Monday, March 5, 2018

Pride Goes Before a Fall

St Patrick’s Day isn’t until the 17th. However, the potluck celebration is tomorrow, over a week early.
Probably something to do with Activity Director’s schedule.
At any rate, it crossed my mind yesterday that a Starbuck’s Traveler wouldn’t be the best choice for my contribution. Much as the seniors do love and see Starbucks coffee as a special treat, it’s more appropriate for breakfast and brunch. So, coffee out, it then became a toss-up between deviled eggs dyed green or lime ice cream and soda for a knockoff shamrock shake.
Having not been sleeping well last few days -- waking at 1:30 for no reason insofar as I can tell, getting out of bed, playing candy crush, alphabetty saga, reading blogs, meditating until I feel sleepy again, go back to bed, get up a few hours later, I've been waking up tired and don’t have the energy for deviled eggs, so off I went to the market for 7-Up, lime ice cream and, for variety, mint chocolate chip ice cream.
Back at the complex, after unloading groceries, I walked through the Community Room, heading to the mailbox, and learned Assistant Maintenance Guy had resigned.
How stupid is that, thought I.
He was well liked, respected, and his work ethics were acknowledged and appreciated by us residents until, in his war with Head Maintenance Guy, he put the brakes on those work ethics.
It was said he’d resigned because Corporate was trying to fire him, but still … how stupid is that.
Putting aside he’s been giving Corporate just cause to fire him, if he’d let it play out, he could at least have been able to claim unemployment. As it is, he has a new home and a new truck to maintain, no income insofar as we know and how many opportunities are out there for a 54-year old fix it guy?
It’s all ego and pride.
Ego that he’s older, more experienced, yet has to take orders from a lazy kid.
Pride that he couldn’t knuckle down, accept what is and do what he had to do to keep his job.
It’s so stupid, so sad and, once reality sets in, I wouldn’t be at all surprise if he didn’t end up asking for his job back.

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