Friday, May 13, 2022

And For My Next Mission

In yesterday’s mail was a duplicate bill from the dentist I left in my rear view.

A mistake on their part as the check I’d promptly sent, along with that note to remove me from their patient list, had cleared.

Just in case it wasn’t a mistake, but a purposeful payback tactic, I printed out a copy of the cancelled check to drop off in today’s mail.

Over and done with so far as I’m concerned, except it brought to the forefront of my mind how dissatisfied I am with the work that dentist did.

Not only did he scam me into work that probably did not need to be done, he did a poor job. I’m now left with a problem where there was none before — painful to chew on that side.

I think he knew he’d done damage because, after completing the work, it was he who mentioned nerve damage and a possible root canal in future.

I’ll have to discuss it with the new dentist but, if it comes to nerve damage done by that guy, I won't be opting for a root canal. I'll live with the pain or have those teeth removed.

So, anyway, going to bed with all that on my mind did not make for a good night’s sleep. I awoke at precisely 3:14 a.m.

How do I know the precise time you ask.

When I sat up in bed I spied a man standing on the walkway at the entry way between where Nurse Ratched’s mother lives and a unit I’ve never seen anyone enter or exit in years.

In case I was looking at a crime, I grabbed my phone, looked at the time, then begin to record.

My phone does not take great night shots, but I could clearly see it wasn’t a criminal, but the popo. More specifically, a U.S. Marshall … and he wasn’t alone. Two other Marshalls, who appeared to have been trying to gain access to the unit through the patio window, came into view.

They seemed to be looking at something on the ground, left side of the patio railing, and then the three disappeared towards the door.

They somehow got into the unit because, not recorded, are flashes of flashlights inside the unit.

The lights inside never went on and, after about ten minutes of flashlights, the Marshalls left … empty handed. No one in custody.

So, now that Karen has calmed down, my next mission, should I accept it — and I do, is to find out WHO lives in that unit and what the guys were looking at on the left side of the patio.

Talk about being the right person, awake at the right time, with the right view.


  1. I'm glad you're on the job! I await your next report.

  2. There's never a dull moment at your apartment complex, is there!

  3. That would interest me too Shirley, U.S. Marshalls gaining access, possibly without a Warrant... very interesting, especially since they left empty handed and who knows who else even knew they had been there and entered? The time of the covert op is very strange too... at three in the morning if they entered the Wrong unit and it's occupied, that's how innocent people get killed while asleep in the privacy of their own Homes. We once had a SWAT Team at our Historic Home bust thru our Bedroom Door and The Man almost shot them... they came very close to shooting him! They claimed they saw what looked like a Flashlight in the House and thought the Home to be abandoned... it was the TV on and The Man was still up waiting for me to get Home from the DA's Office since I worked 2nd Shift. I filed a complaint, we had Children in the Home and they didn't announce themselves or have a Warrant to enter... The Man has been a Cop, he knows proper protocol, which they never followed. Since yours is a Seniors Complex they could have given the Resident a Heart Attack busting in at a ridiculous time!

    1. 3:00 in the morning seems to be when the Marshalls like to catch people they're looking for ... asleep ... off guard, but I thought about that entering, searching, lack of someone to present with a warrant as well. They were so stealth, didn't make a sound. I didn't see lights go on in the adjoining units to indicate they'd been awakened. If I'd not taped it, I doubt anyone would believe it even happened.

  4. You brought back a memory of a another 3:00 in the morning when something woke us up and it turned out to be the SWAT team across the street on a raid.

    I've seen your comments on Dawn's blog many times and I'm surprised its taken me this long to check out yours. We have things in common like out taste in music.

    1. Things in common sounds like you're a fabulous human being, LOL, so welcome.

  5. That is interesting. I don't think of myself as nosy, but stuff like that always pushes my "need to know" button.

    1. I don't consider myself nosey either, just observant and, like you, need to know who what why.