Sunday, February 25, 2024

Fingernails on the Chalkboard Effect

My head began screaming OMG! when booting up the laptop this morning and the first thing to pop up was Taylor Swift and Jason Kelce.

Gag me with a spoon.

I am so done with seeing them individually and as a couple.

It used to be I’d get up in the morning hoping, begging, pleading not to see Inmate No. P01135809 on the news. Not see his face, not hear his name mentioned.

Now the hoping, begging, pleading is to not see/hear mention of Swift, Kelce, Tay or Trav.

The two are everywhere, every day, all day — in the news, in print, on TV, social media, and it’s just too much, even pushing the dreaded No. 45 to the side.

It's like fingernails on a chalkboard annoying.

I’ve been a fan of Taylor’s since she was a teen and came out with the Tim McGraw song, but this current oversaturation is turning me into not a fan.

Still, I like her music and I’m not throwing any shade on her when I say that, the other night, while watching Drag Race, I suddenly realized how much Plane Jane’s drag resembles Taylor.

Plane Jane                                       Taylor

I don’t think it’s intentional, it just is.

Plane can easily make a career as a Taylor Swift, much like Chad Michaels is doing as Cher.

So that rant off my chest, I’m not feeling a winner this season, though if I absolutely had to choose, I’d go with Sapphira.

Other than that, I’d like to see Mhi'ya put out of her misery, because it’s so painful to watch her try so hard and get such harsh, but justified, criticism from the judges.

I don't think she was ready for the show in more ways than one, not the least of which was not learning how to sew.

Going on Drag Race without having taken even a basic sewing class is like going on Survivor and not knowing how to swim.

Around 9:00 this morning, I heard a loud familiar voice exiting Next Door Neighbor’s unit.

It was Oversexed.

Me thinks Neighbor had invited her over for morning coffee with a side of tea.

It’s probably a mistake for an elegant lady like Neighbor to get that friendly with Oversexed, who is more from and on the rougher side of life because look how Oversexed is treating her good and close friend Meat Man.

He's confiding his secrets to her, and she's so easily and gleefully telling us, and others on the complex, what those secrets are.

Not that Meat Man doesn't deserve being found out and stabbed in the back by a friend ...... life is about choices, and he chose her to confide in. But what it says is Oversexed is not one to get close to around here.

We'll see how it goes with Neighbor allowing Oversexed into her space, but if Neighbor goes out of town and her place ends up being broken into, I won't be calling the cops.

After leaving Neighbor’s unit, Oversexed went right over to TinTin’s place.

The plot thickens.


  1. I don‘t understand why the Swift-Kelce relationship is supposed to be so important to us. As for Meat Man, Neighbor, Oversexed, TinTin, and the lot... more stories!

    1. Dateline should come in here and film these old people and their dramas.

  2. Taylor is alright... I can take her in small doses....but I CAN NOT STAND Plain Jane. Good drag? Yes, but I find him very bitchy, mean spirited and a backstabbing bitch. It' no wonder why on the drag circuit Plain doesn't have many close drag sister friends. And at the end of the day her drag is good, but she is not delivering any drag or style I haven't seen yet. Unfortunately for this season, from the get-go it will be a top three queen show. It's so clear it's going to be Sapphira, Plain and Nyphmia and has since episode one.

    1. I thought Jane's act as an antagonist was put on for the show. It's sad to know that's how she really is in life.

  3. Ok, you don't live in Kansas City. Taylor dates TRAVIS, as in TnT. Travis plays for the KC Chiefs. Jason is married with kids and plays for the Philadelphia Eagles. Mama Kelce makes cookies for both boys. Both boys share a podcast thing. The Taylor phenom is nice because it's one good thing going on in the evil world. Her care and funding for lots of things is stunning but her business capabilities are astounding.
    The attempted dating activity around your apartment complex is concerning. It reeks of STDs being spread just in the air! Be careful; wear a mask; carry your mace for alleged sex-capable males. (The highest rate of STDs is among retired people in Florida.) Linda in Kansas

    1. Jason or Travis ... I never heard the name Kelce until one hooked up with Taylor, and now its overkill. I wouldn't at all be surprised if Meat Man turns out to be Patient No. 1 of an epidemic of STDs on the property. He has way too many faces, and it's sad to see vulnerable women being taken advantage of by him, buying into whichever face he's showing to lure them in.

  4. I think the whole Taylor Swift and her Boyfriend infatuation is saturating the Media too much. A little bit of it goes a long way with me, with any Celebrity actually, overexposure is just Too Much. I'm even starting to feel that way about Lovely Handsome Jason Mamoa... and he's Gorgeous, but the overexposure is wearing on me now... even tho' he's Easy on the Eyes. *Winks*