Thursday, March 29, 2018

Egg Coloring Party

Yesterday was our annual egg coloring party.
The Galaxy Eggs I’d intended to strive for turned into freewheeling it, as there was just too much going on for me to attempt such an endeavor.
We had children in the room. Lots of them. And somehow I ended up interacting with each in one way or another, from answering questions about painting wooden eggs, to helping paint one or two.
Apache’s helper brought her two girls, The Baker brought her two Great Granddaughters and Great Grandson, and The Seer brought her Granddaughter, Great Granddaughter, Great Grandson.
All the children were very well-mannered, cute and distracting.
And here I really have to commend Dkzody for her ability to work with young children on a daily or almost daily basis and come out alive because, for me, even though it was fun and entertaining, it was also exhausting. After three hours, I was so drained I could barely make it back to my unit.
One adorable little boy sat down next to me and I opened a conversation with him by asking, “How old are you?”
So cute, instead of speaking, he held up five fingers, was quiet for a second and then began to tell me his whole life story.
“I have two houses, two moms and one dad. My dad doesn’t live in my mom’s house”.
Didn’t take me but a millisecond to process that information and understand he meant divorce and a stepmom, but WOW!
Do all 5-year olds just blurt out stuff like that?
It seemed like something he needed to talk about, so I said “Two houses, two moms. That’s a lot. Which mom do you like best?”
He looked very thoughtful as he pondered which he liked best for a little too long, so I surmised and said, “You like them both the same.”
“No. I like the mom at my house best”.
It was just about then that his Great Grandma retrieved him and took him to the kids' table to dye eggs, unaware he'd divulged family dynamics she’s never mentioned in the six years I’ve known her.
One little girl took such a liking to me that she was back and forth at my side, asked her GG to take a photo of us together and even presented me with a special Easter Basket she made.

She referred to her Great Grandma as “GG”, which is a term I’d never heard before and thought very clever.
This little girl seemed quite mature for her age, but confused me when she pointed out her much taller, looking much older sister and said they were two days apart.
“Two days apart, but different years. Right?”
“No same year, two days apart”.
“That’s not possible”, said I.
It was indeed possible. She and her sister, who looks nothing like her, is taller, looks years older, are twins.
Can you image her poor mother being in labor delivering twins two days apart.
My girls are five minutes apart.
At any rate, this little girl spent so much time at my side that late comers to the event would ask, “Is this your granddaughter?” (As you can see in the above photo, this is a little White child, but I imagine her being mine is within the realm of possibility).
“No. This is B___’s Great Granddaughter, but I’m going to adopt her. I want her?”
That seem to make an impact on the little girl that I’d said so because her GG later approached and actually said, “I want to thank you for making C___ so happy”.
Apache made an appearance. His plan was to once again dye eggs using a method he found on the internet. Last year, it was shaving cream. This year it was to be kool-aid, but he ended up not dyeing eggs. Instead, he was eating them. 
That guy I’ve not yet come up with a blog name for was in attendance. Of course, that was because The Seer was there and where she is he follows.
And I just thought of a pseudonym for him. Since his purpose in life seems to be The Seer's shadow, let’s call him that -- “The Shadow”.
The Shadow also did not dye eggs, just hovered around and watched.
The Church Lady was in attendance. (This is the woman who dresses sharp as a tack on a daily basis, and even sharper when headed to church. I imagine her unit looks like a Nordstrom’s Department Store – pearls, diamonds, hats, high-end dresses. The woman who, upon hearing Assistant Maintenance Guy was no longer an employee, announced “There’s more to this. Something is going on. I smell a rat. A big one”.)
At any rate, she cracked me up because, after dyeing her eggs, she went to the refrigerator, found mayonnaise, relish and turned her eggs into egg salad.
As good a use for them as I’ve ever seen, but the fact that she didn’t waste any time admiring her creations, before breaking them down and devouring them, is hilarious.
With so much going on, I only managed to get five eggs decorated.





  1. Thanks, Shirley, for the nice compliment. I laughed outloud and read your story to my husband who also laughed. "Tell her you come home exhausted, too."

    The story of the two houses and multiple parents sounds like the stories I hear when I sit with the kids at lunch. Breaks your heart.

    1. Yes, but you come home exhausted and head back out to do it again. I do 5Ks and don't feel as exhausted after as I feel today. Fortunately for me, it'll be at least a year before I connect with children again.

  2. Those eggs will look nice nestled in a small basket together. Or did you keep last year's to add to the collection?