Thursday, March 1, 2018

All Hands on Deck

Complex management is preparing for the super bowl of inspections.
Everyone is here today, including Assistant Maintenance Guy (AMG), who I actually did not see, but heard his voice. Corporate Boss Lady is here, keeping an eye on AMG, plus management brought in temporary maintenance workers, a few days ago, to follow-up/take care of items marked for servicing by Head Maintenance Guy.
There’s guys on roofs cleaning out gutters.

How brave is this guy.

First time I’ve seen gutters attended to in the six years I’ve lived here.
The grounds are well-maintained, but they have the landscapers tweaking things, hauling in new rocks and tidying up the rock landscaping areas.

What’s all the hubbub about?
Money, of course.
If they pass this upcoming government super bowl of inspections, the government won’t bother them again with inspections for three years and Corporate gets an increase in funding.
Should they not pass, the government will be back next year to inspect and the next. I don’t know for sure, but imagine, after failing a few times, funding for operating a limited-income property could be in jeopardy.
Corporate will never allow that so, with all this preparation, I’m sure they’ll pass, except I wonder how the inspectors will rate this.

Status H Building, December 2017

Remember when the U-Haul truck tore up the H Building in October of last year?
It took management until December to, what I thought was, begin repairing the area.
Only I was mistaken. 
We are now in March of 2018, and the area looks just as it did in December.
What I assumed was repair work beginning was actually a temporary fix to protect the area from further damage when the Santa Anas rolled through.
I don’t know how this is going to pass the muster because what the government inspectors look at, to ensure we’re being provided with decent, safe, sanitary, in good repair living conditions are:
·       The site
·       All building exteriors
·       All building systems
·       All common areas
·       All units
I’m also wondering if this will be noticed.

When Head Maintenance Guy came in to stop the smoke detector from beeping, he did a pre-inspection and found the door panel loose because a screw is missing. (I think that’s the noise I heard one day when I was vacuuming – the screw being swallowed up by the vacuum). 
Insofar as I am concerned, a missing screw seems not a big deal, but it all depends on just how anal the inspectors will be when checking this unit.
At any rate, HMG thought it important enough to make a note to repair.
HMG also said something about a screw missing in the screen door runner.
He put that on his list as well.
THEN, two days ago, one of the temporary workers came up to repair my “leaking faucet”.
“My faucet isn’t leaking”, said I.
“It’s here on the checklist”, said he.
It was on the checklist, but he found nothing wrong with the faucet.
Nowhere on his list was the missing screw in the door panel or the sliding door runner and, since the temporary guy wasn’t told to replace screws, just repair a leaking faucet which wasn’t leaking, we just chatted a bit about what I was watching on television and he left. 
Bottom line, the door panel is still loose, the screw still missing, HMG is an idiot and the complex might get dinged if the inspectors notice it and decide to be anal.
Speaking of getting dinged.
Heading out to keep this afternoon's appointment at the nail salon, I also saw the tree trimmers were hard at work, and much too close to my horse.

I made sure to take photos just in case I later notice a ding or a scratch.

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  1. Glad that the inspectors are coming so the work will be done.