Sunday, March 25, 2018

Wooden Eggs and One-Eyed Willie

Nothing spectacular going on last few days or, if something spectacular has happened, it hasn’t reached my ears yet because I’ve been busy doing my own thing.
I conquered the S9, for the most part. Taking that giant leap from the S4 wasn’t as complicated as I’d initially thought, thanks to YouTube videos and a manual I found online. Only thing left to do is figure out how to change the ringtone to the one I had on the S4 – Drake’s Hotline Bling.
Other than that, I’m getting closer to completing that needlepoint project and then there’s planning for Wednesday’s egg coloring party here at the complex.
Last year, I worked with wooden eggs for the first time.

Antique Finish

Those came out great and make pretty year-round decorations. This year, I’m going wooden eggs again, but trying for this look, as seen on Pinterest.

Galaxy Finish

Along about 12:30 today, I opened email and learned a Pokémon GO Event was in progress. It was slightly chilly outside, but I needed Poké Balls and thought the event might also net me a character I didn’t already have, so I suited up and headed for the University.
As I drove through the gate, headed for the highway, who did I see standing out on the sidewalk smoking, gazing out into traffic, but the new guy that doesn’t want his face on Facebook because he’s got “enemies” and doesn’t want them to know he’s here.
The highway that runs in front of this complex is a main drag. Due to the university, market and freeway entrances, we get a lot of traffic, so standing out where anyone and everyone could see him didn’t seem like something someone who’s in hiding does.
My Spidey Sense is working overtime, telling me something is just not right with this guy. I’m surprised The Seer, who sees all, intuits all hasn’t also picked up something just not being right. But that may be because her instincts have been blocked by his charming her. Every time I see her sitting in the Community Room, he’s sitting next to her. Every time I see her walking across the complex, he’s walking with her. I’ve seen him coming from the direction of her unit a couple times and, at last week’s Pizza Tuesday, she showed me a sentimental greeting card he’d given her.
The Guy’s a fast worker. He’s only been here just shy of three weeks.
The Seer describes him strictly as being in the friend zone, but I’m not so sure about his intentions because -- also at last week’s Pizza Tuesday, he pulled out his cellphone and took a picture of her.
The Seer didn’t seem to mind or think it strange. In truth, I knew he'd taken a shine to her and also didn't think his wanting a photo of her on his phone to be strange either at the time. However, now, in retrospect, inasmuch as he doesn't want photos of himself being circulated, it now seems odd for him to be taking photos of her.
I’ve not said anything to her about my feeling something is not quite right, and I won’t.  That’s not my place. Even if I figure out what he's up to, I'll keep it to myself. 
The University was full of Pokémon GO players (technically called Trainers). There was young and old, fathers teaching their young sons, a mother teaching her young daughter, Trainers running in packs. 
It was so invigorating to be out in the fresh, albeit chilly, air that, upon returning to the complex, with 2 miles logged into my Fitbit, I jumped on the indoor bike, logged in a few biking miles, then decided to register for a virtual 5K I’d been thinking about coming up in June to celebrate Goonies Day.
The medal is shaped like One-Eyed Willie’s key.

Copperbones 5K

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