Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Time Will Tell

It’s been a quiet reflective meditative few days as I went about my day to day activities while listening to myself think and watching world news as hostages are released, Rosalynn Carter was laid to rest, Oscar Pistorius — also known as poor little tink tink, for obvious reasons, was set to be released after serving 8-1/2 years of a 13 year sentence for the unaliving of his girlfriend, and Derek Chauvin — the cop convicted in unaliving George Floyd, was shanked in a Federal prison.

Pardon my not giving a damn, but the irony of Chauvin being transferred to a Federal prison, because it was felt he was unsafe in a State prison, is not lost on many, myself included — "Can he breathe" being the most used phrase in the comment sections.

I myself am suspicious.

Is this a setup, a play to get compassionate release or released because prison is not safe for him?

Insofar as I know, prison is not safe for anyone, so don't do the crime if you don't feel you'll be safe doing the time.

Time will tell how this plays out for Chauvin.

Insofar as I know, nothing interesting happening on the complex, as I watched Christmas patio decorations go up — first Red Light then the couple that moved into the unit vacated by the Black Witch when she moved to her daughter’s place in Palm Springs.

I can’t believe no one has yet to move into the unit in my quad — the one that became vacant after The Smoker was evicted.

As I watched Casino Lady move out this week (her sister roommate passed away last year, she doesn’t want another roommate so is moving to San Jose to be closer to other family members), I began to wonder if the County’s approval of the $500 increase is the holdup on new tenants coming in, as I know for a fact we do have a waiting list or is it that the rent has gotten so high that it’s not worth it for seniors, on or off the county. That rent at this complex is now not viewed as low enough and those with options choose to stay put, move in with family, et. al.

Time will tell as the new increase goes into effect January 1st. If no one moves in by then, and others begin moving out, I'll know it's a NO from the county.

Community Manager wanting to remove laundry rooms from the complex turned out to be just venting, an empty threat.

Too lazy to walk across the grassy knoll to check the laundry room on that side of the complex, I can still tell it’s open, back in use, because I’ve seen residents go in and out with their laundry.

As for the closure, a resident who’d taken Community Manager at her word, did not know about Section 35 — that it was the Manager’s responsibility, did contact the provider and was told it was closed due to "Being under investigation".

Evidently, the machines being damaged was an act of vandalism.

Since the reopening, I have noticed a change in lighting of that area — bright lights so that one can see in the room and around that area late at night.

I don’t know if it’s my overactive imagination or spidey sense but, I’m wondering if Meat Man, formerly Handsome Man, has something to do with the vandalism … not him per se, but perhaps his troubled son came back.

Furthering that suspicion is the fact that I’ve not seen hide nor hair of Meat Man in ages.

Is he even still living here?

The Dish device on his patio is gone and the last time I saw him I sensed something was wrong.

After that last encounter, I’d mentioned to Homegirl that he’d felt strange, the conversation awkward and that he’d looked shitfaced — embarrassed, waiting for me to say something thinking I knew something I didn’t know.

He was lucky not to have been evicted the first time it was discovered his son was living with him — discovered because his son was arrested for sex assaulting Di, with whom he was having a relationship. She didn't have the capacity to know better, but when she did get the capacity, locked her door, he broke it down, did not take NO for an answer, got arrested.

So, with cameras everywhere on the property, did the "under investigation" lead to Meat Man's door and he was forced to move and looking shitfaced was because he thought I knew?

I don’t dare ask the other guys about him. Instead of seeing me as being enormously nosey, which I am, they are a sorry bunch of losers that would be quick to spread something is going on between Meat Man and I or that I care what happens to him.

So, this too is relegated to the time will tell pile. I’ll either see Meat Man around after months and months and months of no sightings or I won’t. He'll just have disappeared into oblivion without my ever knowing the why of it.

There's also no word on whether my old buddy Apache has gone off the deep end.

The Baker is no longer close to him and Di, the one who is close to him, is not someone to give a straight answer, hasn't been able to since an auto accident left her brain damaged.

The answer will have to wait until I run into Apache myself.


  1. Happy to see your post today and to learn there’s no current or recent drama. Except the mild drama playing out with management which is kinda nuts…big rate increase and attempting to eliminate the laundry rooms. Are the locks still off the community room refrigerator?

    1. Oh YES, refrigerator still locked and now management has rearranged tables and chairs to separate us as groups and have told Red Light she is not allowed to rearrange for bingo or events because moving around is causing tables to break. Also, if a chair is moved to accommodate a wheelchair, the chair is not to be dragged because marring up the floor. Chair has to be picked up and gently carried to new location THEN gently carried back when wheelchair is gone. Cheap ass furniture if that's true about marring and scratching cheap wood looking floors, but I think it's just more to annoy Red Light. Next management will prohibit bingo and events. The Community Room will be empty wasted space.

  2. Who needs TV when you can watch all of this unfold! :-)

  3. I love reading Tales of the Complex, and all the comings and goings and craziness that surrounds you!

    1. Tales of this Complex, LOL. No one here is going gently into that good night. It's drama all the way to the Father's house.

  4. I'm surprised it took this long for Derek Chauvin to be knifed. He deserves whatever comes his way. As did Oscar Pistorius, although the South African justice system took a few tries to get it right.
    Very intriguing about the Meat Man. I know you'll let us know as soon as you learn what's what.

    1. Federal prison is purportedly a country club, compared to State. So, for Chauvin to be so hated that Federal isn't safe is saying something. I should have paid more attention to Meat Man back when he tried to put the moves on me. At least been interested enough to get his last name, so I can now research him.

  5. I felt a smile creep on my face when I heard about Chauvin. Is 'goodie goodie' too much? I've apparently lost track of some of the cast of characters as I don't remember 'meat man'? Hmm. I'm slipping. How is our old Karen doing? What eventually happened to the smoker? You've got a book here waiting to be written, Shirley! I'd be first in line to buy it. Some pretty interesting stories here!
    Paranormal John

    1. I know how you feel. It's difficult not to smile, to have sympathy, when it's Chauvin. As for the smoker, management finally got around to having her evicted. Authorities arrived sometime in July to remove her from the unit, found her not well. Ambulance personnel took her out on a stretcher, her things were tossed in the trash and the doors were locked and plastered with eviction notices and a subpoena to appear for not taking her cat with her. The cat was left alone in the unit for some days, being fed I'm told by maintenance until animal control took it away. All very sad and unnecessary, because all she had to do was follow the no smoking in the unit rule. As for that book, I think someone should come in and do a weekly TV series 🀣

    2. P.S. "Meat man" used to be called "Handsome Man" here on the blog. But when he tried to hit on newer resident Homegirl, he approached her in a disgusting disrespectful manner, looked her up, down, leered and said "I like meat". Thus, renamed "Meat man" because that made him look no longer handsome in my eyes.

  6. Your complex really should be a reality show.

  7. I saw the news on Derek Chauvin and felt that karma is continuing to kick in.
    And oh the thick plots of your complex! Son of Meat Man? Illegally living there AND assaulting someone? Whoa!

    1. Meat man's son can't keep it in his pants. A couple years ago, before taking advantage of Di who, though quite pretty for her age, is old enough to be his grandma, he (the son) was visiting his dad (meat man), and made the acquaintance of his dad's downstairs neighbor, who was being cared for by her live-in granddaughter. First thing we knew, granddaughter ended up preggers. She and her grandma moved to opposite end of complex. Never found out what happened to baby but assume given up for adoption.

  8. Your complex has as many things going on as mine does. lol Now if only we could get one of those reality shows to come take a look.