Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Prompt Service with a Smile

Yesterday, I informed the office my oven was being temperamental.  Most of my cooking is done in the oven – baking, roasting and the oven temperature had begun dropping in the middle of roasting/baking.
I couldn’t believe it when Head Maintenance Guy (HMG) responded to my maintenance request not in two days, not in two weeks, but in two hours – and with no signs of an attitude.
I almost thought it wasn’t he – that some being had taken over his body, but then, while inspecting the oven he asked me, “Do you have an oven temperature gauge?”
There he is thought I.
A typical HMG question to ask of a resident, as if I’m a tool gal and have gauges lying around.
“I don’t even know what that is”, was my reply.
At any rate, he had the oven repaired in 20 minutes, indicating it was the “thermostat”, showing me some sort of wire thingie that had a burnt-out section.
After he’d left, I sat for a minute to ponder why he’d been so prompt and so pleasant.
Best as I can figure, since we’ve eliminated his body being taken over by a discarnate entity, that he was flattered.
HMG currently has two assistants. Don’t know if they are temporary workers or tryouts for permanent, but both are even younger than HMG.
I don’t know anything about them, don’t know if they’ve been bonded and management is responsible if they turn out to not be trustworthy so, to be on the safe side, when the office asked if it was okay for maintenance to enter my unit if I wasn’t home, I said, “Yes, but only A____ (HMG)”.
That didn’t mean I was personally requesting him -- flattering him, only that, though he’s earned a reputation of being slow and lazy, I know him, his wife, his children, he’s bonded by the corporation, so I’m comfortable with his going in and out of my unit when I’m away.
However, it would be just like him to misconstrue “Only A____” and be flattered.
No matter, the oven is fixed.
Wish I could say the same for the laptop.
Not only am I still living with the blue permission screen, but Windows Updates have overridden the virus protect I purchased and installed something called Windows Defender, and there’s now a disconnect between the system and the keyboard causing my backspace key  to no longer work.
So today I’m off, in the rain, to turn the laptop into the Geek Squad.
Wish I could turn her in altogether as a down payment on a MAC, because I am so done with Windows.


  1. Okay in HMG's defense, I have an oven temperature gauge so it's not a completely crazy question.They are about $2.00 and when I was having issues with my over I got it at Target and found that my oven ran 10 degrees higher than what it is set at so now I know how to make this work for me. So he's not nuts. My mom has one too. :-)

  2. LOL. I see your point. Next time I'm in Target, maybe I'll take a look at one, see if it's something I can operate, and add it to my resume along with now being able to put batteries in the smoke detector. As I've said before, we live and we learn.

  3. I've have baked a lot and have a 40+ year old oven, and I have never had an oven gauge. We have, though, replaced the element twice in the 37 years we have lived here.

    1. I probably don't need one. I now take your advice and take things out of the oven 10 minutes before what the directions say.

  4. nothing to learn. You set it on the over grates and you let it do it's thing. You open the door when your oven says 350 and if it says 350 you are calibrated correctly. Mine says 325 so hence my change in baking/cooking. I must get someone here to just fix the oven but you know how that goes. :-) I can't reach the smoke detector even on a ladder so I would like your HMG to come over. :-)

    1. More I think about it, more I realize not a tool I need. But I will give HMG points for his side of the court for not being the idiot I took him to be. :-)