Sunday, April 1, 2018

Happy Easter April Fools Day

Not much going on since the egg coloring party. Mainly, because it took two days of lying flat on my back, on the couch, to recover from spending three hours in the presence of young children. 
For a while there, I thought one of the kids had given me something, because I woke up the day after with a sore throat. My body went into recovery mode that day and, after breakfast, I sat on the couch, working on the needlepoint project, and next thing I knew I was waking up – still sitting up straight, needlepoint in one hand, needle poised mid-air in the other, waking up from having suddenly fallen asleep for I don’t know how long.
Realizing I was in no shape for needlepoint, or anything else that morning, I put everything aside, lay back on the couch and next thing I knew it was 3:30 in the afternoon.
The throat began feeling better late afternoon Friday, my energy returned, so it’s been business as usual since.
Activity Director is hosting an Easter Potluck this coming Tuesday. That’s two days after Easter and not necessarily as an April Fools gag, but because that’s how she rolls --- inept.
My buddy Apache keeps sending me images of Easter-themed deviled eggs, but in your dreams my friend. I’d actually planned not to attend at all, but being as how that's also Pizza Tuesday and I'm curious to see if pizzas have ended, and find out the latest on the pit bull -- as there was an incident yesterday, I’ll pick up ice cream as my contribution and head down for a bit.
License plates for the Jeep arrived earlier in the week. Even though I didn’t get around to putting them on until yesterday, I was happy to see them arrive, because now the car is not now so conspicuously new and I can stop being made to feel guilty about being fortunate when others here are not.
Of course, not everyone here is living with less. There are others way more fortunate than I but, for some reason, a new car in my spot garnered so much attention that it made me feel uncomfortable, embarrassed even that I could afford it.
One resident, who lives all the way on the opposite side of the complex, approached me in the Community Room one day and said, “I look at carports”.
“Huh?”, said I.
“I look at carports”.
Took me a second to compute what she was trying to say, but then it hit me. She meant she noticed a new car in my parking spot.
Wow! How did she even know which spot was mine?
Another resident, overhearing the conversation felt compelled to tell me, “I don’t make much money. I only get $700 a month”.
I’m assuming she meant social security, but Holy Smokes! How does she manage? And why did my good fortune prompt her to disclose her financials?
And a few days ago, the resident who lives upstairs, across the quad, next door to the new guy that’s battling cancer, she stuck her head out her patio sliding glass door and called my name as I was walking back to my unit. I turned, looked up to her voice, and saw she had her phone at her ear. She told whomever it was she was talking to on the phone to “Hold on”, then she asked me, “Did you get a new car?”
Seriously. She saw me walking by, rushed to the patio, and interrupted her conversation to ask about my having bought a new car.
It may be my imagination, but I’m even feeling shade and side-eye coming from next door neighbor.
At any rate, plates on, the car in need of wash, maybe the Jeep and I can blend back in.

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