Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Why? Just Why?

Today was a good day at the electronics store.

I picked up the new laptop, no problem, and the armed security guard did not profile me, did not follow me around, so today was a Win.

Would have been a Win Win if I’d not had to wait for Office to be loaded.

Evidently, the technician misread the password, left a note that the email address I’d given him “Didn’t work”, so I had to wait while the agent checking me out loaded Office.

Oh well.

News this morning is that it’s been a year since the cops murdered George Floyd and, from my perspective, there have been some few changes — mainly that though profiling continues and the beatdowns continue to occur, that it’s getting harder and harder for cops to get away with the usual lies. There are now consequences that did not previously exist.

One case I’ve been tracking is the one where a Minnesota police offer beat, and sent his dog to maul an innocent unarmed Black man, doing nothing but sitting in his own car in his own neighborhood.

Not only did the cop break seven ribs, causing the victim’s lungs to collapse but the injuries to his legs, both legs, where the dog mauled are horrendous — the pics I saw online looked like half eaten zombie bones.

“Injuries left him (the victim) in critical condition, the Justice Department statement said. He was treated in the hospital for two weeks.”

I just can’t understand why that kind of cruelty, from a cop no less.

Why so much hate?

Watching a TV show this morning — "I almost got away with it" to be exact, there was a scene when a cop pulled up alongside a fleeing suspect, pointed a gun at the suspect's open window and fired ... at the tire.

My first thought, and probably yours as well, was had that been a Black man, the cop would have taken him out, instead of the tire.

Why have we come to expect that?

Of course, the cop — in the case I've been following, tried to justify his actions by saying he “firmly believed” the person on the ground matched the description of a person who was seen with a weapon and that he had “acted under the assumption” that the person being bitten by the dog had a weapon on him.

But even if it had been the person matching the description, why would the cop employ this level of excessive force?

At any rate, the verdict came down yesterday.

I was hoping for more, but it’s more than would have been given had George Floyd not happened. In fact, but for George Floyd, the case would never have gone to court, because it would never have been reported as an officer’s malfeasance. Instead, a believable lie would have been manufactured, and his fellow officers — who broke the blue line, testified against him in court, would have held the line and lied for him.

When the sentence came down, news reported the cop cried and said how sorry he was.

I don’t buy it.

He’s crying and sorry only because, thanks to George Floyd, he didn’t get away with it …. this time.

Speaking of apologies, you may have noticed changes to the comments section.

I value the comments of you blog friends, and apologize for having to do so but, because of the bots and spam, I’m trying different comment settings.


  1. I tried to leave a comment the other day and the box was completely missing. Thanks for putting it back.

    1. The setting will probably change again, depending on which blocks the spam best.

  2. I wonder if any of us will see a day when all people will be treated as people and nothing more? And congrats on the new laptop...looks chic...perfect for you my beauty.

    1. I don't think that day CAN come. We'll have to settle for a win here, a win there, when treatment is egregious. This laptop is taking some adjusting to. Same model as predecessor but lots of changes and us elderly folks don't much care for change.

  3. I have put comment moderation on everything a day old or older. That way I only have to watch todays post for spammers.

    1. How do you mean? What are your comment settings?

    2. Settings, under comments, comment moderation - sometimes, for posts older than - 1 day.

      BUT, I just found out I've been missing comments. I thought I would get an email for everything that went to comment moderation. Apparently not. I've got 19 comments awaiting moderation.

      BECAUSE, I get email notifications for most but not all people. Apparently, it works the same way in comment moderation. I have no idea why emails work or don't work.