Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Are You Kidding Me?

Walking into today’s Belated Mother’s Day Potluck, I spied Apache in attendance.
“Do you stink?” asked I.
He caught my drift immediately. That drift being “Are you wearing the Success by Trump cologne”.
“No”, says he. “In fact, I’m never opening the bottle”.
LOL. He’s so enthralled with the Idiot in Chief that he’s saving and treasuring the cologne, adding it to his memorabilia collection.
Later in the event, Apache – a guiding member of the Residents Volunteer Activity Committee (RVAC) had the unmitigated gall to say how hurt he was that no one showed up for this past Saturday’s exercise session (the 12th).
“Are you kidding me” says I. “This after none of you committee members showed up for the previous Saturday’s session" (the 5th).
“Well, I couldn’t come. My back was hurting. I was in pain. I couldn't get out of bed”.
Inside my head, I went “Oh boo hoo”, but what came out of my mouth was, “And how were we supposed to know that your back hurt and there wouldn’t be a session?”
“V____ said she’d let everyone know”.
“She didn’t let ANYONE know. She didn’t come in to tell us the session was cancelled. There was no note on the bulletin board. You guys wasted my time, the time of the other ladies that showed up, so of course none of us showed up this past Saturday. Turnabout is fair play and because I can’t depend on whether there’s a session or not, I won’t be coming back.”
I made it sound like I was all indignant and it’s the RVAC’s fault that I’m out but, in truth, they did me an enormous favor because I wanted out and they gave me a really good reason to drop out with clean hands.
Though Activity Director’s late Mother’s Day event turned out well, it was confusing because she’d previously told us it was to be hot dogs.
Hot dogs for Mother’s Day, thought I. How cheap and tacky.
Someone must have talked some sense in her because I later saw she’d posted the event as “Bring your favorite dessert ... and There will be raffle prizes for Mothers who join us”.
Much more appropriate than hot dogs and, with the promise of raffle prizes, residents responded with sweet treats.

Even Greedy Grabby, who never brings anything, brought something – the chocolate cake, top row middle. But that may be because earlier, when she’d asked me if it was hot dogs or sweets today, I’d said, “I don’t know, but what are you bringing?”
She’d replied “Nothing" but evidently picking up what I was thinking about her, she added "But there’s a cake I like”. So maybe she sacrificed the cake she already had and was planning to enjoy, or maybe she made a quick trip to the market”.
At any rate, I’ve been clean eating for so long that none of the sweets tempted me but the raffle bags looked yummy.

Luckily, I had a winning ticket and chose the pretty light pink bag.

It was filled with useful goodies.

The cup and thermos were not included. Coffee is what I bring to snack on at these events while others are pigging out, and it helps that the coffee is packaged in my cute Wonder Woman set.


  1. I think "Success by Trump cologne" is what they use to prestink porta potties.

  2. There will never be a world where sweets don't tempt me.

    I just love the names you give folks. Makes me happy. :-)