Sunday, March 18, 2018

Missed Opportunity

Having tried to head to the University campus for the last three weeks to collect Poké Balls, only to be thwarted by errands or rain, I found myself with nothing pressing to do today, and a dry somewhat sunny day, perfect to head out, catch some balls, log in walking miles, except I didn’t. I let the opportunity for fresh air and exercise pass me by and settled for sitting activities -- television and needlepoint.
Yesterday’s St. Patrick’s Day celebration was a major success.
The green deviled eggs went fast.

They weren’t as green as I’d have liked, but I didn’t have enough food color left in the bottle to get the darker green I would have preferred. I also thought the filling was a little dry. 
I used Rea Drummond’s recipe, but replaced the ingredients with gluten free products -- gluten free mayo, gluten free mustard, gluten free pickle juice, so I could eat and not get sick. I don’t think anyone noticed the difference – if they did, no one said, but if I were to make them again, and I probably will, I’ll just add more mayo than the recipe calls for, and a touch of olive oil, to counteract the dryness coming from there being none of the dreaded soybean oil in gluten-free mayo.
Apache hooked up a karaoke machine for after-dinner entertainment.
Entertaining it was as none of us can sing, though we tried, which made karaoke a hoot and a holler.
Ran into something interesting on Friday, when I attempted to get cash from the ATM.
The machine, located in what had been a safe area, next to where Starbucks had been until it relocated across the street, is now pretty much surrounded by a homeless encampment behind the building and up in the hills.
Getting out of the car, I took a step or two towards the machine, eyes on the cellphone to capture Poké Balls, because the ATM has not one but two PokeStops surrounding it. That was not a good idea. Knowing of the encampment, I should have stayed alert and aware of my surroundings. But, fortunately, before stepping too close to the ATM, too far from the car, I looked up and noticed a scary looking guy standing next to the machine, talking to himself. 
My instincts told me he was playing crazy while actually waiting for the right victim to draw cash, at which time, he’d probably knock the person out and take off with the cash. So, I fast backed into the car, locked the door, turned in the seat, snapped a photo for this blog and took off.

I did think about calling the police about a suspicious looking individual lurking around the ATM but, after the poor response I got from them when I called about the pervert who tried to corner me in the mailbox area and exposed himself, I told myself calling is not worth the effort and promised myself not to bother them again.
At any rate, I won’t be returning to that ATM. Inasmuch as it was the only one in the area where I felt safe, now that it isn’t -- with the encampment, I’ll be driving to the bank from now on.

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