Wednesday, April 18, 2018

The Plot Thickens

Continuing with reorganizing the kitchen cabinet this morning, I discovered three bottles of curry powder.
I have a spice cabinet, but pick up a backup and place in the regular cabinet when a spice looks to be running low. How I came to accumulate three bottles, when I so rarely use curry, is a mystery. But I’ll drop the extra bottles off in the Community Room as I head out today to pick up another package at the locker. Hopefully, Greedy Grabby isn't there, so someone else can have a chance at a donation.
It was kinda funny that, at yesterday’s Bingo, the caller was all the way on the other side of the room, verifying someone’s winning numbers, when I took the downtime to open my phone and check the area for Pokémon.
There was a cute little fella on the table in front of my board, so I captured him.

As I captured, there was the little three whirls and a click sound, indicating the Pokémon was captured/stuck in the ball. A sound so low I figured no one sitting at my table could hear or even know what it meant or where coming from if perchance they did hear it. BUT all of a sudden, the caller stopped what she was doing, stood straight up, looked around and asked, “Is someone playing Pokémon GO?”
Of course, I admitted it, and said, “How could you hear that all the way over there?”
It was because she too is an avid player, and her ears pricked up at hearing the faint but familiar whirls click.
She thought it hysterical that one of us seniors was into the game and came over to see what I’d captured.
I’m thinking of doing research, including contacting the developer, to find out if, at age 74, I’m the oldest trainer.
Apache attended Bingo yesterday and was one of my table mates, The Baker was off shopping with her daughter, and The Seer was off somewhere with Shadow. During another break, when the caller was verifying someone’s winning numbers, Apache took advantage of that break to mention The Seer’s absence, whispering in my ear that he was concerned about The Seer’s “man”, saying he’d caught him in a number of lies.
That’s three that I know of – myself, Handsome Guy and now Apache having these misgivings.
Apache would know because he spends a lot more time around the guy than I do, because Apache, The Seer, Shadow, The Baker and a group of other residents have been barbequing together last couple weekends.
I didn’t join them, because I can’t eat what they were cooking, had a challenge to complete and was busy hunting Pokémon.
Inasmuch as The Seer is happy in her delusional state of being, I’m keeping my misgivings to myself as I take the position of an observer, standing back watching how the Universe plays this out. So I didn’t tell Apache that I and Handsome Guy also feel something is not right, and that Shadow asked me not to post his picture on our Facebook page because, as Shadow puts it,  "I've got enemies. I'd rather they don't know where I am". Instead, I just listened to what Apache had to say.
Apache knows a lot of people, has a lot of contacts, both in high and low places, and the plot thickens as Apache has discovered Shadow has not worked where he's been saying at the BBQ he worked, has not previously resided where he's been telling them he lived, among other things.
It’s very telling when guys are so disturbed by another guy that they break the Bro Code and express misgivings. It’s especially important when it’s coming as a warning, telling me to be careful, from nice high-quality guys like Apache and Handsome Guy.
They needn't worry about me, I'm wide awake; but I don't think The Seer would appreciate being awakened from her dream state. Shadow is clever in that he wines and dines The Seer, hovers so she never has any distance from him, which distance would give her time to think and ponder. He's making sure she stays asleep in the dream. In the final analysis, however, life is about choices and The Seer has made her choice to not go deep, as she usually does, but to accept at face value.
On another note, Dkzody commented on a previous post that Church Lady should ask someone at her church to take her grocery shopping. Excellent suggestion, thought I, and inasmuch as Church Lady was also sitting at my table during Bingo, I offered the suggestion that her Pastor or the Ladies Auxiliary might be a source. 
Her response was to get a pained look on her face and say, “Well, I don’t really know those people.”
You lead us to believe you’re so involved, but say you don’t really know “those people”.
Just as I suspected … not looking for solutions. She was looking to draw me in with pity.

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  1. She needs to get to know her fellow church members.