Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Square One

Having a post office box, to bypass the break ins, was working out so well …… until it wasn’t.

Details as to how it all went wrong are too extraneous to get into, so let’s just say I’ve closed the box and I’m back to square one — taking my chances with the mail thief.

There has been some little progress in identifying the culprit.

Turns out it’s culprits, two of them.

The Baker’s family is law enforcement and fire fighters. I'm aware that two of her daughters married cops, but I can’t say as to how the other relationships are tied in.

Suffice it to say that, inasmuch as law enforcement has been brought in on the break-ins, as well as someone with the postal service, the Baker’s family being riddled with law enforcement gives her an advantage in finding out what goes on here — things management won’t share with us.

It’s been determined the thieves are “two skinny white guys.”

"Skinny" … probably meth heads.

The Baker tells me, the last time the duo hit, they were successful in getting many of the residents’ social security checks — which I’d already deduced. However, along with the camera we all know is in the area, another “secret” camera had been installed — which is how the two were identified.

They evaded the obvious camera, and got picked up on the secret one.

The challenge now, according to the Baker, is for law enforcement to find the guys.

Good luck with that, especially since I’m not seeing their faces plastered on any wanted posters.

So, for the time being, to combat further break-ins, management has deactivated key entry. The mail center is now left open. We only have to pull on the gate to enter. However, the center is only left open during hours when staff is in the office — Monday thru Friday, 9:00 to 4:00 p.m. Weekends, holidays and after hours, the mail center is bolted shut.

We’ll see how long it takes for the thieves to get around that hurtle … if not caught first.

I myself would like to see a hungry boa constructor placed in the mail center during closed hours, to swallow the thieves whole should they return.

Tomorrow is my return drive to the medical center for the annual blood pressure check, which didn’t turn out so well when I checked in on the 14th and opened Pandora’s Box.

I’ve been practicing Mike’s suggestion to take ten deep breaths.

A few days ago, when my at home reading registered 145/60, I took the ten breaths and immediately dropped down to 121/58  (Thanks, Mike for that great suggestion), so I’ve high hops of getting a passing grade this time around, not to be bothered again for another year.


  1. What about putting your mail on hold at the post office and picking it up there. I hope they fine the people responsible.

    1. Once I get this p.o. box fiasco squared away, I might look into that if the problem here at the complex persists.

  2. I'm glad my BP trick worked for someone else.

    See my post tomorrow about Blogger and comments. I found out my comment trick only partially worked.