Sunday, June 18, 2023

Three Day Weekend?

Happy Father’s Day to all you dads out there AND dads/moms who did double duty — raised children without partners.

This is a three-day weekend for management, because Monday is a federal Holiday — Juneteenth. However, for moi, tomorrow will be business as usual because Monday is a regular workout day.

There is a celebration tomorrow at the University but I’ve not the energy to workout then attend the festival. Besides, it doesn’t look very interesting.

Even though the list of activities includes Food (I can't eat), Fun, Kid Zone, they completely lost me at Seminars and Gospel Hour.

There are festivities within driving distance, but again, no energy.

I’ve been experiencing an energy drain since Friday — a sign there’s a disturbance in the family force, most assuredly Twin 2, which is where the drains have been coming from for quite some time.

Nothing to be done but hope for the best for her — Divine right action and ride the waves.

Other than that, not much going on around here except crafting.

Insofar as residents, the only one I’ve run into the few times I've gone out to toss trash or pick up mail, was Head Maintenance Guy returning from an outing with his wife on Saturday.

He actually smiled and said "Hello, Shirley", which was surprising because it was the first time he ever said my name.

I got the distinct impression he is totally unaware of the "real plumber" comment.

He’s not clever enough to fake it — come across as agreeable while fuming inside, so I can only assume he’s completely clueless as to how I and other residents feel about his skill level.

It must be nice to be clueless.

There have been times when I’ve envied those who travel through life at a surface level, people that don’t feel, sense, know, empath; people that go through life all friggin la de friggin da like, just totally clueless.

So, anyway, HMG is the only one I saw in person, but I did see Red Light playing poor me on facebook again.

You may remember, back in March, when she had that passive aggressive meltdown — posted a host of poor me, people are so mean cryptic messages.

Well, on Saturday, she posted a poor me, I’m so bored plea.

She has everyone’s telephone number, could have easily called those in her posse, asked if they wanted to get together, but nooooo. She wanted the world to witness her pity plea.

I'd be bored too if I was as spoiled as she, didn't do anything but sit on my behind and issue orders … or try to, like "send me the photos".

For some reason, she doesn't have to lift a finger for anything, not even write a check because the County pays her rent. Her daughter is like her indentured servant — here every day, cooking, cleaning, doing Red Light’s laundry, helping her set up for bingo.

We have residents on walkers and wheelchairs who manage to do their own laundry. The resident with the problem legs — the one who propells herself from here to there by leaning left then right, does her own laundry and here Red Light is being waited on like a queen.

Red Light seems to get around extremely well when she's out gathering intel (gossiping) and running the bingo games — both of which I appreciate, but I'm just saying.

No idea if she ever got out to "do something", but I didn’t see any responses to her plea.

So, anyway, even though tomorrow is just another Monday for me, it being Black Independence Day is an opportunity to wear that Blackity Black Black shirt.


  1. Happy Juneteenth to you tomorrow in your Blackity Black Black shirt!

  2. Sometimes clueless can be a gift.

    1. True. It's the theory of "Ignorance can be bliss".

  3. Happy Blackity Black Black Day whatever other crap is going on. Enjoy the gym. Be proud. I hope the negative, energy draining feelings leave.

    1. I like the sound of "Blackity Black Black Day" BBBD, over "Juneteenth", LOL.

  4. "He’s not clever enough to fake it", ha, I know some people like that.
    I also know people who like to whine and be dramatic on facebook like RL, seeking attention it seems. It's the main reason I don't "do" facebook.

    1. I have a friend on FB who is still mourning the death of the musician known as Prince. It's not like she knew him personally, but she just goes on and on and on ad nauseum. I click on the "hide" button when I see her ad nauseum coming up and likewise with other friends who post whiny stuff. Except Red Light, because her whiny stuff is fodder for the blog.

  5. Some people are like Red Light and her daughter waiting on her doing everything for her isn't helping.

    1. My spidey sense is telling me she's getting paid by the County as her mother's caregiver and Red Light is taking advantage, holding it over her daughter's head, making sure she earns that money.

  6. I'm glad they finally made Juneteenth a National Holiday. With all of the current attempts to take the Nation backwards, it's refreshing when anything Positive is still happening.

    1. I'm still surprised this one got through all the bull crap going on.

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    1. No "thank you" emoji on your chart, but there is a thank you hands ... πŸ™

  8. Happy Juneteenth. Regine