Thursday, February 15, 2024

A Handful of Sugar

Walking out the door yesterday, heading for the morning’s workout, what did I see but management’s latest posting attached to the door.

Not a notice this time. Instead, it was a cute little candy filled Valentine’s Day card.

"Never look a gift horse in the mouth" it is said, but my first thought was this has something to do with that $500 rent increase that has so many moving out.

Every single day I’m seeing folks moving out in other quads — thus far, it’s been no one I know personally; but I can’t say for sure because, with no contact with others via bingo and no access to the view of the courtyard area, due to that window being covered with bubble wrap, I’m out of the loop.

However, in my comings and goings, I’ve observed that just as quickly as someone moves out, just as quickly new people move in.

It’s becoming like a residential inn around here. We no longer know who our neighbor are.

So anyway, to some degree, residents probably appreciate this gesture from management. However, inasmuchas the rent increase is essentially funding it — giving Corporate extra money to spend, I'm sure residents would have rather no increase in rent instead.

After that morning’s workout, I dutifully checked the ingredients in the packet of sugary candies and found, sure enough, not edible as they contained three of the many ingredients my sensitive gut cannot handle — corn syrup, modified food starch, cornstarch.

Waste not Want not, so rationalizing it was just a handful, I took a chance and turned the handful into lunch with a cup of coffee.

No problems after, so it’s good to know the rare sugary cheat won’t hurt me, but I’d never buy jelly beans or gummies for anything other than gingerbread house decorations anyway, because I prefer chocolates.

I hope this sugary treat isn’t management setting us up for something else coming — leading us lambs to the slaughter so to speak.

Time will tell. It always does.

Shame about what happened in Kansas City Chiefs' parade.

Guess no place is safe — even with snipers on the roof and a kazillion cops on the ground; and to think, we'd just had that conversation about people carrying, unbeknownst to those around them.


  1. I hope that was ok candy. The motive is mysterious. Management isn't supposed to be that loving.
    Seems some kids off to one side of the stage, towards a parking garage got into a fight at the end of the Chiefs rally, pulling guns. With 850 law enforcement around, they still chased them. 2 juvies are still in custody cuz there's not a law for juvies about any 24-hour hold. The 3rd adult was dismissed; not part of the shooting. One woman is dead, her two kids with bullets; 9-11 kids with bullet wounds, others with wounds. All kids are expected to be ok; all but 3 discharged today. The town is kinda numb everywhere you go. Don't think any sports or holiday parades will ever be the same. We need better gun laws. Linda in Kansas

  2. Those 6 pieces of candy cost $83 a piece.

  3. LOVE Mike's math. So, if you put some pieces of candy in the envelope with some of your usual rent money, will management accept the love? Linda in Kansas

    1. What a great idea. If only it worked that way. Will be hilarious but sad, when I get my rent increase, to divide those pieces of candies into the increase and find it comes out to Mike's numbers.

  4. Sweet gesture (f it can be trusted). Let’s give the seniors a bag of sugar!!! Regarding another shooting in the States. I’m out of words.

    1. They're going to have to put up a sign, like the one at Bass Pro, to turn over weapons before entering event areas.