Sunday, June 25, 2023


A new auto center popped up in the area near the craft store and Sprouts Farmer’s Market I frequent. That center includes a Jeep Dealership. So, on Thursday, instead of driving way far away to where I usually take the car for annual maintenance, I'd scheduled service at the new closer dealership.

Not sure if I’ll use them again.

The intake felt awkward. It wasn’t that the Service Advisor was rude. He just seemed put upon, like he was somehow being inconvenienced. Didn’t communicate well, didn’t even ask if I had an appointment. Instead, kind of rushed me away by saying something about his doing this, that the other ... that I couldn’t make out, then said "I'm actually on my way to lunch".

Consequently, in the waiting room, I wasn’t certain of what was happening. Was my car being serviced or had it been driven off to the side until he returned from lunch?

Didn’t have long to ponder because I was notified, some 45 minutes later, work was done, car ready to go.

So quick, compared to the two/three hours I’m accustomed to waiting. Didn’t even get very far in finishing my book.

I appreciated the speed. However, all in all, I’m not sure I’ll use them again, unless it's an emergency.

It wasn’t just the awkward intake, but I’m not sure I can trust that, in spite of the paperwork that indicates they did, that they completed the multi-point inspection and everything else that is to be included in maintenance because, when taking trash to the dumpster this morning, I thought to check to see if the tires had been rotated.

They were not.

How do I know?

Last year I’d painted, with fingernail polish, a red dot on the left rear tire.

Checking that dot after last years’ service, I saw that tire was now on the left front of the car, which made me comfortable in trusting that dealership.

After service this year, the tire with the dot remains on the left front tire, which makes me question if this new dealership did anything other than a quick oil change.

Can’t trust anyone these days.

So much was happening at Friday’s bingo that I forgot to mention the day was Red Light’s birthday.

We surprised her with a card, cake, cupcakes at break time.

Buttons — our 87 year old that uses those cute buttons to fill her card, tells me she's going in for outpatient surgery next month for skin cancer removal ... the 6th in 10 years.

What makes her so susceptible she says is "1) My age 2) I’m fair skinned 3) I have blue eyes and 4) I don’t drink coffee".

I didn’t doubt what she said about coffee, but you know by now that I research everything.

This is what I found ... coffee prevents skin cancers because of an "enzyme called ATR, which plays a key role in the survival of cells damaged by ultraviolet (UV) rays. Inhibiting ATR can eliminate UV-damaged cells that are precancerous. Because decaf coffee doesn't contain caffeine, it doesn't have this effect".

Learn something every day.

I asked Buttons if the spot is always in the same place. She said "No. It appear wherever".

Since she was so willing to talk about it, and I was learning, I further asked the location of the current spot.

"On my leg".

"How was it found? Like did you feel a pain and figure it out?"

"No. The doctor found it".

The image that popped into my head was that of her doctor examining her naked 87-year-old body for spots. So, curious as I was as to how the doctor found it, I didn’t think I could handle the answer and questioned no further.

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