Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Happy Star Wars Day

Did not realize, when I scheduled the vaccine shot for today, it would coincide with Star Wars Day, but it gives me a frame of reference if ever called upon to remember when I received Dose 1.

Heading out for the appointment, I ran into Assistant Maintenance Guy ─ who had Covid, was ill for a time, recovered.

"Are you still feeling okay?" asked I.

"I’m feeling great".

"I’m on my way for Shot No. 1".

"I had to wait 28 days after I recovered before I could take the shot. My 28-day wait period was up yesterday. I was offered the shot, but said no because my family is planning a birthday party for me and I don’t want to feel out-of-it."

"From what I’ve heard, you don’t feel bad until the second dose, but I guess I’m about to find out for myself."

"Yes, cause everyone is different. Nobody really knows", said he.

So off I go, driving 15 miles away for Pfizer ─ out of my medical provider’s plan ─ because the provider is doing Johnson & Johnson and the drugstore across from the Pain Cave is doing Moderna.

Arriving 10 minutes early, called in for the shot 10 minutes late. Looking away from the needle, because I didn't want to see it, out of the corner of my eye I could see the pharmacists moving to jab my arm and,  just before he jabs, he stops and double checks which dose I’m getting by asking, “Dose 1?”.

"Yes, Dose 1 .... and Pfizer, right?"

Pharmacist gets a surprised look on his face and says, “No! Moderna. We don’t do Pfizer.”

That’s not what their website said. In fact, the site not only indicated Pfizer but was worded “Only Pfizer”.


I should have walked away because, I didn’t have to drive all that way for Moderna. I could have walked to the drug store on the corner, which would have been convenient for when the second dose comes up.

Instead, since I was there, I decided to get it over with. So long as it wasn’t Johnson & Johnson, I was good; except, now I have to drive back in June for that second dose.

Since I was in the area, I popped into Sprouts to replenish items only found at Sprouts. While there, the phone rings.

I don’t answer calls unless I know who’s calling. I figure if it’s important, a message will be left.

Actually, I couldn’t answer even if I wanted to because the cellphone answer button died some time ago.

At any rate, a message was left ...... It was the pharmacist asking me to call him back.


What did they do wrong?, thought I.

Calling the pharmacist back was an exercise in futility. There was always a busy signal.

So, I did my shopping while continuing to try to get through.

While in the checkout line, still trying to get past the busy signals, I noticed a young lady park herself in line behind me, missing the floor mark, standing all up in my arse. I look back at her several times, thinking she'd get the message of standing too close.

She obviously didn't read non-verbal messages because, every time there was movement in the line, I moved up ... keeping my distance from the couple ahead of me, while the young lady remained glued to my arse.

Finally, as there was further movement in the line, and she moved up with me, I couldn't take it any longer.

Turning around I said, "I'm sorry, but you are standing way too close. You're supposed to be back six feet."

"Oh, I'm sorry", she says and steps back.

I can't believe, after all this time, and with the floor clearly marked, I still have to tell people to get off me.

Anyway, still getting a busy signal for the pharmacist, no way was I going to drive all the way home, only to eventually get ahold of the pharmacist and be told something was wrong, come back. So, I drove back.

Fortunately, it was nothing more than needing to check my card for Part D information, but what a fright.

So, I’m halfway done with that bit of business. The shot hurt less than when blood is drawn, the only thing I’ve noticed was, two hours later, I began feeling really really hot ─ and not in a sexy way, but I think I’m okay to keep tomorrow’s workout schedule.


  1. Damn, too bad it wasn't in a Sexy way. *LOL* You'll have to tell me how the Moderna experience goes, I got Pfizer, no problems. When the Granddaughter Qualifies I'm hoping she gets the same one we had and will stay clear of J&J too, even tho' it would mean one less shot and for a Teen, that would be huge. As for those who won't Socially Distance, they work my last Nerve too, even if there was no Pandemic that could potentially kill us horribly, I just don't like a Stranger intruding on my Space, it's kinda Creepy.

    1. Woke up this morning to the injection site itching, but I think I've either read or heard that's with all three vaccines. As for that young lady, not only did she not comply with the floor markings, but there was a sign dead ahead reminding of 6 feet. I'm guessing she didn't understand non-verbal messages AND also couldn't read. Hopefully, when I have to speak up, it stays with the person and they learn to comply.

  2. I think you could go to the close pharmacy for shot two. Since they are free, it doesn't matter where you go. But the Moderna is a 4 week wait for number two where as the Pfizer is 3 weeks. As long as you have your card that they can put the sticker on you should be OK.

    1. Good idea. If I don't need another trip to Sprouts by then, I'll look into not having to leave the neighborhood.

  3. Replies
    1. Glad I waited until I knew not to do Johnson & Johnson and the lines calmed down.