prince Harry has natural red hair and there are myths I won’t go into about gingers, just in case you who are reading this is a ginger, and might take issue. Let’s just leave it at Megan Markle being a brave girl.
On tap this week is Pizza Tuesday, and a second chance to celebrate Mother’s Day as Activity Director scheduled the Mother’s Day Potluck for that same afternoon – after Mother’s Day, instead of last week – before.
I usually make deviled eggs for Mother’s Day. In fact, I’ve been known as “The Deviled Egg Lady”. But that’s way too much trouble to go through for the ingrates who don’t contribute and who complain, like they did last time and the time before that ... “The ice cream cups are too small, so give me two cups” ... “I want extra scoops” ... “I want an additional serving to take to my husband”.
At any rate, ice cream is an easy out, so that’s what I’ll be bringing to every event from now on.
Also on tap this week, is this month’s Residents/Management meeting where, hopefully, we’ll be filled in on results of the re-inspection.


  1. sorry you are having gut issues too. I blame the damned chemicals in everything.

    1. Exactly! But at least we woke up and are learning what's safe for us to eat, what is not -- unlike so many others who are suffering all manner of illnesses without knowing it's food related. But I really miss eating out and not having to cook.

  2. I thought Diana’s dress was horrendous, too. It's almost as if who ever picked out the design wanted her to look frumpy. I am happy for Harry and Megan and am surprised at what you shared about Queen Charlotte. I just googled her and the question over her heritage but pictures don't lie. Or rather paintings.

    See you at the wedding on Saturaday. LOL

    1. Yes, "frumpy" is exactly how I would describe Diana's dress. Can't wait to see what Megan is going to wear and, by the way, save me a seat because I'll be late for the wedding.