Friday, March 9, 2018

Junk in the Trunk

After returning from picking up items at the Amazon Locker on Wednesday, I received a call asking if I wanted biscuits and gravy, cooked by The Baker, from the in-progress Community Breakfast.
“I would LOVE biscuits and gravy, but I don’t dare” said I (because my gut wouldn’t like it).
Asking how the breakfast went, it was “Few showed up, but it was peaceful”.
Translation: None of the negative energy people were in attendance.
Good to know, but I remain being Emmet, with me not in it.
My time is being devoted to completing that needlepoint project.

Progress May 2017 - March 2018

Getting towards the tail end, I’ve already decided on the next project.

In between catching up on television programs and needlepoint, I've been researching trunk organizers.
One of the items picked up from the Amazon Locker on Wednesday was one such organizer because, the new car, with all of its bells and whistles, has left me with no built-in cargo bin, such as was in the Saturn, so I'm dealing with a lot of loose junk in the trunk – pair of athletic shoes just in case I’m ever stranded and need to do a lot of walking, a just-in-case umbrella, car cleaning products, the many bags I now have to lug around since the 2016 Bag Law (Stater Bros, Ralphs, Trader Joe, Sprouts, Walmart), not to mention a place to put my groceries so they don't roll around.

With the organizer picked up on Wednesday, it’s better, but not good enough. Plus, I still need something to hold groceries in place.

I’ll keep it, but I’m still researching options.
Elsewhere around here, the two-day inspection is over and done with. I only saw one inspector -- a big beefy well-fed looking guy, just what you’d expect a government inspector to look like. He was in no shape to go up and down stairs, checking all 178 units. Nor was Community Manager, herself seriously overweight with resultant health issues, in good enough shape to escort him to all 178 units. In fact, I observed them both sitting on the bench across from my bedroom window, taking a breather.
Instead, units were inspected at random. I couldn’t tell if “random” consisted of one or two units in each building, or random units on the complex. I know The Seer’s and next-door neighbor’s units were inspected. I was passed on and I don’t think either of the two downstairs units in my building were inspected, nor did I see any of the units in the quad across from mine being inspected.
Will be interesting to learn at the next Residents/Management meeting (the 15th) if the complex passed.
With only one out-of-shape inspector, I’m assuming it did.


  1. My subaru is similar to your jeep as for the rear cargo space. The only thing I keep back there is a picnic blanket. My grocery bags sit in the backseat, unless I have passengers then they get tucked into one of the cutouts in the cargo space. I keep water bottles in the cupholders up front and I have gum and mints in the console between the front seats. Since I have a car with a cigaret lighter, I keep a phone charger in what was supposed to an ashtray. That's it for my car.

    1. I've ordered something called Pop-Up. If that doesn't do it, I'll have to streamline the trunk, much as you do.

  2. wow on that needlepoint, hard on the eyes.

    1. True that. My eyes have gotten really bad now. I'm not sure how much longer I'll be able to do such close work, even with glasses.