Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Signs of Life

I was expecting to have to brave the elements to make it to this morning’s workout.

Luckily, a break in the rain negated that need to swim.

The break is "supposed" to last until next Monday, but it’s looking kinda gloomy outside, so I don’t know if we have that long before the next rainstorm hits the area.

The break not only allowed me to get to/from the Pain Cave without getting wet, it allowed me to see signs of life on the complex, with residents once again venturing outside.

First sighting was Red Light. She was waiting for her son to pick her up, drive her to Yucaipa (wherever that is) to look at a new 55 and over complex that takes Section 8.

I don’t want to count my eggs before they hatch, but it’s looking like I may not need those big girl panties after all because, if Red Light is serious about moving, and it’s looking like she is, then bingo goes with her.

Driving out of the complex, I spied what translates to me as desperation.

I did mention, in a previous post, that the $500 rent increase resulted in a lot of residents moving out.

Even though it seems new residents are quickly moving in, I can only guess the sign means the waiting list has been depleted, and management is now desperate enough to advertise vacancies.

That’s pretty shocking.

Even when things were really bad — back when Nurse Ratched was so horrible that long-time residents were moving out in droves, leaving entire quads with empty units, there was no need to advertise as the wait list was long with new unsuspecting victims clamoring to get a unit here. But now management is advertising vacancies on the streets for the first time ever.

Is Corporate's greed turning around and biting management in the butt?

Is the County no longer placing their clients here ... finding less expensive accomodations for those on its role?

Next, management may be offering move in discount specials. Maybe even offering incentives to all of us not to leave.

I'll know when my increase comes up in June/July.

Returning to the complex, I spotted TinTin standing outside the gate — appearing to be waiting for someone to pick her up.

I would have liked to capture a photo for you, but I didn’t want to stall and end up having to engage with her.

I kept my eyes straight ahead and got through the gate as quickly as I could without looking her way.

Later this afternoon, as I was catching up on recorded episodes of Ghosts, out the corner of my eye I spotted movement on the walkway.

Looking over, I saw it was a woman riding a bike.

I went to the patio window to see where she was going and saw her park her bike, take a breather on the bench beneath my bedroom window.

She appeared to be one of the unhoused.

You will recall, I can’t see through the bedroom window because it’s covered with bubble wrap.

Wanting to keep an eye on her, see what she was up to, I removed a panel so I could see out.

She looked harmless enough, so I went back to the TV — nice bike though. I bet she has to fight to keep others from taking it from her.

Back watching Ghosts, I finally learned it was Heddy’s son Thomas, who unalived Alberta, turned her into a ghost — because he wanted to continue his secret relationship with Alberta’s boyfriend.


But a more exciting reason to be turned into a ghost than Roxy, in that old show Dead Like Me. Roxy invented leg warmers and was strangled to death by a roommate, with a pair of leg warmers, who wanted to benefit as the inventor.

Next episode, one of the ghosts got sucked up into heaven.

Jay — the alive husband, was hoping the missing ghost was No Pants Trevor. I was hoping it was Thor.

Turns out, it was Flower — my absolute favorite ghost.

I couldn’t believe the show’s producers had gotten rid of Flower, so I logged onto Google to find out WHY.

Guess I wasn't the only one wanting an explanation, because look what happened when all I typed in was "Why did f".

I didn’t even have to type in Flower’s name.

At any rate, the rationale given was that the actress playing Flower was pregnant in real life, around the time filming started for this Season 3.

I’m hoping maybe Flower will get kicked out of heaven and brought back Season 4, but I doubt it because the reason given for her leaving ended with "pregnancy was just one factor".

Ghosts won’t be as enjoyable without her.

Later, I once again spotted movement on the walkway.

It was the unhoused woman, back on her bike, heading out the way she came in.

Now that she knows this is a safe place to rest, will be interesting if I see her here again.

After sprinkling water on the bubble wrap panel I’d removed, it went back in place no problem.

So ends another episode of Tales of the Complex, and that's the tea.


  1. You have lots of greened up grass from your floods. Linda in Kansas

    1. We'll see how long all the greenery lasts once the rain stops and the hot summer hits.

  2. Maybe you can pair up with Bike Lady while she rides and practice for your walking/running marathons! Linda in Kansas

    1. She was biking way too fast for me to try to keep up.

  3. Glad you got out during a break in the rain. Hope it lasts long enough for places (and soil) to dry out.

    1. and for the houses with roof damage to get their roofs fixed before the next storm hits.

  4. Good luck to all tenants seeking more affordable housing.

  5. I must have missed something. Is the bubble wrap sticking to the window with just some water sprayed on it? And is it keeping the cold air out? My windows are drafty and the stuff they make for it isn't working all that will.

    1. Yes. Spritzed water on the non-bubble side and it's sticking like glue, acting like double-pane window I guess. Doing a good job of keeping the cold air out. It does dry out after about 11 days when weather is warmer outside, but I just spritzed it again. You can even take it down, spritz and put up again, as I did when I wanted to see the woman with the bike.

    2. P.S. Instructions were to wet the bubble side, attach that side to the window. I misread the instructions and find the flat side is working, but it might work even better using the bubble side.

  6. Believe me, the corporate scum has figured out that the extra money the $500 per unit brings in more than makes up for empty units. If they fill the empty units they will probably take the extra money and fix the place up even better for you and all the other residents... HA!

    1. HA! is right, but will be interesting to see IF they can fill the empty units at the price now charging.

  7. There seems to be no affordable housing anywhere. That's why I haven't moved out of this place. We had rain the other day but it cleared up today.

    1. Me too. I'm lucky to be able to live in this "affordable" unit because I was within the low-income requirements when I arrived. I'm over income now because I was contacted by a company I left some 25 or so years ago and learned I had money coming to me. I'm grandfather in here but, should I ever move, I won't quality for another low-income affordable. The people on Section 8 have more option. They can move to another community where Section 8 is taken.