Wednesday, March 28, 2018

User Defect

Another chilly morning with me warm and cozy in that onesie as I was making coffee. 
I’m very surprised the little FlexBrew coffee maker I’d purchased from the market back in January is still working.
Not because the item is defective in any way, but because of a defect in the user. I’ve forgotten once to push the lever down when brewing, which lever in the down position is essential to operation. I’ve forgotten to put water in the tank at least four times and, once, I forgot to put a coffee cup under the drip spout, resulting in coffee all over the kitchen counter.
Oh well.
This morning’s post is coming to you courtesy of the HP. 
Yes, it’s back.  I picked her up Monday afternoon.
An estimated one month’s absence turned into two weeks, while damage done to the operating system and the keyboard, caused by those dreaded Windows updates, was repaired by the geeks.
That was fast.
The reload the geeks anticipated after the factory reset didn’t happen. They were able to auto recover all programs.
The geek assisting me laughingly validated my fears that I’d seriously doubted there will be what he termed “technical bliss” henceforth, because I fully expected future Windows updates would cause me grief. He indicated the frequent updates are due to the fact there will not be a Windows 11, 12 or 13. To which I replied “Thank God!”
However, he says, the down side to that is they just keep updating and “It’s only going to get worse”.
Oh well. It is what it is.
Getting around to removing the HP from the box yesterday afternoon, setting her back up on my worktable, plugging her in, booting her up, I found she no longer recognized the mouse.
I do not have the patience for that slide click-it thing, don’t see how anyone does, but fortunately I had another mouse that connected itself to “USB Receiver”.
Of course, no sooner than I had the HB all set up and ready to go, than a Windows Update popped up.
On the topic of defective humans, a group of “kids” were spotted breaking into cars Monday night.
Head Maintenance Guy’s truck was broken into. His wife’s makeup line (Evidently, she sells makeup on the side) was stolen.
One of the residents who, like Apache, walks around odd hours of the early morning, keeping an eye on things, saw three/four boys and a girl, going through the truck, called the police, and the police never came.
That doesn’t surprise me. They don't care and are completely useless.
Head Maintenance Guy parks his truck next to my little horse (the Jeep) so, even though mine appears untouched, that does give me pause because I think he's being targeted. The shed where he keeps his tools was broken into two weeks ago.
I recall saying to someone, a month or two ago, when management brought in a lot of younger people to help with getting the place in order for the inspection, and chose the cheap (free) labor of guys doing community service, that it was likely to cause problems later. That the community service people would now know we are here, that we have no security and are easy pickings. Though I'm told I'm wrong, I believe that's where these seemingly targeted crimes are coming from. Like who else would know where he keeps tools locked up just before, after all these years, the shed is broken into? Who else would know about what he keeps in the back of his truck, as he shuttled the community service guys around?
At any rate, with all the homeless encampments in the area, the lack of jobs for young people, the use of community service folks, crimes against us seniors is another thing that’s likely to only get worse.

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