Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Taking One for the Blog Team

A notice correcting the error in the first notice was posted by end of day yesterday. The Crime Free Meeting was scheduled for 10:00 AM this morning.

Chilly and windy outside, I nevertheless bundled up, took one for the blog team by heading down with the mantra to "stay quiet, just listen, don’t lose your cool".

On the way, I ran into the guy Apache tried to pick a fight with — over a woman, and ended up getting himself banned from the property.

Apache happened to be in the area the day he saw a female resident he’d gotten physically close to standing outside talking to the guy — let’s call him "P", lost his shiz, tried to fight P, called the woman a "Lying bitz", got talked down by Painted Rock Lady, who witnessed the scene, walked away mad and was told he was banned from the property everafter.

At any rate P has always been a complete gentleman, was just talking to the woman, as he does to all residents — male and female, but Apache’s jealousy just got the best of him.

As P and I walked to the Community Room, he said he himself was instrumental in having the cops come in and talk to us. That he’d been attending the every other Tuesday "Coffee with a cop" sessions at the clubhouse of the Golf Course and lobbied for them to come in and talk to us.

Today's session was relatively painless, except I couldn’t believe management actually brought donuts to a cop event.

You called it Paranormal John, but no one made jokes about it. Folks just enjoyed the donuts.

At any rate, I didn’t learn much from the session that the Grapevine hadn’t already alerted me to

The session started off with one of the two cops stressing the importance of knowing who our neighbors are, having each other’s phone number, looking out for each other.

He also emphasized to be leery of who we invite over. That something the cops deal with all the time is when people invited to spend time/stay over and ultimately become tenants. Then when wanted out, the cops can do nothing except suggest the eviction process as they are now residents, not trespassers.

Also, that sometimes the people you invite, like young people — nieces and nephews, invite their sometimes-questionable friends over, and problems are created for you and your neighbors.

Good point.

There was talk about the guys walking around all hours of the night knocking on doors.

I knew about the guys walking around, had not heard about knocking on doors.

For why?

For what?

P himself said he’d gotten such a middle of the night knock and, like a fool, opened the door where he saw a man who looked just as surprised to see P as P was to see him.

Seeing a tall bearded seemingly fit resident, instead of a little old lady, the guy ran off.

Several others reported having middle of the night knocks.

Then, of course, there was talk of catalytic converters being stolen from cars parked in the back lot area.

Not much was offered as a solution to anything, as there are no solutions.

Ring cameras were suggested. "Ring cameras are one of the best tools for law enforcement" said the other less talkative cop. They’d recently been able to solve a murder as the entire episode and identity of the culprit had been caught on Ring, said he.

More reporting of incidents was also suggested, as not much had been reported, except to management and those are not management issues. They are police issues.

That was a surprising revelation. I and others have been complaining for years that management doesn’t do anything, is negligent in its duty and responsibility to keep us residents safe when actually they have no such duty or responsibility.

In addition to Ring cameras, we were advised to take advantage of the Online Reporting System.

Good to know we don’t need to call the police emergency number or trek all the way down to the police department to fill out a report.

Someone mentioned seeing cop cars occasionally looping through the complex at night.

Those are "Extra Patrol" we were told. Officers on patrol sometimes come in and hang out as a deterrent.

One or two of the nonsensicals that so trigger me by their lack of importance and stupidity were brought up by residents — cars zooming up and down the street, homeless walking up/down the street, and P spoke up way too much, had too much to say, too often interrupting cop speak seemingly to thump his chest, expressing his friggin knowledge about anything/everything, but I stayed true to my mantra — I was quiet, just listened, stayed calm.

"It’s not a crime to be homeless" said the lead cop. "It can happen to any of us".

He also pointed out we are on the "main corridor, traffic is gonna be traffic".


After that, the cop said San Bernardino is a "high crime area" (not very comforting) but that, for the most part, our complex is very safe in comparison to other complexes surrounding us, and nothing anywhere is 100%.

I know and that’s the thing … there are worse places to be. Even the luxury buildings have issues with management and intruders.

When asked what exactly our Crime Free Housing Certification affords us …. "If there are fights, drinking, you are evicted within 72 hours".

Uuuuuuh, not exactly. I just mentioned a few posts ago about the battling OG’s.

Not only were they never evicted for their many battles, but they had no problem getting back in as residents.

Maybe it's because they were so well liked. On the other hand, maybe it’s because they have that "Privilege" thing a particular group is afforded.

By this time, we were 45 minutes into the session, a break was called — to discuss issues between ourselves and/or meet one on one with one of the cops. I’d heard enough and headed back to my unit, but not before Talker walked over and said her granddaughter asks about me "ALL THE TIME".

"Why … she’s turned into a stalker … what does she say?" asked I.

"How’s Shirley" she said and added "I can’t figure it out. What did you do?"

I wish I knew so I could undo it.


  1. Thanks for "taking one for the blog team," LOL!

    1. The least I could do since so many were willing to put up bail money 😀

  2. You and me with the refaces!!!!! I just posted one yesterday as the Queen of Hearts!!! I like the Maleficent!!!!

    These days...is anywhere safe really???

    1. I saw that one. Hysterical. And truly, no place is safe nowadays.

  3. As for the little girl, you showed her kindness and paid attention to her. Not a lot of adults care for children and brush them off. They like to be noticed and talk to people. We need more kindness for small children who don't always have a pleasant life. It appears this little girl gets shuffled off to her grandmother's quite often. Does she go to preschool or spend time with other children? She might need that, too.

    1. I just learned today that she is 5 years old and a few days ago that she is in kindergarten. Don't know what her family circumstances are, don't really want to know, but she does seem to be with grandma almost daily. Maybe I should take Linda in Kansas' suggestion and somehow arrange for her to chat with P instead of me.

  4. Did you actually take notes? Nice report. Glad you kept control; but P needs to be evicted for being annoying. Interesting that management isn't responsible for much except collecting rent money. Some people in my old nursing home- turned into cheap senior housing complex have Ring doorbell thingies on top of their door frames. I just wave. I think they have them more for knowing who is knocking vs crime. Maybe you can get Talker's grandkid to go chat with P instead of you. Congrats on staying out of jail. We'll keep our bail money for you in escrow! Linda in Kansas

    1. I actually did take notes, LOL. My kitchen window, patio window and bedroom window are my ring doorbells. I learned the Baker has a ring, but I've never noticed it when at her door. Now that I know, I'll have to dance or something. Yep, better hold onto that bail money for next time the Black Witch and I go at it.

  5. You make a fabulous Maleficent!!!
    Those men knocking at doors late at night is scary. Stay safe.

    1. Thanks! So far, I think it's only the downstairs unit being bothered, but I'll keep my Michonne Katana close by just in case.

  6. I got a call today from what sounded like a little girl. She wanted to know how Shirley was. 😆

  7. It's your lot in life to be irresistible, Shirley.

    1. Damn the luck when I'd rather my lot in life is to be Rich.

  8. No place is always safe. There is a large lake a few miles east of where I live. It's a wealthy area. I see people posting on the Next-door app often in the area about thieving off the porch, breaking into cars, just lots of stuff. Mostly theft and vandalism. I think what others have said is right, the little girl has reacted to your seeing her.

    1. Thing is, she reacted even before I saw her. I'd blogged about the first time I saw her was at bingo and, when she went around hugging everyone, I avoided the hug because hugging is not my thing with people I don't know. I was playing bingo when, all of a sudden, she got up from where she was seated, came around and, before I even knew she was there, she hugged me and put her head on my shoulder. It was like she made me SEE her. I give up. The Universe is jamming this one down my throat, so I've no choice but to accept the assignment and roll with it. And oh yes .... it's getting even less safe than here in the wealthy areas. Groups are targeting them for home invasions.

  9. I've never thought about getting the phone number of my neighbors. I try to stay to myself around here and not make friends with any of these people. lol

    1. Only those I trust have my number ... Next Door Neighbor, the Baker, Talker and my use to be friend the Seer, who is now deceased. Other than that, not even Apache has it but, in your situation, I think it wise that you keep yourself and your number to yourself.

  10. You make a good Malificent... thanks for taking one for the blog team.

    1. It was the least I could do after bloggers began offering bail money, LOL.