Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Then There Were None

Opening up the blinds to sunshine in the morning, looking down from the patio, there’s been that pop of color for me to look at.

“Take Pride” Painted Rock

Returning to the complex yesterday, from that mix-up that sent me to three different malls, I found Jan had graced my walkway with three additional pops of color.


Dream Big

Make it Happen

Once upstairs in my unit, I tried to take a photo of the new view, looking down from the patio, but the sun was shining straight into the phone lens. I decided that when I awoke this morning, I’d take a pic for you.

Last night’s sleep was interrupted at 2:12 a.m., by someone doing laundry.

The complex is so peaceful and quiet late night, early morning, that one can hear a pin drop. Thus, it was, I could hear the washer door being slammed shut, and then the sound of water gushing into the washer.

Who are these residents who wait until well after posted Laundry Room hours to do laundry?

No one knows.

At any rate, unable to fall back asleep, I logged onto the laptop, replied to a comment, then watched a few TicTok videos, until I felt sleepy again — along about 4 a.m., waking up, raring to go, at 6 a.m.

Remembering to take that photo, I grabbed the phone, opened up the patio door, looked down and ……. nothing.

Not a pop of color in sight.

ALL the painted rocks were gone.

What the hey!

It wasn’t maintenance skulking around late night removing just the rocks along my walkway, and the fact that ALL were gone makes me think it wasn’t someone wanting a souvenir but, rather, someone like Negative Nelly who takes offense, doesn’t like ‘em, wanted them gone.

Can’t be Negative Nelly herself — the woman I’m itching to rebuke. She lives way on the other side of the complex. Gets no nearer to my walkway, than the mail center around the corner.

My guess is the creepy girl downstairs — Illusive Unfriendly, who shouldn’t even be living here because she’s not 55, not even in her 50’s yet.

Hopefully, Jan will see the area devoid of color and fill ‘er up again.

I’m seriously thinking of purchasing a motion activated camera. One that doesn't have to be installed, attached to a wall or anything, but something easy to set up that I can place in the patio chair, capture Illusive Unfriendly or, if I’m wrong, whoever it is in the act.

A motion-activated camera in the chair would also help me capture photos of the humming birds lulled daily to my patio by the red chair. Finding no sugar water, they sometimes fly right up to the patio window and look straight at me, like where's the nectar, you mean old lady

I’ve grabbed for the phone to take a video, but they’re too quick, curse me out and leave before I can hit record but, yesterday, I was fast and managed to at least get a pic.

I thought about putting up a sugar water feature for the little guys, but read that the nectar in direct heat goes bad rather quickly and my patio takes a direct hit from the sun, no shade.

A motion activated camera would serve dual duty — capture the person removing those pops of color AND produce nice shots of the humming birds.

Any ideas on an outdoor cam, preferably battery operated, that can be placed in the chair?


  1. I love hummingbirds. I see some around here every once in a while. We have a laundry room but maintenance locks it at 5pm. And it's not open on the weekends. It's only open during the weekedays when maintenance is here.

    1. Me too, hummingbirds. My favorites. I must not be the only one in the building hearing late night/early morning clothes washers, there must have been multiple complaints because management, at one time, said they were going to have the laundry room locked at 10pm. Didn't happen. Then they hired security for the building, that would include locking the laundry room. That lasted about 30 seconds after residents said they'd observed this so-called security doing one circle around the complex, not even getting out of the car to check for intruders or to lock the laundry rooms. During this time when we were supposed to have "security" the mail room was vandalized ... twice.

  2. Creepy Girl flying under the Age restriction, how did she manage that one? I know the Retirement Communities here, some people I've known got in a bit earlier than they should have, but not by an obvious bunch of years. Besides, I've never understood why a Young person would want to warp into Retirement Living prematurely? I had a Friend who at 57 wanted to live somewhere that all the other Residents were around 80 and I didn't 'get' it when she was touring places I would have been depositing a Mother or Father in failing Health?! She's younger looking than she actually is, so perhaps it just makes her feel like the Pretty one all the more, I dunno? Mebbe she's trying to snag herself an old wealthy codger and inherit his fortune, I dunno? I told her that any Old Dude looking for a Gold Digger does not want an Old Gold Digger, they'd be looking at the likes of her Granddaughter's Age! Which is creepy, but True. After she moved in to a Geezer Community I met some of the Neighbors and some were washed up Gold Digger types, so they'll now have competition I suppose? *LOL* It sounds mean spirited, but I kept it 100% with her when she is asking my opinion about it all, she didn't listen, she did her... I had to finally move on because as long as we've known each other, who she's becoming is drifting further away from what I want any exposure to. I did so delicately, since I never want to be hurtful to someone I've known a long time and yet just can't align with anymore. Some people Age in a very Weird way that changes them significantly, to where you feel you barely 'know' them anymore, or mebbe it's just their facade finally fell down, not sure?

    1. I'm seeing more younger folks than not lately. I think it's a matter of economics. Cheaper to live here, but as to why management is allowing it is the issue. I can't even classify this as a senior community any longer.

    2. You're probably right about the economic side of it since Real Estate in the codger community was all that Gal could afford I spoke of, she was priced out of the market already everywhere else. A lot of the Homes in the Retirement Communities here are set up for Retirement Income that could be Modest, not all of us were fortunate enough to Retire with great Wealth and some find Retirement a real awakening when they realize they can barely make it on what they'll receive! If we didn't have both The Man and my Retirement Incomes combined, we'd be hard pressed to Qualify for much either, Housing in Arizona has gone Bananas. Mostly because the Affluent from other States with higher costs of living are moving here in droves now.