Tuesday, May 23, 2023


Woke up to the sound of jack hammers yesterday morning. A few hours later, as I headed out for the morning’s workout, I looked around for the source and saw the sound was coming from the pool area.

There were workers there but, with no time to check out the goings on, I thought I’d see what gives when I returned and would be heading towards that area to check on the Zumba for Seniors Class.

Red Light had called last week to tell me of the class, which I would have loved to participate but inasmuch as my session with Trainer was scheduled to begin at 11:30 and the session was to begin at 11:30, I had to say I’d check in after my workout to see how it went.

I usually pop into the market directly after working out, but changed my schedule and headed straight back to catch what I could of the class.

Returning to the complex, I parked the car and just as I stepped out of the carport to cross the driveway, a car came speeding by in violation of signs indicating a 10-mph zone, didn't even seem to be aware of me about to step into its path until it had already passed.

It was Meat Man.

"You’re driving too fast, you trying to kill me?!!!!" yelled I.

"If I knew it was you, I would have slowed down?" said he.

Gotta give it to him ....... He’s smooth, thinks fast. I can’t be mad at him for how he behaved towards Homegirl because I’m beginning to see my (long deceased) favorite brother in him. That brother was also a handsome scoundrel, a bad boy in almost every sense of the word, but he was so smooth, so fun that you couldn’t help but like and not judge him.

So, anyway, making it to the Community Room with all my limbs intact, to catch the tail end of the Zumba Class, what I caught was air.

No music, no activity, just four residents sitting around fuming because, as they said to me, "She didn’t come".

The instructor was a no show.

Will be interesting to see if Zumba even gets off the ground and, if the instructor does appear next Monday, if the residents will say "screw it" and not show up.

As for the jackhammering, management is having the bottom of the jacuzzi removed and repaved.

I hope this crew does a better job than the crew that repaved the parking lot.

When Corporate bought this property back in 2012, they received $3.2 million from the government for renovations.

Said renovations consisted of replacing perfectly working appliances with cheapies (that have since fallen apart and had to be replaced), changing doorknobs, updating the gate and garage doors (also having to be "fixed" multiple times over the years), exterior paint, then pronouncing the $3.2 million well-spent.

It wasn't hard to deduce that the bulk of the $3.2 million, that which was saved by going cheap, went to Corporate Administration.

I think what I'm seeing now is a repeat. Grant money coming in to keep this property up (at least on the outside), build and open more communities (which I've researched and found they are), spend as little of that grant money as possible, with what remains going to Corporate Administration/the Investors.


  1. Replies
    1. We should all be accustomed to being disappointed around here by now.

  2. Don’t you just wish you could Zumba right over the asses of Corporate and Investors?

    1. Must be nice to be rich. They'd better hope they don't end up old and on a limited income.

  3. You are so right - must be nice to be rich, and getting richer off what is government welfare (which they are trying to squash for regular folks!)
    But if there is such a thing as karma, perhaps when they are old and in need of assistance, their healthcare workers will be regular people, who won't have any trouble gleaning who they are taking care of.

  4. There should be a resident group that controls spending of government money.

    1. I've seen that movie where those who try to do the right thing, get in the way, are paid off or bumped off by the greedy others.

  5. Oh that sucks that they didn't use the money the right way and you're right they probably pocketed it. Hopefully the zumba class takes off.

    1. If the class does take off, hopefully it gets moved to a day I can attend, like a Tuesday or Thursday.