Sunday, September 24, 2023

Nora at 11:00

The mani/pedi I gave myself last weekend didn’t last as long as I would have liked. Probably because I tried a new product — OPI Chip Skip … a prep coat which supposedly is to prevent chipping.

It did not.

If anything, it caused last week’s polish to begin chipping sooner, the very next day in fact. So yesterday, I took the polish off, prepared to give myself a fresh mani/pedi.

But then I thought, since I’ve a road trip planned for next weekend, it would be a good idea to let the professionals do the work, so polish will last, and I can just do a touchup if needed.

Having gotten the name of the salon where the "older, short, fat one" works, I checked their work online. No names of the various stylists, but their work looked to be first class designer nails, so I suited up headed for the salon.

I almost laughed out loud at the audacity of my walking in on a Saturday (busiest day of the week for a nail salon) thinking they could fit in a simple mani/pedi, when I saw every chair, every station had a client being worked on and customers waiting their turn.

At any rate, a woman I assumed was the owner, paused her work on a customer, asked if she could help me.

"I was wondering if you had an opening for a regular mani/pedi, but I can see you’re full up", said I.

"Let me check the book" said she and, as she stood up, walked away from her customer, I quickly looked around to see if I could spot the "older, short, fat one".

Every girl working there was a cute little Size 1 so, bless her heart, standing out like a sore thumb, she was easy to spot.

She didn’t appear to be "old" per se. Just older than the other girls.

As the woman I assumed to be the owner was checking the book, to see who could fit me in that day, I said, "Do you see the girl with the flower in her hair, wearing a white blouse? She came recommended. I’d like to book with her".

Being told she was working on the last client she planned on taking that day, I booked an appointment for my next free day — Tuesday at 11:00 with Nora.

I’m not accustomed to going without polish, so I’ll be feeling conspicuous next few days, hoping no one notices my unpolished hands and toes.

It will be nice to relax in a spa chair, as next week looks to be cra cra with Friday being bingo, driving to Long Beach on Saturday to attend Sunday’s baby shower for the great granddaughter expected to arrive soon, returning on Monday, Day 2 of Halloween when I can at last begin decorating the patio.

Needless to say, I will not be working out this coming Friday or the following Monday, as I've travel prep work to do (what to eat so I won't get sick, what to wear that will piss off White Grandma) and will be driving back on Monday's workout day with Halloween decorating to be done.

As for why I want to piss off White Grandma .... she's a jealous old judgmental Karen/Boebert biddy that makes my skin crawl.

I've only met her once in person, and that was at the Thanksgiving meet and greet just after the kids were married and expecting the Great Grandson to me, Grandson to her.

White Grandpa was a delight, while White Grandma looked at me with cold dark eyes. I could tell she was upset because I didn't look like what she'd expected a Black Great Grandma to look like, while she herself, just a grandma, looked like 30 miles of dirt road.

She was oozing with jealousy and tried unsuccessfully to either impress me with talk of owning property, having tenants or tried to make me jealous she has so much and I'm poor.

She even bragged about having a quilt made for the baby.

It was just too obvious that she was disturbed and jealous of my looks and how White Grandpa and I jelled.

At any rate, that was the one and only time we've met in person and since then a sort of rivalry has developed, and I can sense her feelings.

While she was having that quilt made for the baby, I was in the process of making one, which was later presented at the baby's shower, that I did not attend.

I have it that, when White Grandma saw the quilt I'd made, she was soooo jealous that she took her's back to make it "better" and did produce a crochet quilt that, in my estimatation, was nice but still didn't match my quilt.

"I win", said I to granddaughter.

Can't wait to see what she's going to try to upstage the quilt I'm presenting at Sunday's baby shower. Maybe gift the new baby with one of her properties. LOL.

At any rate, having since learned how critical and judgmental White Grandma is of others, when I saw her pop up as following my Instagram, I blocked her arse.

Now knowing how jealous she is without reason, I want to piss White Grandma/Karen/Boebert off just because I do ..... and without even trying.


  1. I wish I could witness the taken of Grandma Boebert!

    1. LOL, but I think she's more of a Grandma Karen than a Grandma Boebert.

  2. Glad you sussed out who the recommended mani/pedi artiste is! I hope she does a wonderful job for you. And oh my, that baby shower is going to be a classic for the ages from the sounds of it!

  3. Ooh, that mani-pedi will serve you well in front of White Grandma. I need an appointment with Nora, too. Nothing fancy.

    1. I'm going all out with a gel French instead of a regular with color.

  4. Aha, Nora - a few less keystrokes than "older, short, fat one". I hope your mani/ pedi goes well and really ruffles White Grandma's feathers!

    1. I think a smile alone would ruffle WG's feathers. She doesn't look like she's smiled in years.

  5. Do you by chance have a nose ring? That could really piss her off! (LOL!)

    1. That would bring out her judgmental side rather than her jealous side, but I appreciate the conspiracy direction you're going in, LOL.

  6. You could take your new casket and #45 stuck with pins, as a "show and tell" "look what I made for Halloween." Presuming she's a Repub, she'll freak knowing you could make a voodoo doll of her! Don't end up in jail! Linda in Kansas

    1. Don't think she has much of a sense of humor. She would not be amused.

  7. Just be lipsticked up, perfumed and polished....with a pleasant smile on your face. That alone should give Grandma Karen loose stools.
    Paranormal John

  8. It's sad when extended "family" can't get along nicely. My younger brother's mother in law from his 2nd marriage was like that. She disliked me so much for no reason. She looked down on anyone who didn't have as much money as she had.