Friday, May 18, 2018

One Before the Road

Time for one last post before I hit the road so, continuing with what I forget to mention came out of yesterday’s Residents/Management meeting .... It’s a Girl.
Head Maintenance Guy (HMG) and his wife are having a little girl to go along with his two boys.
No mention was made of the young lady, also expecting a baby while living here as caretaker to her grandmother, but residents are already talking about a baby shower for HMG.
So there’s that.
Watching Good Morning America’s coverage of the Royal Wedding, as I had my coffee, I caught a segment that mentioned Megan and Harry met on a blind date.
Flashback to the two times I myself went on blind dates -- one I agreed to, the other I was forced into.
The one I was forced into was when my mother and stepfather arranged for me to go on a blind date with a young coworker of stepfather.
I was only 15, no way interested in boys and dating, but mom – being the odd individual she was, seemed on a mission to destroy my life in multiple ways, other than traumatizing me when my dog was taken from me and she said she’d sent Skippy to the meat market to be ground into hamburger meat, had been pushing me to get interested in boys way sooner than I was ready. Mom even tried to turn my best friend against me by telling her she thought I was destined to be a lesbian.
I wish mom was alive today so I could ask her, “What the hell was wrong with you!?”
At any rate, that date with stepdad's coworker was a movie and dinner.
Uncomfortable being alone in a car with a boy, I made it through the movie because, when he spoke to me, I was confused as to whether he was talking to me or someone over my shoulder, behind me, because he was cross-eyed. His head was towards me, but his eyes appeared to be looking elsewhere.
Being only 15, I’d never heard of or seen eyes like that before and it confused and scared me to where I asked to be taken home after the movie, rather than dinner.
Second and very last blind date was when a neighbor, some 15/20 years ago, hearing me always blasting country music, asked, “Do you date out of your race?” saying she had a friend who was also into country/western but only dated Black women.
Sounded interesting so I, of course, asked for his credentials.
He was a long-time employee of a utility company and she said he was a big guy, tall, kinda looked like country music star Trace Adkins.
I don't think I asked the other usual questions, because she had me at “looks kinda likes Trace”. I agreed and we met up at, where else ... Starbucks.
He was a good conversationalist, had a nice deep voice, was tall, did look like Trace, everything seemed what I like EXCEPT where his mouth should have been was a bird-like beak opening.
I’m sorry if I sound shallow, but the facial deformity was a deal breaker. Everything else about him was so right that I tried, we went to lunch, talked for a bit on the phone, but the mouth thing was more than I could handle. I called it off and was done with sight unseen blind dates.

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  1. 15?! “What the hell was wrong with you!?” indeed!